This section puts all the chips featured in all the Battle Network games together into one big library. We're looking at battechips from an abstract perspective, taking out all the game mechanics and offering an explanation for how the chips would be used in an actual scenario, such as the chronicles and any other roleplay we're into.

The Effect box is just a sum up of the chip's power, element, and/or support ability. Lvl is a value based on the amount of stars it has (1-5) and then there's the amount of MB the chip has, the higher the numbers, the more valuable and more expensive the chip. Origin is usually the virus the chip is extracted from, if the chip is man-made, "custom" takes place of the virus name. Everything else is covered in the Comments box under each chip family.

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_ # Index Atr Lvl MB Origin Effect
0 Data Chip varies Custom Blank slate designed to hold data and become a battlechip.
Chips derived from virus data need DataChips to be stored permanently. DataChips can hold any amount of data under 100 MB, and are sometimes used to store other data as well as attacks/techniques for battle. Netbattlers buy Data Chips in bulk a lot cheaper than real battlechips so they can collect the data themselves from viruses and opponents.
1 Cannon 1 10 Cannodumbs Powerful direct attack
2 Hi-Cannon 2 22
3 Mega Cannon 3 37
Preferred basic weapons. High power and accuracy. The downside is the recoil and lack of special effects. The reliability and availability of Cannon chips make them a staple in any beginner's folder.
4 Air Shot 1 1 5 Custom Strong, concentrated wind burst with weak damage.
5 Air Shot 2 2 12
6 Air Shot 3 3 18
An early development in harnessing the atmosphere in the cyberworld as the wind element. These can propel heavy objects with a single burst. Not valuable for their attack power, but useful launching enemies and objects for strategic purposes.
7 Lava Cannon 1 1 34 Volcanoes Powerful fire/lava-based direct attack.
8 Lava Cannon 2 2 42
9 Lava Cannon 3 3 60
10 Volcano Cannon 4 75
For the most part, they're just fire elemental cannons with more recoil and charge time. The rare Volcano Cannon can actually absorb energy from surrounding lava and releases a very wide explosive attack.
11 Vulcan 1 1 6 Custom Fully automatic machinegun with piercing, explosive bullets. Fires between 3 and 12 rounds.
12 Vulcan 2 2 18
13 Vulcan 3 3 30
14 Super Vulcan 4 75
The Vulcan series of chips turn the Shotgun chip into a multiple-hitter. Great chips for gun lovers. Super Vulcan is a very rare MegaChip version.
15 Shotgun 1 8 Custom Exlposive direct attack.
16 V-Gun 1 8
17 Side Gun 1 8
18 Cross Gun 2 18
19 Spreader 1 1 12
20 Spreader 2 2 19
21 Spreader 3
3 33
Custom Buster weapons that do reasonable damage, but are most valuable for their wide effect range and great accuracy. The chips hit in different explosive patterns, and are known to damage battlechips the target may be holding.
22 Bubble Shot 1 11 Shrimpies Aqua elemental explosive direct attack.
23 Bubble-V 1 18
24 Bubble Side 2 21
25 Bubble Cross 2 22
26 Bubble Spread 3 27 Puffies
Aqua elemental, viral derived versions of the above spread gun chips. A concentrated bubble-like bullet bursts into a froth of strong, smaller bubbles on contact.
27 Heat Shot 1 11 Spikies Fire elemental explosive direct attack.
28 Heat-V 1 18
29 Heat Side 2 22
30 Heat Cross 2 23
31 Heat Spread 3 32 Puffies
Likewise, Fire elemental, viral derived versions of the Spread Gun series. Utilizes a Fireball-like bullet that creates a firey blast on impact.
32 Thunder Ball 1 1 7 Biries Shoots concentrated ball of electricity that slowly homes in on the nearest enemy. Target becomes inflicted with electric poison.
33 Thunder Ball 2 2 18
34 Thunder Ball 3 3 33
These attacks move too slowly to be effective weapons in battle unless used in mass quantities so the target cannot run. Because of their lasting effect, they can be useful, but mainly as distractions.
35 Mark Cannon 1 1 18 Cannoguards Targeting system sweeps area and cannon shot directly hits the first enemy detected.
36 Mark Cannon 2 2 27
37 Mark Cannon 3 3 36
The cannon series evolved to take advantage of the more refined cursor attribute. These guns have the advantage of accuracy and extra effectiveness against breakers, but the delay necessary to let the cursor find its target can be costly against more agile opponents.
38 Pulsar 1 1 14 Pulsebats Fires concentrated soundwaves that may reflect and refract against certain surfaces.
39 Pulsar 2 2 26
40 Pulsar 3 3 38
Pulsars are more effective in environments with plenty of walls and objects for the sound to bounce off. They can be impossible to avoid with the right reverberation.
41 Tank Cannon 1 1 19 Cattacks Powerful bazooka launches exploding shell.
42 Tank Cannon 2 2 29
43 Tank Cannon 3 3 40
Good for long-range as it requires more load time than standard cannons, and the explosive yield is greater when the impact is at a greater distance due to a safety timer.
44 Wide Shot 1 1 10 Gaylarks Aqua Elemental Crescent shaped projectile. Stretches wide left and right.
45 Wide Shot 2 2 31
46 Wide Shot 3 3 50
Great chips for accuracy. Rarely miss In an open area. However, the wave is usually fragile, and can be dispersed easily on impact so obstacles can be a problem. Much stronger when advanced.
47 ElecReel 1 1 32 EleOgres Shoots a bolt of electricity that arcs to other nearby enemies from the initial target.
48 ElecReel 2 2 46
49 ElecReel 3 3 60
ElecReels are quick and direct elec weapons, a rare feature for the element that includes many slower and more elaborate attack chips. The shot's ability to conduct from enemy to enemy makes it especially effective against compact groups.
50 Cactus Ball 1 1 10


Launches a rolling spiked Cactikill head that sticks to target while damaging them.
51 CactusBall 2 2 30
52 Cactus Ball 3 3 50
Cactballs are not very high-energy projectiles, but their thorns can stick the enemy multiple times, making it a very efficient ground-based attack.
53 Fire Tower 2 22 Vorkergears Powerful, elemental pillars burst upwards from the ground toward the enemy.
54 Aqua Tower 2 25 Vortergears
55 Wood Tower 2 28 Poppers
Tower chips are strong but slow weapons. Many elemental navis have standard attacks based on these chips. These chips and the viruses they're derived from are no longer found, but their style lives on through other chips and navi attacks.
56 Flame Line 1 1 18

(2nd gen.)

Wide wall of Fire Towers erupt on targeted ground.
57 Flame Line 2 2 26
58 Flame Line 3 3 54
The Vorkergear virus made a short disappearance and came back with a little mutation in their attack style. In addition to sending a line of Fire Towers, they can now cause Towers to erupt anywhere. The new chips can hit more targets, and activate quicker, but have shorter range.
59 Gun Del Sol 1 2 15 Unknown Solar powered gun creates a widespread light wave that gradually weakens anything it touches.
60 Gun Del Sol 2 3 27
61 Gun Del Sol 3 4 36
62 Gun Del Sol EX 5 80
These rare and powerful firearms appeared only recently and supposedly come from another dimension. They are very useful as they can cause continuous damage at a remarkably fast rate. One problem is targets may be unfazed while their life is drained away, so they can still fight effectively and even evade the light. Another problem is the reliance on sunlight; these chips lose power in the shade. These chips uniquely harness the power of light, making them extra effective against Darkloids.
63 Blizzard 2 26 Weathers Short ranged, elemental breath attack with viral energy that changes the terrain it touches.
64 Heat Breath 2 30
65 ElecShock 3 40
66 Woody Powder 3 40
Not the most effective attacks, but with the added effects on the terrain, one can make long-term use of these chips. The navi has to be careful where to aim these attacks, because more than just attacking the enemy has to be taken into consideration. Blizzard is an freezing blast that coats the ground in ice. HeatBreath shoots flames and melts the panels into lava. WoodyPowder grows grass while attacking with bad spice. And ElecShock is an electric wave that cracks the field.
67 Sand Ring 2 8 Custom Small, quick projectile ring packed with viral energy. Creates quicksand beneath the target.
Sand Ring does no damage, but uses concentrated terrain virus to make a whirlpool of quicksand underneath the opponent, immobilizing them for several seconds. Sand is also useful when combined with wind, so Sand Rings are essential in combo with Tornado chips to improve both accuracy and damage.
68 Twin Fang 1 1 13 Walras Two fang-bullets are simultaneously shot diagonally forward in different directions.
69 Twin Fang 2 2 26
70 Twin Fang 3 3 39
Good long range chips for attacking multiple targets at different angles. While they don't always have practical use for their special effect, they have pretty good attack power, making them useful weapons just for pure damage.
71 Element Flare 3 24 Elemperors Direct flame-thrower attack with elements derived from terrain types.
72 Element Ice 3 24
73 Element Leaf 3 24
74 Element Sand 3 24
75 Element Dark 4 38
76 Element Rage 3 39 Custom
The elements of the Element chips don't refer to the conventional four elements, but rather the viral elements that warp internet terrain. Flare corresponds to Lava, Ice to Ice, Leaf to Grass, Sand to Sand, and Dark to Swamp. While the Lamp viruses need to be on the corresponding panels, the chips can be used anywhere. They can gain a power boost from the right terrain though. Element Rage combines them all into one all-purpose weapon enhanced by whichever special terrain.
77 MagBolt 1 1 18 Magtects Magnet forms on arm, pulling anything it points at towards it. Electric damage to whatever it touches.
78 MagBolt 2 2 28
79 MagBolt 3 3 38
It can only pull in a single target at a time, but the force is strong, so properly aimed there's no escape from the attack.
80 Zap Ring 1 1 18 Bunnies Small, weak, electric ring is shot at high speed. Target becomes temporarily paralyzed.
81 Zap Ring 2 2 23
82 Zap Ring 3 3 27
While among the weakest of weapons, ZapRings paralyze the target, making them wide open for stronger, slower attacks.
83 Ice Wave 1 1 14 Pengi Shoots a razor-sharp snowflake that floats forward in a wave pattern.
84 Ice Wave 2 2 22
85 Ice Wave 3 3 30
IceWaves cover a lot of ground. They can move deceptively quickly too, making them decent, aqua elemental, long-ranged attacks.
86 Yo-Yo 1 1 36 Yo-Yorts Sawblade-like projectile is launched straight forward and automatically returns to its launcher after going a certain distance.
87 Yo-Yo 2 2 45
88 Yo-Yo 3 3 52
While the concept of Yo-Yos as weapons may seem ridiculous at first, there's no denying the deadliness of these chips. The spinning blades deliver several deep cuts to any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught it their path. Yo-Yos spin a little bit longer at their peak distance before returning, so a skilled navi tries to be just that far away from the intended target.
89 Hell Burner 1 1 8 OldStoves Flamethrower burns terrain as well as targets.
90 Hell Burner 2 2 21
91 Hell Burner 3 3 34
The flamethrower had long been a standard weapon for fire-based navis before viruses co-opted it. The viral effect from these chips causes the ground touched by the flames to decay, quickly turning a battle into a deathmatch.
92 Double Needle 1 13 ShellGeeks Automatic bow forms on arm and shoots multiple arrows.
93 Triple Needle 2 20
94 Tetra Needle 3 27
95 Needle Cannon 4 20 Custom
96 Triple Arrow 1 30 ArbalBoys
97 Triple Spear 2 35
98 Triple Lance 4 40
99 Train Arrow 1 1 30
100 Train Arrow 2 2 36
101 Train Arrow 3 3 42
While the Trident/Needle weapons are relatively week, they fire off multiple rounds, which can do even more damage when each shot is well placed. The different ballistic shapes cause different kinds of damage. While the needles are smaller and weaker, more of them can be fired at a time.
102 3-Way 1 16 Custom Three bullets are simultaneously fired forward in different directions.
The 3-Way buster precedes TwinFang, but is essentially the next step. It fires straight forward in addition to the diagonal shots. A good chip for fighting several viruses at once.
103 Fire Arm 4 24 Custom Specialized attacks based on navi default weapons.
104 RemoPlug 4 16
105 Ice Slasher 4 16
106 Quick Boomerang 4 16
107 Color Ball 4 16
108 Thunder Beam 4 16
109 Gravity Hold 4 20
110 Star Arrow 4 32
During the Zero Virus incident, several of the navis involved had "Master Weapon" chips that duplicated their attacks. That's normally redundant, and it's thought to have something to do with the Zero Virus' data copying nature. None of these chips have been seen since the incident.
111 Bubble Star 1 1 30 Starfish Shoots Starfish virus in an oscillating flightpath that encases any enemies it touches in a bubble trap.
112 Bubble Star 2 2 38
113 Bubble Star 3 3 46
The projectile may not look like much, but the effect can be devastating, especially when followed up with an electric attack on the vulnerable bubble.
114 Side Bubble 1 1 25 Marinas Deploys two anchor-shaped missiles encased in bubbles.
115 Side Bubble 2 2 35
116 Side Bubble 3 3 45
Side Bubbles are designed as distractions rather than direct attacks. The bubbles move slowly and bounce off walls as they listlessly advance. The enemy is forced to choose between attempting to avoid them, or shooting them down, which only releases the anchor missile as a countermeasure.
117 Custom Volt 1 2 40 Custom Forking electric blast powered by Custom Gauge
118 Custom Volt 2 3 55
119 Custom Volt 3 4 70
CustomVolt chips sacrifice transmission speed for power. While never quite powerful enough to be effective weapons, the drain on the gauge may affect a netbattle opponent's speed as well, giving these chips a strategic value similar to SlowGauge.
120 Doll Thunder 1 1 24 Scarecrows Scarecrow arm cannon emits a piercing lightning bolt.
121 Doll Thunder 2 2 31
122 Doll Thunder 3 3 38
There's a slight charge-up delay, but the attack is lightning fast when fired, and shoots through all cover to fry anything in the line of fire.
123 ElecPulse 1 1 32 PulseBulbs Pulsebulb arm cannon emits small, short range electromagnetic pulse, inflicting various detrimental effects..
124 ElecPulse 2 2 36
125 ElecPulse 3 3 40
The weakest stuns, the second one has a magnetic pull, and the strongest leaves a lingering life-draining bug on targets. These chips' limited range is their only shortcoming.
126 Corn Shot 1 1 14 BombCorns BombCorn arm shoots exploding seeds that spread from target to target and to the ground to produce grass.
127 Corn Shot 2 2 26
128 Corn Shot 3 3 38
Corn Shots are effective for crowd control due to the domino effect of the blasts. The grass grown by the leftover seeds allows for follow-ups as well.
129 Risky Honey 1 1 21 HoneyBombers Honeycomb arm launches a cluster of bees that home in on the nearest enemy.
130 Risky Honey 2 2 28
131 Risky Honey 3 3 35
Each individual bee is weak, but the swarm stings in tandem to great effect.
132 Rolling Log 1 1 14 Shrubbies Shrubbie arm shoot two wide logs that roll along the ground.
133 Rolling Log 2 2 26
134 Rolling Log 3 3 38
The logs can be difficult to avoid when effectively spaced, but opponents can slow the logs' approach even with weak attacks, if not just destroying them. They can also be easily blocked by obstacles. Like all ground-based attacks, these can be thwarted by holes, but in this case the holes need to be as wide as the log -- it can continue rolling even over a thin runway.
135 Iron Shell 1 1 13 Armadills Thrown rolling Armadill runs over everything in its path.
136 Iron Shell 2 2 20
137 Iron Shell 3 3 27
Iron Shells break through obstacles and can grind over enemies when it hits peak distance, making this an effective weapon for busting through defenses.
138 Aura Head 1 1 25 Megalians Shoots a Megalian head that always pierces through the first target it hits.
139 Aura Head 2 2 33
140 Aura Head 3 3 39
Aura Heads normally have limited range, but even at the peak of its flight path, if it hits, it will punch through. It does not go far beyond its first target though, so it's best to launch at enemies attempting to hide behind cover.
141 Typhoon 1 16 Fankers Mechanical Fan forms on arm and creates a concentrated tornado that delivers continuous damage to anything caught in it.
142 Huricane 2 22
143 Cyclone 3 28
144 Leaf Twister 3 26 Custom
145 Flame Blower 3 26
146 Noise Storm 3 38 bugs
Tornado chips are always useful for fans of enhancement chips. The continuous damage lets just a little power boost go a long way. A small dust devil can turn into a perfect strorm with the right combo. Noise Storm is a cursed chip that draws power from the navi's glitches to make a much larger, more devastating storm based on the chaos of an EM noise pattern. One of only a few "evil chips", Noise Storm requires negative karma for a navi to activate.
147 Air Storm 1
1 26 Snowblows Snowy arm produces Fan effect to suck enemies in close and then blow out a widespread tornado attack.
148 Air Storm 2 2 35
149 Air Storm 3 3 44
Among the few chips with two-stage attacks. With the ability to pull enemies right into their attack range, they're good chips for accuracy. Fast navis can easily avoid the wind, however.
150 Bee Arrow 1 1 40 EleBees EleBee is launched straight ahead and automatically flies toward the first enemy it sees.
151 Bee Arrow 2 2 60
152 Bee Arrow 3 3 80
Among the strongest electric attacks, and with speed and accuracy as well. Despite their homing ability, the Arrows often miss their target because they head in a bee-line and may fly right by accidentily even if the opponent doesn't dodge. A good hit requires careful timing.
153 Machinegun 1 1 12 Gunners Rapid-fires bullets in a sweeping pattern that auto-targets the nearest enemies.
154 Machinegun 2 2 24
155 Machinegun 3 3 36
Machineguns are similar to the Vulcan chips, but with the cursor attribute spreading the fire over several targets.
156 MiniBomb 1 7 Custom Thrown explosives. Detonate on impact.
157 Single Bomb 1 12 Beetles
158 Double Bomb 2 24
159 Triple Bomb 3 36
160 Little Bomb 1 16 Beetanks
161 Crack Bomb 1 18
162 Paralyze Bomb 2 34
163 Reset Bomb 3 50
164 CrossBomb 2 25
165 BigBomb 4 37
Bombs are popular weapons for raw damage. The explosions can cover wide areas and even damage battlechips. The Beetle versions use quantity over quality to produce several weaker bombs instead of a single powerful one. Later Beetank version contain viral energy to spread various afflictions, from terrain damage, to paralysis, to NaviCust disabling. Bombs aren't the most accurate chips, but the size of the explosion often makes up for that.
166 Energy Bomb 2 11 Custom Bombs that create a small energy field on impact.
167 Mega E.Bomb 3 29
The energy field can cause continuous damage. The small size of it means the target must be hit directly to be of any use, which can be difficult with bomb-type projectiles, but if the enemy is held in place, the payoff can be decent.
168 Tree Bomb 1 1 21 Killer Plants Thrown seed eventually sprouts into a Wood Tower.
169 Tree Bomb 2 2 28
170 Tree Bomb 3 3 34
TreeBombs are very powerful and very common Wood elemental chips. Because of the long growth period, it can be next to impossible to make an accurate hit with the Wood Tower, but with a little moisture and sunlight, they get a good boost in speed and power.
171 Flash Bomb 1 1 30 Glassan Delayed trigger light grenade explodes with a bright flash that damages and paralyzes all enemies on the battlefield.
172 Flash Bomb 2 2 34
173 Flash Bomb 3 3 38
The damage is meager and the delay gives smart opponents time to destroy the bomb, but if it manages to go off, there is little the enemy can do about whatever comes next.
174 Wrecking Ball

2 17 Custom Dense, Breaking, thrown explosive. Destroys or alters terrain on impact.
175 Cannon Ball 3 28 Hard Heads
176 Hammer Ball 4 32 Hammer Joe
177 Ice Ball 3 18 Hard Heads
178 Lava Ball 3 20
Throwing a heavy cannon ball onto an opponent can do a lot of damage, and that's what the Howitzer series accomplishes. Later evolutions of the HardHead virus store viral energy in the projectile that warps the terrain instead of crushing it. As thrown weapons go, they're not very accurate, but they can break through immobile defenses easily.
179 MagBomb 1 1 12 Magneakers Thrown explosive detonates on impact and releases a magnetic field that immobilizes and electrifies anything caught in it.
180 MagBomb 2 2 18
181 MagBomb 3 3 24
MagBombs work like ordinary bombs, only they have the power of magnetism. The raw damage combined with magnetic paralysis is one of the best ways to leave the opponent completely helpless.
182 Black Bomb 1 2 53 Custom Large thrown firebomb. Remains inactive until detonated by fire.
183 Black Bomb 2 3 70
184 Black Bomb 3
4 80
These bombs were deemed too dangerous to be used recklessly. The explosions are so powerful and immense, the user has to be far away before they're safe to detonate. Hence the fuse is incorperated to let them be triggered from afar by fire. This also means navis have to be careful setting the bombs anywhere near fire viruses or heat in general.
185 Quake 1

1 22 Flappies Thrown energy ball, transforms into a massive weight in mid-air. Deals heavy damage to the terrain when it falls.
186 Quake 2 2 36
187 Quake 3 3 55
Quakes are inaccurate weapons, but sometimes they're more valuable for the earthquake than the attack. Quakes can combine into a PA called HeavyStamp that transfers the mass altering properties of the Quake chips into the navi itself. The BattleChip FootStomp is a minimalized adaption of that PA.
188 Bound Note 1 1 10 Pulmelo Summons a Pulmelo to bounce toward enemies, crushing them.
189 Bound Note 2 2 17
190 Bound Note 3 3 24
Not the most conventional type of attack. These bouncing tadpole-like viruses can be more dangerous than they look. At high speeds they can make a good impact and can jump up and down on the target several times. At the very least these chips can be used to distract the opponent while other combos are in the works.
191 Geyser 4 36 Custom Thrown ball draws surge of water power from underground if it lands in a hole.
One of the strongest Aqua attacks. High power and wide range. The trick is it can only be used on damaged terrain. If the ball lands above ground it's worthless. The most pure elemental energy of the cyberworld runs below the surface, and it takes rare chips like this one to draw the energy out and use it as a weapon.
192 Whirl Pool 2 25 Null&Void Thrown energy ball creates a vortex of nullification in the terrain on landing. Anything that steps in the hole may be deleted instantly.
193 Black Hole 3 40
The Null viruses have mysterious properties, they basically embody pure deletion. The whirlpools these chips create only last a few seconds and are easy to avoid by smart opponents, but predictable viruses may walk right into the trap and sink into oblivion.
194 BugBomb 3 28 bugs Thrown bug cluster spreads confusion-inducing gas when it detonates.
The mysterious BugBomb explodes with a burst of bugged chaos that merely confuses everyone caught in the blast rather than damage them, and like other "evil chips", only work for navis with dark affiliation.
195 Magma Seed 2 60 Custom Thrown seed spreads terrain-altering viral energy over a wide area on impact.
196 Ocean Seed 2 28
197 Ice Seed 2 37
198 Grass Seed 2 22
199 Poison Seed 3 37
While not affecting as large an area as the basic "Stage" chips, these seeds give the user more control over where certain panel types are placed, particulary that they are generated beneath the enemy and not the user.
200 Sword 1 9 Custom Energy Sword built into arm allows for one attack. Some are elemental.
201 Wide Sword 2 16
202 Long Sword 3 22 Swordies
203 Wide Blade 4 38 Custom
204 Long Blade 4 39
205 Fire Sword 2 26 Swordies
206 Aqua Sword 3 27
207 Elec Sword 3 28 Custom
208 Bamboo Sword 3 26
209 Fire Blade 3 32
210 Aqua Blade 3 32
211 Elec Blade 3 32
Swords are strong weapons and easily wielded. Their main fault is their lack of range. A navi has to be careful when diving in for close-ranged fighting.
212 Sonic Blade 4 24 Custom Highly Specialized Sword Techniques
213 Z-Saber 4 48
214 Muramasa 5 76
These very rare swords were made specially for the sword-specialist navis that used them. Muramasa Blade has managed to enter the mainstream chip trade as of late, but it's still very rare. The others are thought to be completely extinct. Sonic Blade is a massive sword that launches shockwaves on the ground. Z-Saber allows three powerful slashes with a specialized technique. And Muramasa is a cursed blade that gains power from the wielder's pain.
215 Z-Saber (alt) 5 80 Unknown Beam Saber enables the wielder to perform a triple-slash combo.
The two Z-Saber chips are almost indistinguishable by function, but while the former has viral origina, this one apparently has other-worldly origins, making it even more rare.
216 Step Sword 3 41 Custom Sword attack combined with sudden intense burst of speed.
217 Step Cross 4 74
The greatest disadvantage to swords is the lack of range, and these chips solve that problem. With the speed burst allowing the wielder to pass any terrain to get to the target, these chips are indispensible to sword specialists. The timing has to be just right, because the speed burst only lasts a fraction of a second.
218 Custom Sword 3 34 Custom Specialized sword techniques.
219 Variable Sword 4 45
220 Neo Variable 5 67
221 Slasher 3 26
These are some specialized limited edition blades on the rare side of the collection. CustSword gathers power to become extremely powerful until it reaches critical mass and breaks. VarSword and its MegaChip upgrade take on different shapes with special techniques performed by the navi. Slasher is a sword with a mind of its own that allows the wielder to enter a meditative-like state to sense when and where the opponent leaves itself most open for a counter-attack, and then strikes with perfect speed and timing.
222 Samurai Sword 1 1 25 Zomons Katana allows wielder to perform a double-slash combo.
223 Samurai Sword 2 2 37
224 Samurai Sword 3 3 49
The SamuraiSword attack slashes wide and then long, combining enhanced range with extra damage at close range..
225 Machine Sword

1 37 DarkMechs Swords that can cut an enemy wherever they are, but only if they are tagged by certain conditions.
226 Element Sword 2 43
227 Assassin Sword 3 50
The Machine Swords are strange weapons that may do nothing even if the opponent is cut directly, but can hit multiple targets from anywhere with a single swing of the blade with the right setup. MachineSword targets enemies while they are paralyzed, ElemSword targets enemies standing on abnormal terrain, and AssassinSword accepts either of the other two conditions.
228 Air Sword 3 30 Custom Release intense wind gust by swinging the weapon.
229 Fuujin Racket 3 22
Fuujin Racket is a redesign of the AirSword that gives it more Wind affinity, but essentially serves the same purpose, just without the sharpness.
230 Fighter Sword 4 45 Unknown Stronger Energy Swords
231 Knight Sword 5 57
232 Hero Sword 5 75
The legendary swords are much sought after by master netbattlers. It can be difficult to avoid the gigantic blade, which remains light as a feather for the wielder. Among the rarest and most powerful swords.
233 Ryouten Kunai 1 1 25 Snapper Ninja Knives thrown with special technique deliver multiple cuts to an unexpecting target.
234 Ryouten Kunai 2 2 33
235 Ryouten Kunai 3 3 41
236 Engetsu Kunai 1 1 29 Knife thrown in a quick circle around the wielder cuts targets on all sides.
237 Engetsu Kunai 2 2 36
238 Engetsu Kunai 3 3 49
These unique sword class chips don't do much damage, but the fact they can be thrown and hit opponents indirectly make them very useful. They are specialized for certain obscure ninja techniques.
239 Foot Stomp 3 24 Custom Navi's foot mass momentarily increases to deliver a crushing stomp or kick.
The Quake chips combine to create a similar PA attack. This is a weaker single-chip version of that attack.
240 Guts Punch 2 17 Custom Navi's fist grows, allowing for a strong melee attack.
241 Guts Straight 2 30
242 Guts Impact 3 50
243 Cold Punch 2 19
The Guts Punch was originally a signature weapon of Guts type navis, but they eventually went into widespread use and techniques have developed to make better use of them. With special moves, the navi can shoot the fist as a Rocket Punch, or pull off a furious multiple-hitting combo attack.
244 Bronze Fist 2 21 Unknown Enhanced punch attacks with hidden powers.
245 Silver Fist 3 31
246 Gold Fist 4 47
The legendary Fist attacks are fairly rare, but enough are in circulation to make them well known. However, few navis that actually have the Fists are able to bring out their full power. Through concentration and special techniques, the Fists can multiply into swarms of Rocket Fists.
247 Drill Arm 1 1 35 Drixols Large drill forms on arm, allowing navi to deliver a piercing, grinding punch.
248 Drill Arm 2 2 51
249 Drill Arm 3 3 64
A well-placed DrillArm can deal some extra damage to the enemy while pushing them away. Drilling them against a wall can be devastating. Despite their limited range, DrillArms have some of the best potantial of any Breaking-type chips.
250 Dash Attack 1 20 Fishies Flying speed burst or spontaneous combustion based on the dash bird viruses.
251 Body Burn
3 31
252 Dash Condor 4 44
253 Burning Cross
4 42
Dash and Condor turn a navi invincible as it plows through enemies, but these chips are also useful for travel, as they are plentiful and can provide great speed boosts. Burner and Burning have entirely different purposes despite being derived from the same viral strain. The navi becomes temporarily engulfed in flames to attack all nearby enemies. Burning Cross gives the user a little control over the flames.
254 Heat Body 1 1 28 Dragrins Body is surrounded in a helix of flames that spreads to nearby targets.
255 Heat Body 2 2 40
256 Heat Body 3 3 52
HeatBody is a more advanced version of BodyBurn. Initially it only affects targets right next to the user, but the flames that envelop those targets act like HeatBody as well, causing a chain reaction most effective when surrounded by enemies.
257 Ring Zap 1 1 33 Infected Programs Navi's body becomes surrounded by electromagnetic field that severely damages nearby enemies. Sometimes drains energy from the user.
258 Ring Zap 2 2 36
259 Ring Zap 3 3 39
These cursed chips are seldom seen or used these days since the electric field is known to be hazardous to navi health. Since the chips come from artificial viruses that were meant to be suicidal in the first place, they're not very popular.
260 Drain 1 2 31 Mosquitos Mosquito forms on arm and launches navi forward in a dash attack that absorbs energy from every enemy pierced through.
261 Drain 2 2 37
262 Drain 3 3 43
These chips are essentially Dash chips crossed with Recover chips. It's a useful combination. It never hurts to refill on energy, and it just sweetens the deal when that energy comes from the opponent.
263 N.O.Beam 1 2 66 N.O. Navi's shadow is inverted into a powerful laser that is fired in the direction perpendicular to the plane the shadow is on.
264 N.O.Beam 2 3 77
265 N.O.Beam 3 4 88
NOBeams are among the strongest standard battlechips. They do immense damage, pierce through anything, and even paralyze the target with the light. The trick is making sure the navi's shadow is facing the opponent. In the cyberworld, light mostly comes from above, so a poorly aimed NObeam would shoot harmlessly into the sky. A skilled NetBattler uses objects like cubes for the navi to cast his shadow on.
266 Green Rope 1 1 45 Vineys Spiked vines sprout from the ground all around the navi's body. Nearby enemies become entwined and gradually crushed.
267 Green Rope 2 2 55
268 Green Rope 3 3 65
These have very short range, and while the vines grow quickly, they're still relatively slow and easy to avoid. But if enemies are caught by the vines, they get trapped and subjected to several seconds of crushing and suffocating. Among the most effective wood elemental attacks.
269 ShockWave 1 10 Mettaurs Pickaxe weapon creates a straightforward shockwave when it strikes the ground.
270 SonicWave 2 23
271 DynaWave 3 39
272 BigWave 4 82
Since Mets are among the most common viruses, these chips are not valued highly. However, the attack is very useful for piercing enemy defenses. The wave will continue to travel until it runs out of ground. The strongest shockwave can even destroy the terrain.
273 Break Hammer 3 27 Custom Large handheld hammer weapon. Strong material shatters armor.
A standard weapon for heavy-duty battling. The short range and unwieldly nature makes it an ineffective weapon in the long run, but as far as breaking chips go, this one is cheap and plentiful.
274 Zeus Hammer 4 73 Unknown Handheld Hammer releases a powerful, instant shockwave across the ground.
The Legendary ZeusHammer is one of the strongest MegaChips, but its power comes at a price. When it strikes the ground, the entire area feels the violent shock of energy, that includes the wielder of the hammer. The only way to avoid the attack is to be airborne. As long as the navi is protected, the ZeusHammer is the best way to take out a horde of viruses instantly for those record busting levels.
275 Gaia Hammer 1 3 62 Gaia Statues Hammer creates massive shockwave that spreads in all directions when it strikes the ground. A stronger version of the Shockwave chip. Later editions of the chip cause widespread earthquakes that damage the terrain above and below.
276 Gaia Hammer 2 4 74
277 Gaia Hammer 3 5 86
278 Big Hammer 1

1 22
279 Big Hammer 2 2 33
280 Big Hammer 3 3 44
281 God Hammer 4 68
These rare chips are extremely powerful and valuable. They combine the inescapable range of the Tsunamis with the piercing persistence of Shockwaves. Later strains of the virus created a more spherical shockwave that doesn't cause damage on its own because it's spread so thin, but the force is still enough to damage the terrain to a large extent. The rare Megachip God Hammer is a viral adaptation of the legendary Zeus Hammer.
282 Ratton 1 1 17 Ratties Thrown explosive travels on the ground, homes in on the nearest enemy, and explodes on contact.
283 Ratton 2 2 24
284 Ratton 3 3 31
285 Firework Ratton 4 42
Rattons are valued for their ability to track targets. While not the strongest explosives, a guaranteed weak hit is better than a missed strong one.
286 Tsunami 3 60 Jellies Tidal wave sweeps across the ground in all directions from the navi's hand.
287 Red Wave 3 72
288 Mud Wave 3 84
289 Great Wave 4 96
290 Tsunami Hole 2 42 Tidal waves are drawn up from holes in the terrain.
291 Red Wave Hole 3 48
292 Mud Wave Hole 4 54
Among the most overwhelming of battlechip attacks. These waves of water, lava, or mud cannot be avoided normally. The tsunami has to be blocked if one wants to avoid it. Otherwise they're handy chips for wiping out large groups of viruses. The later versions combine with the code of the Geyser chip to use holes as a source well, making the attack more restrictive, but also reducing capacity and rarity.
293 Satellite 1 1 23 Sparkies Electric explosive is launched and follows parabolic flight path. Has a gravitational driver that causes it to orbit larger objects.
294 Satellite 2 2 30
295 Satellite 3 3 38
They move pretty slowly, but they cover a wide area with their flight path, and properly aimed at an object can make it difficult for the opponent to move anywhere.
296 Heavy Shake 1 1 34 Heavies Thrown energy ball, transforms into Heavy virus that shakes back and forth in the air, dealing multiple armor-breaking hits to anything in its path.
297 Heavy Shake 2 2 40
298 Heavy Shake 3 3 50
The Heavy virus is thought to be an evolution of the Flappy virus with its ability to drastically change its mass at will. The Shake chips are useful for their massive power, they may be inaccurate, but they can cause great damage to any heavily armored immobile target. Being hit by one of these barbells is like being hit by a truck.
299 Air Hockey 1 1 20 Dharma Launches frictionless puck that bounces off all walls, pierces objects and continues sliding at high speed until it falls off an edge.
300 Air Hockey 2 2 30
301 Air Hockey 3 3 40
In the proper environment, AirHockeys are ideal weapons. By ricocheting off walls, they can deliver multiple armour breaking hits to several opponents in a closed area. For a navi to make proper use of AirHockey, some good aiming and knowledge of geometry is required.
302 Skull Chain 1 1 34 Skullabias Tosses a confusing chain of multiplying flying femurs that arcs toward the nearest enemy.
303 Skull Chain 2 2 50
304 Skull Chain 3 3 76
SkullChains act as strong, quick, difficult to avoid non-elemental attacks in effect, but the means of approach not by each bone actually moving from the spot where it spins in the air but rather by creating a copy of itself a space ahead is enough to break the minds of affected targets as well.
305 Aqua Whirl 1 1 30 Whiries Throws a spinning mass of water in a round arc around the battlefield, leaving water where it hits.
306 Aqua Whirl 2 2 42
307 Aqua Whirl 3 3 54
AquaWhirls move in an effective wide pattern, washing through multiple targets and adding seletvie terrain modification, making them among the best aqua-elemental chips to have on hand.
308 Blizzard Ball 4 39 Custom Rolls a large snowball that gains power with every object it runs over and absorbs.
Blizzard Ball is an adaptation of a Darkloid navi's attack, but contains no dark nature itself. It's an efficient way to rid the battlefield of clutter.
309 Air Spin 1

1 27 Custom Slides an up-facing turbine across the ground that generates a powerful tornado once it stops.
310 Air Spin 2 2 37
311 Air Spin 3 3 46
The whirlwind covers a wider area than the more direct Tornado attacks. Well-placed, it can blow away many targets at once. The turbine is fairly fragile though, and even bumping it up against an enemy may be enough to waste the attack.
312 Rock Arm 1 1 23 Quakers Summons a Quaker virus to fall from the sky, creating a mild earthquake on landing while releasing a shockwave attack.
313 Rock Arm 2 2 35
314 Rock Arm 3 3 47
315 Wave Arm 1 1 15 Navi strikes the ground with own arm, creating a shockwave that tracks and pierces the nearest enemies.
316 Wave Arm 2 2 22
317 Wave Arm 3 3 29
The earthquakes caused by RockArms can cause an opponent to lose its footing and momentarily leave it open for attack. Essentially these are two-stage attacks that trip the enemy up and then strike with the shockwaves. The quake effect is not the most effect way to immobilize an opponent, but since most paralyzing attacks have poor attack power, Rockarms are the chips to use for the whole package. The later WaveArms originate from the same virus and share an icon, but are very different in function. WaveArms grant the shockwave power to the navi instead of summoning a proxy, giving greater control over the wave, though reducing the weight of the impact, losing the quake effect.
318 Plasma Ball 1

1 14 EleBalls Summons an EleBall virus attack with RingZap.
319 Plasma Ball 2 2 26
320 Plasma Ball 3 3 34
The harmful effects of the RingZap chips are solved through these devices. The floating drones produce the electric field so the navi doesn't have to. The problem is they're small and easily destroyed, but if the opponent is being electrocuted constantly, there's not much they can do about it.
321 Voltz 1

1 30 Flashies Summons a Flashy virus that shoots electric bolts in all directions from the middle of an enemy group.
322 Voltz 2 2 48
323 Voltz 3 3 66
Enemies have only a brief window to get out of the way when they seen a Voltz dropping into their midst. Similar to PlasmaBall, though the electric field is quickly shot outwards, leaving less room for error.
324 Meteor 9

1 21 MeteFires Summons a wand that causes meteors to rain down across the area for a certain amount of time.
325 Meteor 12 2 32
326 Meteor 15 3 49
327 Meteor 18 4 60
328 RandoMeteor 3 28 MeteMages
329 Whole Meteor 3 48
330 Shoot Meteor 3 38
331 Asteroid 1

1 26

(2nd gen.)

Summons a swarm of meteors instantly. No wand required.
332 Asteroid 2 2 42
333 Asteroid 3 3 56
334 Meteor Shower
5 76 Custom
Several flaming rocks falling from the sky certainly makes a frightening attack. The first five Meteor chips merely hit random areas, but can still do a lot of damage with luck. WholeMeteor and MeteorShower sweep their hits throughout the area in a programmed pattern, leaving nothing safe. ShotMeteor gives the wielder of the wand control over the meteors, allowing the navi to aim the heavenly destruction directly at the opponent. The later Asteroid versions are easier for the enemy to dodge, but impossible to avert since the emitter object is done away with in favor of instant summoning, and adds terrain-cracking power for good measure.
335 Counter 1 3 14 Custom Causes an opponent's attack to backfire so he damages himself.
336 Counter 2 3 28
337 Counter 3 3 40
Counters are powerful attack that require no aiming and are guaranteed to throw an opponent off balance if successful. The problem is Counters do not work unless the enemy is just about to attack, so poorly timed activation of these chips could easily mean wasted attacks as well as damage from the attack that was not cancelled. These chips are intended for navis who are well synchronized with their operators.
338 Fire Punch 1 1 12 Champles Fist of fire strikes nearest enemy.
339 Fire Punch 2 2 25
340 Fire Punch 3 3 38
FirePunches are very sudden and requiring no movement from the user. They resemble Counters in their ability to punch out of nowhere, but are slightly slower. A target doesn't necessarily need to try to dodge, simply moving around a lot can be enough to avoid the punch during its windup.
341 Boomerang 1 16 Boomers Fast Boomerang is summoned and sweeps across the area on a curved path. Cuts through almost anything.
342 HiBoomerang 2 25
343 MegaBoomerang 3 35
With their speed and range, Boomerangs are good, accurate chips. Not very strong, but several of them at once can overwhelm the opponent. Originally numbered like most chip series, Hi/Mega naming coincided with an advancement that allowed the boomerang to spread grass to the panels it flies over.
344 Bad Spice 1 1 18 ChaMushies Deadly, halucinegenic powder released from the navi's body spreads in a wave through grass.
345 Bad Spice 2 2 29
346 Bad Spice 3 3 40
These chips can be used at short range to damage and confuse enemies that try to touch the navi, but they're best used in grassy areas. The spice activates spores in the grass that release more spice that activates more spores further down the line. The effect is an inescapable wave of poisonous powder that can only be stopped by getting rid of the grass.
347 Wood Nose 1 1 27 WoodNotes Shoots a seed that implants in the wall, then sprouts a wooden spear into the back of the enemy.
348 Wood Nose 2 2 40
349 Wood Nose 3 3 53
WoodNose is a more delayed, but more focused alternative to the Bamboo Lance series. The spear is longer, but the attack is contingent on making sure the seed isn't intercepted before it hits the wall.
350 Side Bamboo 1 1 14 Killboo Opens portal on walls from which a Bushman virus thrusts a Bamboo chute to stab and knock back enemies near the wall.
351 Side Bamboo 2 2 22
352 Side Bamboo 3 3 30
353 Bamboo Lance 4 38
These chips come from some of the most elusive viruses ever known, and their attacks reflect this. The spears can attack from anywhere. An opponent is only safe if standing in the middle of a wide-open area. The Lances are great weapons to strike unexpectedly and drive opponents out of hiding.
354 White Web 1 1 26 Spidies Spreads an array of webs across the ground and walls to cause wood elemental damage to anything that is caught in them or steps into them.
355 White Web 2 2 36
356 White Web 3 3 46
Webs make good traps to restrict an opponent's movement, but with good timing, webs can even be spun directly beneath the enemy. Foolish opponents receive continuous damage walking into several layers of webbing.
357 Moko Rush 1 1 14 Malmokos Summons a herd of sheep to rush through the area, trampling enemies.
358 Moko Rush 2 2 28
359 Moko Rush 3 3 42
Certainly unconventional attacks, but SheepRushes can take out several weak enemies at once provided the terrain is even enough to stampede straight across. For some navis, there's nothing scarier than a wall of sheep heading towards them at 10 panels/sec.
360 Sand Worm 1 1 30 Sunorms Summons a Sunorm virus from underground to strike enemies from behind.
361 Sand Worm 2 2 34
362 Sand Worm 3 3 38
SandWorms are strong and strike quickly and unexpectedly, but enemies can easily protect themselves by having their backs to the wall or some other obstacle.
363 Summon Black 1 1 30 Nightmares Summons a Nightmare virus from a DarkHole summoned from a regular hole. Nightmare attacks the nearest enemies with a shadow sword.
364 Summon Black 2 2 40
365 Summon Black 3 3 46
The summoning process is complicated, requiring a gap in the terrain to then form a Murkland portal, but the payoff is great as the virus is a powerful servant.
366 Snake Egg 1 1 18 Daijan Summons a snake egg that hatches and releases a small snake that crawls around randomly and bites an enemy if it gets too close. Snake Arrow summons a flying snake from a hole to attack instantly.
367 Snake Egg 2 2 20
368 Snake Egg 3 3 25
C'mon Snake
3 44
The reproductive ability of snake viruses is a weapon in itself. Sending snakes after an opponent is a useful distraction tactic, and if the snake bites, it can do pretty good elemental damage. Snakes are generally wood elemental, but versions 2 and 3 are elec and fire types respectively, and can spread elemental damage as they slither along. C'mon Snake can be a lot more powerful, since more and more snakes can be summoned depending on how many holes there are they can crawl out of. Snake viruses are not seen often since they dwell underground, SnakeArrow draws them out of hiding.
370 Little Cloud 1 18 Cloudies Creates raincloud that sweeps the area doing continuous aqua damage.
371 Medium Cloud 2 27
372 Big Cloud 3 36
373 C'mon Rain 4 47
Raindrops don't do much damage, but they're hard to avoid, and fire enemies can get drenched to deletion quickly in the shower. While the clouds are small, they move relatively quickly and can soak an entire area. C'mon Rain focuses all on a single target and draws power by absorbing water from the field to increase the downpour.
374 Heat Dragon 3 40 Elemental Dragons Summons an elemental dragon to sweep through the enemy ranks, modifying the terrain as it goes.
375 Elec Dragon 3 40
376 Aqua Dragon 4 44
377 Wood Dragon 4 48
These virus weapons incorporate the same energies as the Weather series, with the Elec version cracking the terrain, the Aqua version freezing it, and the wood version growing grass. The HeatDragon is the only one that lacks a terrain effect, but simply burns through everything it touches.
378 Golem Punch 1 1 17 Craggers Summons a large stone fist to fall from above and crush nearby enemies.
379 Golem Punch 2 2 27
380 Golem Punch 3 3 37
Golem Punches are faster than they look and deal heavy damage, but may be limited by range. They work best when the targets are in an enclosed area.
381 Lava Dragon 5 55 MagmaDragons Summons powerful virus from the underworld. Requires a hole in the ground for the power to be drawn from.
382 God Stone 5 59 Unknown
383 OldWood 5 61
More rare chips that draw out the pure elemental power from beneath the surface of the cyberworld. LavaDragon summons a Dragon from the hole to breathe intense flames at all enemies. GodStone summons a mysterious stone idol to shake pound the earth, making viloent earthquakes that cause heavy boulders to fall from above. OldWood summons a Tree Spirit that skewers the entire area with Wood Towers and draws power from grassy terrain.
384 Burn Square 1

1 24 Haunted Candles Rapidly circling targeting system determines area of attack. Targets a wide square area and instantly engulfs everything within the square in flames.
385 Burn Square 2 2 30
386 Burn Square 3 3 36
The wide area of effect makes it difficult to miss, but careful timing is still required to make use of the targeting system.
387 Aqua Needle 1

1 31 Senbons Summons several blowfish spines to rain down directly on the enemy.
388 Aqua Needle 2 2 35
389 Aqua Needle 3 3 39
AquaNeedles are very effective auto-targeting aqua chips, but work better on viruses since navis can protect themselves from taking multiple hits.
390 Magnum 1

1 43 Bashers Three cannons fire powerful piercing fire blasts. Each bullet is capable of destroying the terrain and leaving wide holes. Uses a difficult targeting system.
391 Magnum 2 2 55
392 Magnum 3 3 75
Magnum Cannons are powerful weapons that can hit several targets. The problem is the targeting system is hard to focus, and with poor timing, the shots could miss their mark entirely. The navi has to have good reflexes to trigger the attack when the targets are locked in place, which is only for a split second as long as the crosshairs keep searching.
393 Circle Gun 1 1 28 Cirkillers Rapidly circling target system determines area of attack. High-powered machine-gun attacks in semi-circle pattern pointed out by the targeting system.
394 Circle Gun 2 2 38
395 Circle Gun 3 3 51
Like the Magnums, CircleGuns are difficult to aim, but in the proper conditions, they can mow down whole lines of enemies, but the navi needs good timing as well as strategic knowledge to get all the targets in range.
396 Needle Machine 1 1 32 NeedleCasters Summons Needler Machine to shoot Needles in multiple directions or launch towards the enemy and explode.
397 Needle Machine 2 2 52
398 Needle Machine 3 3 72
Needler Machines make for good support, but their pattern can be a litle too predictable and the enemy may find the bullets easy to avoid. That's why the machine has two functions. The navi can command the machine to charge forward and self-destruct to catch the enemy off-guard.
399 Totem 1

1 29 Totems Summons Totem Virus to alternate between using its angry face to breathe a stream of fire straight forward and using its calm face to heal its summoner.
400 Totem 2 2 38
401 Totem 3 3 47
Among the best chips that combine attack and defense. The totem can cause continuous damage to the enemy while simultaneously healing its owner. Viruses are easily taken in by the tactic, but intelligent opponents can target the Totem and destroy it rather easily before it can do its job.
402 Killer Sensor 1

3 47 Killer Eyes Summons Killer Eye to scan for enemies. If an enemy is caught in its line of sight, it shoots an electric laser down that line.
403 Killer Sensor 2 3 53
404 Killer Sensor 3 3 55
Perfect weapons to stop enemies in their tracks. If the enemy avoids the trip beam, then his movement is restricted. If he trips the beam, then the eye paralyzes him. With high electric power, the Killer Eyes can easily live up to their names as well.
405 Pawn 3 44 Custom Summons chess piece to perform strategic function.
406 Knight 3 64
407 Rook 3 30
The chess piece chips are extensively used by Kingman, but any navi can make use of them with the right strategy. The Pawn is an extra warrior that can attack with its sword, although slowly. The Knight leaps forward on a programmed course in an attempt to crush the enemy, and the Rook is an armored defensive piece that can block almost any attack. Multiples of each chip can be summoned at a time, and the main intent is to allow the navi to stay behind on the defensive while the chess pieces handle the offensive, but they also make good distractions to help set up combos.
408 Team 1

2 16 Twins Twins virus appears and performs altruistic function.
409 Team 2 2 20
The team chips react to the damage taken by their owner. Team1 spreads an attack towards the eneies and if the navi is hurt, it attacks harder and faster. Team2 saves its owner from deletion by healing or reviving.
410 Time Bomb 1 2 29 Handies Summons powerful bomb that explodes after three seconds.
411 Time Bomb 2 3 47
412 Time Bomb 3 4 59
Timebombs make such large explosions, they work on a timer to give their owners time to escape the blast range. The timer may give the enemy a chance to escape as well, or even destroy the bombs before they get a chance to detonate.
413 Boy Bomb 1 1 30 BombBoys Large, durable, box-shaped explosive is summoned. The bomb can be pushed into place before it explodes with a large area and strong force.
414 Boy Bomb 2 2 40
415 Boy Bomb 3 3 50
These dangerous substitutes for Timebombs provide cover while it's counting down. They can be very hazardous since they need to be pushed into position before exploding, but quick navis can get in and out with no problem.
416 Stealth Mine 1

2 16 Jira Hides an explosive mine underground. The first thing that steps on the spot where the mine is detonates it and receives heavy damage.
417 Stealth Mine 2 3 28
418 Stealth Mine 3 4 40
Mines make good traps for pursuing enemies. Intelligent opponents will notice the mine-laying taking place, but since they can't see where it's set, they can only be careful where they step. Dumber viruses may walk right onto the mine into certain deletion. Mines have some of the highest attack powers of any standard chips, so if the enemy is predictable enough to trip them, they're extremely valuable.
419 Front Sensor

3 32 Poittons Places trip-mine that points motion sensors in various directions. Explodes in the direction of the sensors if one of the lasers is tripped.
420 Double Sensor 4 37
421 Triple Sensor 4 50
Predecessors to the Killer Eye Sensors, these chips provide several sensors to catch the enemy. The blast is a chain of smaller explosions and it takes a while to travel very far, so the attack is easier to outrun than with the KillerEyes, but the explosive force can do more damage and the multiple sensors are more restrictive.
422 RemoBit 1

1 19 Twisties Summons Twisty virus which controls a Remobit in the sky. The Twisty sweeps the bit across the area, striking the ground with powerful lightning that destroys the terrain.
423 RemoBit 2 2 28
424 RemoBit 3 3 41
Remobits are unreachable by most enemies, but if the controllers are destroyed, the bits are useless. Remobits don't have to be active long to do serious damage to the enemy's terrain. Different versions follow different flight paths, and can restrict enemies in different ways.
425 Lock-On 1

1 22 Satellas Summoned Satella scans for the enemy. If target is acquired, it shoots rapid machinegun rounds at target wherever it moves.
426 Lock-On 2 2 30
427 Lock-On 3 3 42
The gunfire of the satellites can be outrun by quick navis, but they should try to avoid the sensor. There is little an enemy can do with the Lockon targeting system seeking them out. They are not as useful when several enemies are involved though, since they can only focus on one target at a time.
428 Aqua Balloon 3 25 Octons Inflates small elemental balloon that intercepts and absorbs all direct attacks and converts the damage into attack power. Balloon bursts with collected power on impact with enemy, object, breaking attack, or stronger element.
429 Elec Balloon 3 25
430 HeatBalloon
3 25
Balloons can really throw off an opponent at first. One's first instinct is to destroy the balloon simply by shooting at it, and many do not know what to do when that just makes it stronger. Balloons have nigh-infinite capacity for power, and can make the largest and strongest explosions possible in the cyberworld. Because of this they are also very hazardous. The user has to be careful the balloon doesn't burst until he is well out of range. If the enemy throws an unexpected breaking or stronger-elemental attack, then these chips can really backfire.
431 Candle 1

2 25 CandleDevils Summons Candle that gradually heals the navi while the flame burns.
432 Candle 2 3 35
433 Candle 3 4 47
Like the opposite of the Poison Chips, the candles can provide continuous healing. If a navi finds a quiet place to rest after a battle, then a candle is the best way to recover. Given time, a single Candle1 could do the job of five Recov300s. The problem is keeping the flame alive. Candles are easily destroyed in battle, but if the navi can find a way to protect the candle for a while, then full restoration is guaranteed.
434 Poison Mask 2 28 Poofies Navi creates a large demon mask in front itself that acts like a shield and releases a poisonous gas that gradually drains away the lifeforce of anything it touches. Anubis is a summoned statue that spreads poisons everywhere but does not affect the summoner.
435 Poison Face 3 39
436 Anubis 5 80 Unknown
The poison chips contain dark power that can attack enemies from within. The Masks have limits to their power that make them ineffective, the masks break after a few seconds and the poison is only spread throughout a certain area. The stance the navi must take to wear the masks and bring out their power makes him vulnerable to all but direct attacks the masks can block. Anubis however, is a legendary chip that has no limitations. The Anubis idol stands until it is destroyed and poisons enemies until they fall. There is a curse to Anubis that means a navi must have evil affiliation to use it effectively.
437 Stone Cube 1 11 Custom Summons large cube of stone or ice onto the field.
438 Ice Cube 2 24 ColdBears
They're just big chunks of matter, they don't look very useful, but they have some very helpful applications in combos. For one thing, the cubes have a low friction connection to the ground, so with a strong push they can be launched at high speed towards the enemy, flattening them. Cubes are also useful for protection from direct attacks and completely screw up an opponent trying to use physical attacks. Cubes are also valuable for making NOBeam work correctly. IceCube also has the hidden ability to encase an enemy in itself if that enemy is in the spot where the IceCube is formed. Most fire types are instantly deleted this way.
439 Prism 3 38 Custom Giant prism crystal is thrown onto the field and sits for a few seconds before shattering. The prism can refract light and energy. Any energy attack that passes through the prism is spread in all directions.
The Prism has a lot of potential in NetBattling strategies. By targeting it with a very powerful attack that normally has focused range, one can spread a great amount damage. Another possibility is to target it with an attack that spreads on its own, that way an opponent can receive twice the damage from being hit by both the regular spread and the prism spread. Placement and timing is key when using the Prism to enhance a battling strategy.
440 Guardian 4 66 Unknown Summons a figure that automatically responds to attacks with punishment.
441 VoodooDoll 4 52
These are the most dangerous and fearsome Object class chips. The Guardian is a stone idol depicting Ojizou, the protector of children. When the statue receives the slightest amount of damage, it punishes the attacker with an incredibly powerful lightning bolt. The user of the Guardian chip must be careful not to attack it themself, since it does not differentiate between friend or foe. The Straw Puppet does target the enemy though. It can receive damage from friend or foe, and the first hit it takes transfers the damage straight to the opponent. The evil voodoo doll reeks of dark power, and opens a dark hole on the ground where it sits.
442 Wind

2 12 StormBoxes Summons Storm Box that produces a constant wind in the direction it's facing. Wind blows things away, Fan sucks them in.
443 Fan 2 12
The strong wind produced by these boxes can easily turn the tide of battle in one's favor. it depends what one's after. By blowing the enemy away, the user can avoid being attacked, and by pulling the enemy in, it won't be able to run away. Using the wind to move enemies in either direction can disrupt carefully laid-out formations and lines them up to be hit easily by certain attacks. If there's sand in the vicinity, then the wind can pick it up and turn it into a weapon by blowing it into the opponents' faces.
444 Fanfare 2 23 Trumpies Summons Trumpy virus to play its music, resulting in various support effects. Trumpies can only play a few seconds before needing to rest for a moment, but they can play several times before they disappear.
445 Discord 2 25
446 Timpani 2 26
447 Silence 2 20
Fanfare is a short, uplifting tune that makes the user invincible while it's playing. Discord is a horribly out ouf tune piece that makes enemies confused. Timpani is a strong, low register, percussion beat that shakes the ground and immobilizes the enemies. No one can stand the sound of Silence, which blinds every enemy while it plays. The instrumental chips provide good support effects and the enemy barely gets a chance to destroy these objects while they're playing. The rest period is the time to strike, for those few seconds it's a level playing field. The opponent has to be fast destroying these objects if they want a chance at winning.
448 Red Fruit 1

1 24 Appleys Erratically moving apple is summoned and quickly disappears. Grants beneficial effects to whoever eats it.
449 Red Fruit 2 2 48
450 Red Fruit 2 3 62
Only the first Red Fruit is actually red. It greatly heals the one who claims it. The green second version grants temporary invulnerability, and the golden third version grants Full Synchro. The problem with these fruits is that the enemy is just as capable of reaping their benefits, and the unpredictable movement of the apple often brings it down to luck. At least they can provide an effective distraction.
451 Little Boiler 1

1 18 Kettles Thrown Kettle virus explodes in a cloud of steam after a few seconds, and absorbed damage is converted to heat until then.
452 Little Boiler 2 2 23
453 Little Boiler 3 3 28
Kettles are frustrating to deal with as enemies, but as allies they make great weapons against fire-type opponents, especially if the opponent doesn't know how best to deal with the device.
454 Air Raid 1 1 26 Fighter Planes Summons a Fighter Plane to rake enemies with machinegun fire.
455 Air Raid 2 2 32
456 Air Raid 3 3 39
Air Raids don't provide much damage, but what little damage they do is unavoidable and the fact the plane acts independently of its summoner means one can use it as a distraction while larger combos are in the works.
457 Otenko 5 39 Unknown Summoned solar messenger gradually empowers attack chips.
This highly elusive chip is apparently the product of an otherworldy traveler that embodies the power of the sun. While the hardy spirit remains on the field, all of the summoner's chip attacks are imbued with solar power.
458 Met Guard 1 1 9 Mettaurs Navi forms a strong shield to block any non-breaking attack for a couple seconds. The shield may reflect the attack back in the opposite direction in the form of a shockwave or energy burst. IronShield launches itself forward after intercepting the attack.
459 Met Guard 2 2 10
460 Met Guard 3 3 16
461 Shield Guard 2 16 Shield Attackers
462 High Guard 3 16 Sniper Joes
463 ReflectMet 1 1 7 Mettaurs
464 ReflectMet 2 2 16
465 ReflectMet 3 3 25
466 IronShield
2 26 FloShell
Shield chips are standard defense, but later evolutions of the viruses yield shields with reflective abilities, so they can be handy for offense too. The shields are usually only materialized for an instant though, so that navi needs good timing to properly intercept an attack. The guards are easily pierced by heavy attacks and the MetGuard is even known to be weak against elemental attacks.
467 Curse Shield 1 1 28 Dominerd Forms Dominerd shield that intercepts a direct attack and flies off to bite the attacker.
468 Curse Shield 2 2 36
469 Curse Shield 3 3 46
CurseShields are good combinations of attack and defense. These may be better than the average shield because of the powerful bite attack, but a navi has to have pefect timing because the shield only materializes for a split second, and that needs to be the instant when it gets hit by the enemy. These chips are great ways to surprise opponents.
470 Panel Out 1 4 Custom Pickaxe breaks open holes and fissures in the terrain.
471 PanelOut 3 2 8
472 Line Out 2 24 Flameys Flamey virus vertically weaves forward, cutting a chasm.
473 Crack Out 1 4 Custom Energy pulse from user's hand breaks open holes and fissures in the terrain.
474 Double Crack 1 7
475 Triple Crack 1 10
476 Crack Shoot 1 4 Energy pulse from user's hand rips panels from terrain and launches them at the enemy.
477 Double Shoot 2 8
478 Triple Shoot 3 12
The panel removers are cheap, plentiful, effective ways to open holes in the terrain to dirupt enemy movement, block certain attacks, and use certain chips. The chips merely delete the ground, making holes of various sizes. The Cyberworld terrain automatically repairs itself however, so if a NetBattler needs to open the ground for a certain strategy, they have to put it into action quickly. The later Crack Shoot versions use limited telekinesis to turn the panel removal into a minor weapon on its own.
479 Recover 10 1 5 Custom Navi instantly regenerates lost energy and repairs minor damage.
480 Recover 30 1 9
481 Recover 50 1 16
482 Recover 80 2 23
483 Recover 120 2 33
484 Recover 150 3 40
485 Recover 200 3 54
486 Recover300 4 58
These chips are the simplest way to restore one's navi. There are other methods of healing, but Recovs are plentiful and simple to use.
487 Repair Object 1 5 Custom Instantly repairs all object class battlechips summoned to the field.
Many Object type chips don't last too long, one or two hits from the enemy deletes them. Other, more durable objects like Cubes may last a few seconds. With the help of this chip, all objects can last twice as long. This is particularly helpful with the strongest and deadliest objects like the Program Advance Posion Pharaoh; it's hard enough for the enemy to crush that life-draining statue, and to repair it at the last moment is just plain cruel.
488 Panel Grab 1 5 Custom Emits mild force wave that attempts to push enemies away, allowing the user to gain ground. GrabCounters absorb the force and sends it back to the AreaGrab user in focused energy form to inflict damage.
489 Area Grab 2 10
490 Grab Back 3 21
491 Grab Revenge 4 44
In almost any battle, the amount of ground a fighter has to maneuver in is crucial. On a small battlefield especially, if an AreaGrab wave pushes one contender back against an edge or a wall, there's not much he can do. The Grabber's attacks have better chances of hitting, and widespread attacks can be more focused. Many warriors will specialize in cornering an opponent with a wall of Grab Waves, that's what the Revenge chips are for. For every Grab wave absorbed, the Grabber can get paid back tenfold.
492 MetaGel 1 1 18 Slimeys Summons a wall of slimeys to fall from the sky, pushing the enemy away while doing high aqua damage.
493 MetaGel 2 2 28
494 MetaGel 3 4 47
Metagels are basically stronger versions of the AreaGrab support chip. With their combination of attack and support, Metagels make very useful additions to a folder.
495 Escape 3 64 Custom Support chips that enhace user's mobility and agility.
496 Double Jump 3 24
497 Air Shoes 3 19
Escape initiates a short range teleport that takes the navi back to a previous spot. This chip was eventually discontinued as the function was made a default feature in new PETs. DoubleJump lets a navi jump while in the air with a small burst of levitation powers, and AirShoes gives the navi full levitation ability for several seconds. These chips were also eventually made redundant by AirShoes as a NaviCust program.
498 Interrupt 3 50 Custom Jams enemy transmissions
499 Catcher 2 16 UFO UFO stuns navi and abducts their chips
500 Jealousy 4 43 Custom Makes enemy chip data explode
501 Mind Bender 4 24 Inflicts confusion
502 Panic Mood 3 14 Returns confusion
503 Blinder 2 9 Inflicts blindness
504 Uninstall 4 60 attached chip disables enemy customizations
505 North Wind 3 36 Removes barriers
506 MagneCoil 1 14 Tractor beam pulls targets into single file
This is an assortment of miscellaneous support chips. Interrupt temporarily disrupts the connection between an opponent navi and its PET, preventing it from getting battlechips. Catcher is essentially a viral equivalent to Interrupt. When the UFO captures the chips, it just flies away. Later, the chip was modified to actually bring chips to the NetBattler. Jealousy emits a feedback pulse that cause an opponent's downloaded chips to backfire and self-destruct, damaging the navi. MindBender is a command that dirupts the opponent's sensory input, making it temporarily confused. PanicMood counters confusion with confusion so none of the combatants know what they're doing. Blinder emits a flash to temporarily rob enemies of their sight. Uninstall weakens the opponent by making any simple attack chip diable their NaviCust. NorthWind summons a cold blast of air that dispels the enemy defenses. Magnecoil is designed to work in tandem with piercing direct attacks by magnetically forcing groups of enemies into the optimum line of fire.
507 Buster Guard 3 30 Custom Modifies navi's default weapon.
508 Buster Bomb 4 40
509 Buster Sword 4 40
510 Buster Punch 4 40
511 Cannon Mode 5 20
512 Hogan Mode 5 35
513 Sword Mode 5 45
514 Yo-Yo Mode 5 50
515 Drill Mode 5 80
516 L Curse Shield 5 80 Grants navi additional technique.
517 L Step Sword 5 80
518 L Counter 5 80
519 Punch Arm 5 10 Modifies navi's charge attack.
520 Needle Arm 5 30
521 Pulse Arm 5 40
522 Boomer Arm 5 50
Why have just five of a certain chip when one can have unlimited use? The Weapon Modifying chips have a few faults, naturally, the chip space could only support the weakest types of attacks. The chip works by diverting energy from the navi's default weapon into the chip to give it a permanent lifespan, so use of the original weapon is disabled until the effect wears off. In any case, the temporary modification comes in handy in certain situations.
523 Slow Gauge 3 31 Custom Affects area bandwidth, changing battlechip download speeds for all PETs in the area.
524 Fast Gauge 3 30
525 Full Custom 4 32
These chips have incredibly useful effects, and have unusually low capacity for handling such a seemingly large job. Tweaking an area's bandwidth is actually a simple task with these chips. FastGauge doubles transfer speed, letting Operators send more battlechips, while SlowGauge causes things to lag and the navi that can last the longest with the battlechips they have gets the advantage. FullCustom forces an instant download regardless of speed, it's very useful when Slotting-In is required.
526 Invisible 1 1 16 Ghostlers Navi turns invisible for a short period of time. DropDown hides a navi in a dimensional hole in the sky, and it has to leave it to attack. PopUp hides the navi in a dimensional hole in the ground, and it can return to the hole after attacking.
527 Invisible 2 2 26
528 Invisible 3 3 41
529 Drop Down 4 56 Popper
530 Pop Up 5 66 Rush
Invisibility is the best form of defense next to invincibility. There are few navis or viruses that can see through invisibility and even fewer attacks that can penetrate it. DropDown and PopUp don't exactly turn one invisible, and actually hide the navi in a subspace of the cyberworld. The portal to the subspace can move wherever the navi wants and it can only be penetrated by the attacks that penetrate invisibility.
531 Mole 1 1 25 Momograns Navi travels underground, and is untouchable by most attacks. Navi has to pop up out of the hole to attack. Vulnerable to ground-breaking attacks.
532 Mole 2 2 35
533 Mole 3 3 42
Mole is a defensive technique with weaknesses, but it's not easy for an opponent to account for every weakness of every defensive method, so it never hurts to consider all of them. Moles are a lot like PopUp, the hole of PopUp doesn't actually lead underground, so it's safe from attacks like Vines and CannonBalls. These chips may be technically inferior to PopUp, but that's why they're less rare and have lower capacity.
534 Stone Body 2 34 Gaias, Gabyols, Custom Navi's body becomes hard and strong. Defense is increased dramatically while movement becomes extremely difficult.
535 Iron Body 2 42
536 Metal Body 3 56
When these defenses are used, the navi becomes nearly indestructible, but is immobilized. IronBody and MetalBody allow the navi to move a little bit, but slowly. Attacks are also difficult in these forms, most navis can only manage a few of their standard weapon attacks. While not much is possible under these defenses, they can at least buy an operator time to download some better chips or give the navi time to heal.
537 Shadow 1 2 36 DarkShadows Navi turns into a shadow and can only be harmed by sword-type attacks. Navi also gains ShadowSword attack, which allows them to travel in shadows to appear next to enemies and cut them.
538 Shadow 2 3 49
539 Shadow 3 4 61
Shadows are not quite as safe as Invisibility, but their ShadowSword ability lets one attack when and where the enemy least expects it. For navis more affiliated with darkness, Shadow is the optimal defensive technique.
540 UnderShirt
4 19
Custom Grants an extra layer of armor that protects a navi from lethal attacks as long as it holds out.
The Undershirt chip was made obsolete by the more reliable and accessible Undershirt NaviCust program.
541 Marking 5 10 Custom Grants temporary invulnerability and enhanced accuracy to navi in netbattle.
Originally intended for tracking purposes, to ensure a pursuing navi does not lose their target. This feature did not come into play as much as the invulnerability, making it one of the most effective defensive chips. It only had limited availability though, making it highly rare later on.
542 Barrier 2 12 Custom Navi is surrounded by a spherical barrier and is defended from all attacks until the barrier is destroyed. BubbleWraps and BlackBarrier eventually repair themselves, and LeafShield turns the damage it absorbs into life energy for the navi.
543 Barrier 100 3 27
544 Barrier 200 4 49
545 Bubble Wrap 1 2 30 Ammonicules
546 Bubble Wrap 2 3 36
547 Bubble Wrap 3 4 58
548 Leaf Shield 3 28 Popper
549 Black Barrier 5 87 Unknown
Barriers are great temporary defenses. They're not quite completely invulnerable like Invisibility, but at least the navi is safe while the barrier takes a beating. BubbleWraps are destroyed faster than other barriers, but the re-appear quickly to make up for it, although electricity can cut right through the bubbles and destroy them permanently. LeafShield can heal a navi with the amount of energy it was supposed to lose, but fire can burn through that effect and damage the navi normally. BlackBarrier is a powerful GigaChip that is nearly impossible to destroy permanently, but it can only be used by those with dark affiliation.
550 Aura 3 33 Custom Navi is surrounded by spherical barrier that can only be broken by the stronger element or an attack that is stronger than the aura's damage threshold.
551 Aqua Aura 3 37 Megalians
552 Fire Aura 3 39
553 Wood Aura 4 41
554 Elec Aura 4 43
555 Life Aura 1 4 44 Scuttles
556 Life Aura 2 4 51
557 Life Aura 3 5 66
558 Dark Aura 5 77 Unknown
While a Barrier can be destroyed after prolonged punishment from weak hits that gradually wear down its HP, an Aura can only be destroyed with a single hit that takes out all its HP at once. Auras are considered the strongest defenses in the cyberworld, but like any defense, they have weaknesses. The Auras come from the strongest viruses known on the net, they're all very rare and valuable.
559 Mettaur 5 30 Virus Lab Summons a representative of a captured virus family.
560 Bunny 5 32
561 Spikey 5 34
562 Swordy 5 30
563 Jelly var 5 46
564 Mushy 5 38
565 Momogra 5 38
566 KillersEye 5 50
567 Scuttlest var 5 52
These chips are the product of a short-lived experiment in virus breeding. No viruses were "bred" so much as captured and fed large amounts of bug frags to fatten them up. Nonetheless, the domesticated and strengthened viruses provided fodder for creative, albeit difficult to control summon chips.
568 Colonel Army 3 25 Custom Summons soldier drone from hiding to shoot enemies.
569 Colonel Force 5 90
Colonel Army summons the soldiers from beneath objects while the more enhanced GigaChip version, Colonel Force summons them from the ground, allowing much larger armies to form. The hail of gunfire is difficult to avoid in either case.
570 Holy Panel 2 22 Custom, Brushmen Releases viral effect that changes the face of the terrain over a certain area.
571 Dark Hole 3 39
572 Dark Line 4 59
573 Magnet Line 3 24
574 Lava Line 3 24
575 Ice Line 3 24
576 Grass Line 3 24
577 Coming Road 1 21
578 Going Road 1 21
579 Lava Stage 3 35
580 Ice Stage 3 35
581 Grass Stage 3 25
582 Sand Stage 3 18
583 AluminiStage 3 20
584 Metal Stage 2 26
585 Sanctuary 5 68
586 Geddon 1 3 24
587 Geddon 2 3 45
588 Geddon 3 4 56
589 Panel Return 2 12
By changing the entire battlefield, terrain chips can have a critical effect on the course of the battle. Holy Panels release protective light that halves damage to anything within it. DarkHoles are portals that release Dark Energy, empowering and enabling chips and navis that use dark power. Magnetic Panels attract navis and viruses towards them. Lava burns navis and viruses that aren't fire-elemental, but water cools it. Ice is slippery and difficult to move on unless one is Aqua elemental, the watery surface also conducts and increases elec damage. Grass releases the earth's energy and gradually heals wood elementals, but it burns easily and fire power is increased. Sand is difficult to move in, so navis and viruses are slowed down, heavy impacts are absorbed harmlessly, and wind attacks pick up the sand and increase damage. Metal is stronger then normal panels and resists breaking. Aluminum isn't as strong as metal, but it conducts electricity more, it also contains minerals that can grow grass if it comes in contact with the wood element. ComingRoad and GoingRoad are conveyor belts that move anything that steps on them in the direction indicated. Geddon1 shatters the terrain, Geddon2 completely destroys the terrain, and Geddon3 poisons the terrain, turning everything to a deadly swamp. Repair is the only stage chip that restores an area to its intended status, with harmless, generic cyberworld panels.
590 Fire Hazard 3 50 Custom Sets invisible viral trap in the area that reacts to the first occurence of its trigger from the enemy. Traps are not triggered by their users.
591 Lightning Rod 3 50
592 Flash Flood 3 48
593 Lost Woods 3 55
594 ElemenTrap var 3 42
595 Kawarimi 3 37
596 Shirahadori 3 43
597 Navi Scout 4 46
598 Bad Medicine 3 43
Trap chips have powerful effects and they automatically defend the user from the trigger. They would be optimal combinations of attack and defense if they weren't so specific. The elemental traps merely counter the attack of their element with an immense explosion of that element. Anti-Sword lets the navi grab a sword attack and instantly counter with a triple Sonic Boom Attack. If an opponent uses a NaviChip with AntiNavi set, the navichip backfires and attacks its user instead. AntiRecov causes the enemy's recover chip backfire and damage him with the amount of energy he was supposed to regain. AntiDamage is the least specific trap, derived from ninja arts, it allows the navi to evade any attack and counter with shuriken from above.
599 Yellow Capsule 2 30 Custom Chemically adds additional effects to attached chip attacks.
600 Black Capsule 2 30
601 White Capsule 2 30
602 Purple Capsule 3 40
603 Pink Capsule 2 30
Yellow confuses, black blinds, white stuns, purple poisons, and pink heals. These addon chips are derived from the standard weapons of a medicine-themed navi.
604 Copy Damage 2 14 Custom HP data modification to/from selected target,
605 Life Synch 2 12
These simple yet insidious chips attack the target's life data directly. While CopyDamage is tagged to a target opponent, they will recieve the equivalent damage the user deals to all other nearby opponents. LifeSynch works in reverse, leaving the target unaffected while all other nearby opponents' HP is adjusted to match the target's value. Either is useful when going up against an opponent that fights with several weaker viruses as backup. The equalized lifeforce also makes spread attacks more efficient.
606 Buster Up 2 8 Custom Temporarily enhances user's primary weapon.
607 Black Weapon 5 64 Unknown
Buster Up provides just one additional power point while the rare MegaChip BlackWeapon overloads the weapon's power at the cost of an HP bug. Both can go a long way for a navi that prefers to rely on their own strength and not just chips.
608 Attack+10 1 6 Custom Attach these chips to other attack chips to enhance their power.
609 Attack+20 2 15
610 Attack+30 4 51
611 Fire+30(40)

2 17
612 Fire Plus 5 80
613 Aqua+30(40)

2 18
614 Aqua Power 5 80
615 Wood+30(40)

2 18
616 Wood Power 5 80
617 Elec+30(40)

2 19
618 Thunder Plus 5 80
619 Element Power 5 64
620 Navi+20 3 29
621 Navi+40 4 41
622 Color Point 2 27
623 Double Point 4 50
Enhancement chips are indispensible for many strategies. The power boosts may be minimal, but they are plenty enough for the right job. Several of these chips can add up to a much larger boost for a single attack. Some attacks need only a small boost to do what they need, like take out an aura or take out an opponent instantly. The most useful application is with chips that do multiple attacks. Most multi-hit chips have very low attack power because the hits add up to the level of an average single-hit attack. The enhancement chips are tacked onto the base attack power so their damage is multiplied with each hit too. The trick is in enhancing the enhancers, another way to do that is with elementals. Any enhancement chip added onto an elemental attack gets the same elemental bonuses against weaker elements and on certain terrains.
624 Synchro Trigger 5 80 Unknown Navi and operator instantly achieve Full Synchronization.
Synchronized navis exhibit better reflexes and doubled chip attack power, but it's difficult to maintain the state, so naturally this shortcut into Full Synchro is a MegaChip that's nearly unobtainably rare.
625 Roll Arrow 1 2 32 Custom Specialized attacks based on attacks of various navis.
626 Roll Arrow 2 3 38
627 Roll Arrow 3 4 44
628 Guts Fist 1 2 22
629 Guts Fist 2 3 36
630 Guts Fist 3 4 50
631 Propeller Bomb 1 2 18
632 Propeller Bomb 2 3 26
633 Propeller Bomb 3 4 34
634 Search Bomb 1 2 25
635 Search Bomb 2 3 35
636 Search Bomb 3 4 45
637 MeteoRain 1 2 15
638 MeteoRain 2 3 23
639 MeteoRain 3 4 31
640 Thunder Strike 1 2 37
641 Thunder Strike 2 3 45
642 Thunder Strike 3 4 53
643 Hawk Cut 1 2 40
644 Hawk Cut 2 3 50
645 Hawk Cut 3 4 60
646 Number Ball 1 2 28
647 Number Ball 2 3 35
648 Number Ball 3 4 60
649 Metal Gear 1

2 20
650 Metal Gear 2 3 28
651 Metal Gear 3 4 36
652 Panel Shoot 1 2 19
653 Panel Shoot 2 3 25
654 Panel Shoot 3 4 31
655 Aqua Upper 1 2 22
656 Aqua Upper 2 3 28
657 Aqua Upper 3 4 34
658 Green Wood 1 2 35
659 Green Wood 2 3 40
660 Green Wood 3 4 45
These limited edition chips were made for some of the top contenders of the recent RedSun and BlueMoon tournaments. As with the earlier listed "Master Weapon" chips, they're redundant for the navis they're based on, but these were made intentionally as a promotion for the free tournaments that followed so opponents could win the Weapon chips from each other.
661 Big Red Wave 5 72 Custom Powerful MegaChips allow strong elemental attack. Navi must be the same element as the chip to use it.
662 Prominence 3 22
663 Salamander 4 50
664 Freeze Bomb 5 48
665 Water Line 3 18
666 Fountain 3 48
667 Sparker 5 59
668 Lightning 3 30
669 Thunder Bolt 3 52
670 Gaia Sword

4 57
671 Gaia Blade 4 55
Some of the rarest and most powerful AND most exclusive MegaChips. BigRedWave is a super-powered version of the standard RedWave chip. Prominence and Salamander send a large stream of fire underground if there are any holes nearby for the flame to be absorbed into. Freezebomb is an explosive that freezes everything in its blast range. Waterline and Fountain draw water from underground with a hole and shoot the geyser forward, ripping apart the ground as it travels.Sparker is a super-charged version of the RingZap chips, and feeds off the navi's own lifeforce for power. Lightning and Bolt call down thunder from the sky to strike the tallest objects and electrify anything around them. The Gaia blades use the vines growing on them to absorb the other downloaded chips to greatly increase their strength.
672 Bat Cannon 1 2 50 Unknown Cannon damages target and applies vampiric curse.
673 Bat Cannon 2 3 60
674 Bat Cannon 3 4 70
675 Bat Cannon 4 5 80
These mysterious unobtainable chips only came to be within a Darkloid-manifested nexus in which they were used to redirect dark energies across a dimensional boundary. They presumably also function as basic weapons outside of that context.
676 Big Noise 5 99 Unknown Immortal magic channeled into powerful chip attacks.
677 Blood Rain 5 99
Like the BatCannons above, these chips only manifested within limited interdimensional crossover events and have no function other than to allow the user the attacks originate from to use them within the abnormal context. Big Noise also exists as a Program Advance within normal net space.
678 Poltergeist 4 50 Unknown Telekinesis picks up all objects in the vicinity and throws them at the opponents.
This mysterious and extremely powerful MegaChip is highly sought for its fearsome power. It's useless on an empty battlefield, but just one cube or rock can do immense damage, and there's nothing the opponent can do to defend against the other-worldly assault.
679 Black Wing 4 58 Unknown Summons several Murkland Bats from Dark Holes in the sky. Each bat flies into the enemy to attack.
Another dark-powered chip. The BlackWing attack was originally associated with the Assassin Darkman. Since the bats attack from above, many opponents are unprepared to dodge or defend.
680 Bug Chain 4 59 Bugs Various Bug-based Mega and Giga class attacks and effects.
681 Bug Charge 5 77
682 Curse of Bug 5 73
683 Bug Fixer 4 62
684 Bug Rise Sword 5 80
685 Bug Death Thunder 5 80
It is difficult to make Bug-based battlechips since bugs are inherently chaotic and unstable. There are other bug-derived chips listed earlier, such as BugBomb. BugChain tranfers all of the navi's bugs onto the opponent, a useful crippling tactic. BugCharge uses the power of Gospel to attack enemies multiple times, with the number of hits depending on the amount of battlechip transfers that have taken place, the longer the battle the stronger the charge. Bug Curse calls upon a swarm of bugs to randomly glitch the opponent. As with all Bug Chips, one must have dark affiliation to harness their chaotic power. BugStopper is actually an anti-bug chip that clears glitches caused by programming errors from the navi for a short time. BugRiseSword and BugDeathThunder are powerful attacks that replace the navi's charge attack but consume BugFrags with every use.
686 Navi Chips varies Navis Summons a navi ghost to use its signature attack once and leave.
Navi data can be stored onto chips as well, but because navis are much more complex than the average virus, they have much higher capacity than most chips and have other restrictions like MegaChips. There can be as many navi chips as there are navis, and they can be among the strongest weapons in a folder. Having five navi chips on hand is like having 5 allies ready to back you up.
687 Gold Chips varies Navis Navi's special attack represented as chip.
These are not truly chips as they are not stored and transferred externally as such. They are merely one way of expanding a navi's arsenal by dedicating a portion of the customization screen to a signature attack. Because Gold Chips must be recharged like other chips, it means they can't use such an attack often, but it also means they can activate it more easily, without the need for a special technique.
688 Serenade 5 97 Secret? Special Giga Chip attacks derived from Omega-class navis and other powerful anomalous entities.
689 Bass 5 90 Bass?
690 Bass Another 5 92
691 Bass GS 5 95
692 Grand Prix Power 5 94 N1GP?
693 Omega Rocket 5 89 Alpha Net?
694 Alpha Arm Σ/Ω 5 97
695 Justice One 5 90 Space?
696 GigantHook 5 92
697 Meteor Knuckle 5 90
698 Duo 5 99
699 Lord of Chaos 5 99 Dark Hole?
700 Double Beast 5 99 Underground?
701 Gregar 5 99
702 Falzar 5 99
Most of these would normally be classified as Navi Chips, as they work on the same principle of summoning an image of persona from which the chip is derived, but simply by the overwhelmingly strong nature of these particular chips, they are in a class of their own. (In any case, they get their own chip icons instead of the standard star for Navi Chips).
703 Delta Ray Edge 5 85 Official Summons Official Leader navis for special Mega/Giga Chip attacks.
704 Cross Divide 5 92
705 Leaders' Raid 5 99
Protoman and Colonel made names for themselves during the Nebula incident. It is little wonder that their strongest signature attacks were immortalized in these rare chips.
706 Death Phoenix 5 93 Unknown Summons a giant firebird to immolate enemies.
707 Phoenix 5 95
These chips are supposedly relics of another interdimensional crossover. They are Giga-class and extremely rare.
708 Navi Recycle 5 50 Custom Various supporting GigaChips.
709 Folder Return 5 99
710 Balance 5 60
711 Signal Red 5 66
NaviRecycle has two purposes; it can revive a navi that was just deleted provided its data hasn't left the system yet, or it can bring back the last navi chip that was used by any NetBattler in the vicinity and use it again against the opponent. FolderBack instantly recharges all the drained chips in the NetBattler's folder and forces an instant download to boot. Balance immediately halves the lifeforce of every navi and virus in the vicinity. SignalRed is an Object class chip and like the Trumpy instruments has two settings, but both of them are useful; while the light is red the navi's battlechips are locked, and while green the navi's blinded. These are definitely the strongest support chips available.
712 Meteor Red Sun 5 90 Custom Powerful GigaChip attacks with powers that can be increased by the navi's merit and skill.
713 Blue Moon Ray 5 90
714 Holy Dream 5 92
715 Final Gun 5 80
As GigaChips, these comprise some of the strongest attacks in NetBattling. MeteoRS summons the Red Sun emblem to shoot several devastating meteors at the ground, damaging the terrain. BMRay summons the Blue Moon emblem to strike a single opponent with a powerful laser that nullifies defenses and abilities. HolyDream is a cannon that gathers sacred light and fires a wide blast straight forward. The Meteors and Ray are strengthened by a navi's confidence and experience. HolyDream absorbs power from HolyPanels and a navi's goodness and virtue. FinalGun channels immense power through the navi's standard weapon, enabling a single burst from the weapon at its maximized potential.
716 Hub Batch 5 99 Hikari Labs Unlocks a certain navi's greater potential.
The navi's strength and all of his abilities are briefly enhanced while this code is in effect. It's been known to have limited effect on other navis. It's one of a kind.
717 Dark Cannon 5 90 Unknown Overwhelmingly powerful versions of simple battlechips that cause Bugs in the user's system and darkens its soul. Can only be used when the navi is in a dark mood.
718 Dark Vulcan 5 90
719 Dark Spread 5 90
720 Dark Bomb 5 90
721 Dark Stage 5 90
722 Dark Sword 5 90
723 Dark Tornado 5 99
724 Dark Circle 5 99
725 Dark Meteor 5 99
726 Dark Thunder 5 90
727 Dark Recovery 5 90
728 Dark Sound 5 99
729 Dark Invis 5 82
730 Dark Plus 5 90
731 Dark Lance 5 99
732 Dark Drill 5 99
733 Dark Wide 5 99
Dark Chips belong in a class of their own. They can't be used or stored like normal chips, and no other chips have such effects on a navi's very being. DarkChips are more than just power, by darkening a navi's soul, its lifeforce is lost and mind altered. One use of a DarkChip can change a navi forever. One must be very careful if these are encountered.

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