Toil and Trouble, Boil and Bubble
By Koala (Plantman)


Friday, a month after the last chapter, the scene begins with the class being lectured on compression. After class Lan wants to make weekend plans, but as you talk to the gang, it turns out they all have plans already. After touching base with Dex, Yai, and Mayl, Lan receives an email from everyone's favorite EXE nerd, Higsby. He's re-opened the shop and he needs a favor.

On your way out, drop in on Classroom 5B. There's a RegUp2 hidden in the bookshelf and kid in that will trade your Bubbler C for his WideSword C. You should be able to make the trade at this point. Then head outside and enter the shop right in front of the school gates. Jack into the Numberman display for an HPMemory (Since it's an alarm system, you can also find Trumpy viruses in here). Use the chip trader machine to exchange your surplus of Shockwaves and MetGuards for some possible new additions to your library, or keep saving until the better traders come along. The new Number Trader ought to be more interesting. With the right secret codes you can get a lot of rare and valuable items right off the bat, but since our secret data page is probably still under construction, we'll just just drop some of the more useful codes here:

50098263, 03284579, 65497812, 88543997, 54390805, and 33157825 for MegaChips and subsequent Program Advances you'll need to complete your Libraries.
23415891 and 67918452 for some very handy NaviCust blocks.
77955025, 72563938, 11002540, 28274283 and for NaviCust block Spin items that will make using the NaviCust considerably easier.

Now talk to Higs. He's sick with a cold and needs Lan to do some things for him, but at least he's promising a good reward. (After talking to him you'll get an e-mail from Yai informing you that your second shortcut can be found connecting her homepage with SciLab Square.) First, Higsby needs some equipment delivered. The guy to meet is at ACDC Station but turns out he forgot the equipment in a briefcase back in the Inn at Yoka.


Spot the differences.
Head back to Yoka and while you're there, next to the power station you can find a new mainstay, MR.FAMOUS!...If you're playing the Blue version that is. The White version just has Mr.Famous' nerdy apprentice. Both will dispense something resembling advice every time you talk to them, but only Famous will challenge you to a NetBattle afterwards. Since battles with Punk are totally optional and don't win you anything but Zenny, we'll only cover him in the Boss section rather than here. The rest of Yoka hasn't changed much. The zoo is back to normal except the condor is still on the loose, that emergency exit connecting the zoo to the Inn is closed again, and Tamako is still repairing Metalman if you beat him already. Head to the Inn's room and look in the jars next to the old TV for a RegUp1 that wasn't there before. Now check under the table at the west end of the room for the bag you need, then return it to the guy at ACDC Station for an Order System and then take the Order System back to Higsby.

Job#2 is going into ACDC1 and forcing a navi to pay up his protection money. The quickest way is through Lan's PC, but on your way through the house, jack into the panel next to the TV for a Spreader N, which has just become available this chapter. Then jack in through Lan's PC and the deadbeat will be close by on the platform across from the Hikaris'. Talk to him and fight off his viruses. White Version hits you with the Swordy1, 2, and 3. Blue Version has a SnowBlow and two CannoDumbs. Each setup will neccessitate deleting at least one of the viruses as quickly as possible since they work somewhat strongly together. Get the 1000Z, jack out, and return to Higsby.

The final job is to deliver a chip to a red navi in SciLab2. If you do something stupid like throw the Ratton1 C in the Chip Trader, then you'll have to find your own replacement. Head to SciLab and maybe check the new jobs that have been posted on the Request Board this chapter. Jack in from the Virus Lab and exit the square, she should be right there. Seems she's been very misled about the value of chips. Not your problem. After dropping off the chip, you may want to take the opportunity to head down to the lower level of SciLab1 and find Beastman's ghost at the dead-end right of the entrance. Might as well also do your other rounds looking around the net and the real world talking to people, checking the boards and whatnot eventually. Return to Higsby to claim your Reward: Snake R, and a promise of possible programming help. What a waste of time!

However you also get something more valuable than a chip; plot progression. Check your email: The last N1 preliminary is on today, a month after the last one apparently. They have a stupid riddle, the answer is SciLab square and it's the female navi near the shortcut. Give her a Longsword E (If you don't have one, S-Rank a Swordy. They can be found just outside in SciLab Area), and she will give you a Cyber Yoka Pass for it. That wasn't even part of the Preliminary, just the preliminary step to get into the Preliminary. Go down to the Cybermetro and choose the Yoka option to be taken directly to YokaSquare.


He would actually clap instead of saying it if NPCs could move their arms.
Welcome to Yoka area. There's a new BBS, a new shop, a new SubChip shop (same as the SciLab SubChip shop), and a new Simon Says game next to the BBS (press the right button 60 times in a minute to win a single BugFrag, woo). If you want to venture outside the Square to explore Yoka1&2, there's not much you can reach yet because of the narrow pathways all over the place, but there is a Speed+1 NaviCust part in Yoka1 if you want to get it now. While you're wandering around, you could also try getting some Wind chips from the WindBox viruses here since you'll need one later.

Go down to the lower level of the Square and talk to the Official navi. He'll put Megaman into the final prelim and forcefully change his folder to the PreFolder. Jerk! First you need to find 5 people dressed like navis and fight them. They don't exactly blend in so this shouldn't be hard. You probably jacked in from SciLab, so you can find the first one there near the drink machine.
White Version: Shrimpy, Shrimpy, Shrimpy. Should be easy.
Blue Version: WindBox, Beetle, Ratty. Take out the WindBox first so you can dodge.

Head to ACDC for the next two. One's behind Yai's house.
White Version: Slimer, Slimer, Slimer. Take them out one at a time.
Blue Version: Met2, WindBox, Boomer. Kill WindBox or Boomer first.

And one's in the teacher's lounge.
White Version: Ratty, Ratty, Ratty. Don't use the Spreader-type chips without Atk+10.
Blue Version: Met2, HardHead, WindBox. WindBox shouldn't affect dodging much this time.

The last ones are Yoka. Check the hot springs.
White Version: Beetle, Beetle, Windbox. Take out the WindBox first so you can dodge.
Blue Version: Swordy, Swordy, VacuumFan. Fan could make dodging tough.

And the zoo near the emergency exit.
White Version: Spikey, Spikey2, Spikey3. Use the rock for protection.
Blue Version: Spikey, Spikey2, VacuumFan. Easy compared to the White equivalent.

Once you're done with that, talk to the navi in Yoka Square again. Now you'll have to fight another virus battle series, still using the dumb folder you were stuck with.

White Version Blue Version
  1. Ratton, Ratton, Ratton.
  2. Met2, Fishy, VacuumFan.
  3. Shrimpy2, Boomer, Spikey2.
  1. Quaker, Eleball.
  2. Met2, Beetle, Cannodumb2.
  3. Cannodumb2, WindBox, Eleball

The White Version battles all have a hole in the middle of each side of the field, and the Blue Version battles have cracked panels scattered about. The third battle in the series could be the killer one. In the White Version use the holes and PanelGrabs to restrict enemy movements and avoid their attacks. In the Blue Version, just concentrate on one enemy at a time.

Once you're done, Lan and Megaman will finally officially be in the N1 Grand Prix! Glyde and Gutsman passed as well, but Roll lost the last survival battle. I guess nobody told her she can retry as many times as she wants. Maybe she's just lazy. Chaud and Protoman are in the tournament as well and show up just in time to try and psyche you out. Afterwards everyone jacks out to prepare for tomorrow. Make sure to switch to your regular folder before you forget, and in case you want to reacquire the XtraFolder the PreFolder replaced, there's a navi in ACDC Square that'll supply a copy any time you want. Have some free time for yourself and then go to bed.

The next day most of the supporting cast is away doing their own thing. Even both Lan's parents will be gone for the weekend. Party at Hikaris'! Everyone else around seems to be talking about that new BubbleWash dishwasher for some insane reason, and that's what's on Lan's agenda as well since Mayl wants him to help install hers. Head to Mayl's house. Ms. Mari is here since a new dishwasher is so exciting it's sure to draw a crowd. What's so special about it? Why it's connected to the net! Just like everything else in this world for no discernible reason. As BubbleWash anticipation builds, an unwanted gentleman caller makes the scene, Higsby. Turns out Mayl put a chip on tab and Higsby wants her to work it off, but will allow her to force Lan to do more errands in her stead. To settle this dispute, you must go get a Wind * in Yoka1 or Tamako's HP. Lan gets kicked out of the house before he can even verify if he has one or not, so if you do, just turn right around and go back in to give it to him.

Just in time, Mayl's new BubbleWash machine will arrive. After intentionally dirtying some dishes, she tries it out and...uh-oh! The girls are trapped in bubbles, Lead Bubbles! Okay, that was horrible. The bubbles act like some color changing bomb and will soon explode. Don't you think they'll be safe and comfortable while you run around trying to fix the problem?


If you actually want an online dishwasher, you deserve what happens.
Go upstairs to Mayl's PC and jack in. You've probably already ransacked this place two chapters ago, but this is the first time you've actually had a reason to be here besides that, so just in case, there's 500Z and a locked the HPMemory. Head outside the homepage to meet Bubbleman and his dancing. Bubbleman tricks Megaman and jumps over the cube. Mayl quickly sends an email with a new RollV2 chip and her Passcode, so remove the cube and follow the sudsy drip road.

The bubble trail in ACDC area leads straight to the Metro. Let's just hope the villain fled to one of the two destinations you have passes for. Nobody's seen him at SciLab, but thankfully there's another pile of bubbles right there in YokaSquare, so keep following to Yoka1 (this time the bubble trail is conveniently the same as the blue "main street" path). The trail hits a dead end at a thin rail too narrow for Megaman to cross so we need something that will fix that.

Go to Dr.Hikari's Lab in SciLab. The assistant says there's Press Data in the computer, so jack into the computer and talk to the program. Unfortunately it thinks Megaman's an intruder so you'll have to fight for it. White Version has a trio of HardHead and Blue Version has a trio of Shrimpy. Do we really have time for this with those time bombs ticking away? After that, the Prog will hand over the Press Data but it doesn't work on the Navi Customizer. It needs attention from a good programmer and none from SciLab are available. This is where it pays to remember that Higsby mentioned he picked up some programming skills in his travels.

Head back to the crisis point and talk to Higsby, but wouldn't you know it, he's not as programming savvy as he led you to believe. So now you need to look around blindly for someone that IS skilled enough to modify it. Seriously, time bombs guys!


And so the long, harrowing search comes to an end.
Well, conveniently there's somebody right outside Mayl's house that's up to the task. It' that unique-looking NPC that was hanging around the night of the Flashman incident, and when Chisao arrived in town. He's starting to look a little more like a significant supporting character with this contrived plot twist. After he takes his leave, get the newly converted Press NaviCust part installed and head back to Yoka.

Now you can finally get around most of Yoka area. So here's the map.

Explore the compression rails in Yoka2 for a bit to earn a FullEnergy and an HPMemory. The FullEnergy is on a strange platform in the middle of the area that does not enlarge MM which means the navi there won't be able to hear his tiny voice. To do anything with this guy you'll have to come back later through the warp on the other side of the conveyor belt (the mystery of this spot isn't nearly as intriguing as it seems, so don't worry about it). Taking the exit near this platform to Yoka1 leads to the first BugFrag trader of the game, who can supply you with a bunch of rare chips if you have enough frags which at this point you probably do not. You'll find most of the thin paths are pointlessly twisted and lead to dead ends like a miniature maze, and because you're shrunk down the distance will be much larger than it appears, which means more random battles. I can only imagine the compression areas are set up like this to make sure you hate them with every fibre of your being, because that is the most likely final result.

Follow the bubbly path again until you cross the rail where Bubs was last seen. Head down the stairs to the lower part of the area and trek the next big set of small roads. The PMD here has a Tornado L. When you finally catch up to Bubbleman, he summons a Bubble Door that is impossible to pass and has his Bubble Brigade hide the needle needed to pop it. Higs warns that the bubbles are now yellow. It's a good thing these bombs are apparently set with a really long time limit because there sure are a lot of distractions along the way.

Head to the school gate part of ACDC2 and talk to one of the Brigadiers to fight some viruses.
White Version: Pengi, Pengi, Penga. Some panels are ice.
Blue Version: Met2, Met2, Cannodumb2. All panels are ice, plus a couple holes so you don't have to be stuck in the corners.

And here you thought you lost all the upgrades from the previous game.
Now here comes the cool part: Your first Style Change! In this game you can only have one Style at a time in addition to your Normal Style and in every sequence like this you can either choose for the next one to be an upgrade of the current Style and earn a new NaviCust part for it, or you can start to find a new Style. You may not like the style you get stuck with, but it would be a good idea to upgrade anyway and find a new one when its level gets maxed out so you can build your NaviCust collection efficiently. If you don't care about that, then you might as well keep trying for new Styles until you get the one you want.

The three stooges now run to SciLab1, thankfully announcing their destination once again. Head to the lower part of SciLab1 past the conveyor belts and fight them again.
White Version: Pengi, Penga, Penga. Some panels are ice.
Blue Version: Spikey2 x3. All panels are ice except the two corner holes.
Not much of an upgrade from last time, plus now you have the power of StyleChange on your side (as long as you're not the weaker element). Defeat them again and they'll retreat...back to where they started...

Return to the Bubble Door in Yoka1 and fight the morons of the Bubble Brigade one more time.
White Version: Penga, x3. Most panels are ice.
Blue Version: Fishy, Ratty, HardHead. All panels are ice except the two corner holes.
They might actually pose a challenge this time. If you have the White Version, make sure to pack elec chips, breaking chips, and/or terrain-changing chips or those penguins could be an invincible headache. For Blue Version, take them out one at a time, the hardest thing there is dodging. Best them and claim the Needle, then open the door to follow Bubbleman.

There's nothing between you and Bubs except an annoyingly weaving compression path and all the random battles that come with it. When you're done with the rails, save the game and approach the scuba hamster of doom. During the pre-battle dialogue, Higsby calls in to point out the bubbles have finally turned red just in time for this nail-biting climax. Better make it quick.

WWW Navi Battle: Bubbleman.exe
HP= 500
Speed= slow
Defense= cover, barrier
Movement= random teleport in far right column, avoids MM's row.
Special Field=Missing Panel in the center of enemy field, rock in panel directly above.
Objects= Rock(500 HP), Bubble(1 HP), Fish(invincible), Crab(10 HP), Bomb(40 HP)
Attacks= Bubble Lead(30), FishMissile(30), Depth Charge(30), Crabton(30), Aqua Shots(50x3), Bubble Wrap(1HP Barrier that regenerates)

This guy hides in the back behind his never ending Bubble Parade and that convenient boulder. His position can foil basic strategies involving direct shots and swords, but bombs and spreader-types may redeem themselves here. Unfortunately hitting him with any of your regular Elec chips could be more trouble than they're worth, but any Flashman navi chips you can fit should "shine" in this situation. You'll also have to keep a nearly constant stream of buster fire going on the bubbles both to keep them from surrounding you, and to have less obstructions between MM and BM. Keep an eye on the contents of each bubble so you know to step up/down whenever a fish missile pops out. Dodge the crabs the same as a Ratton. He'll break out the Depth Charges, BubbleWrap, and Aqua Shots when his health is down to a quarter. Just finish him off quickly when that happens. 2000Z for winning.


Wily would be so proud.
Once the fight is over, Bubbleman proceeds to beg for mercy. Megaman orders Bubbleman to delete the bombs but he's about to make a break for it. Protoman deletes him first, which was the right thing to do all along as it automatically dissolves the bubbles when Bubbleman gets bites the dust. Chaud and Protoman berate Lan and Megaman for being so "wishy-washy", that their refusal to make the killing blow put thousands of people at risk. Someone should have mentioned that Lan and Megaman had no way of knowing Bubbleman's deletion would defuse the bombs (largely because it makes no sense) and that for all they knew Bubbleman had to do it manually, thus jumping the gun and deleting him like that would have meant certain doom. Instead Lan gets all angsty becase the jerks were right.

Now everybody is safe and we can all go home. You can buy stuff from Higsby's shop now. Otherwise, nothing to do but put Lan to bed. He's got a big day coming up. Next Chapter is the N1 Grand Prix!

~Koala and Raijin



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