Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 1 Epilogue 11
Trapped in Animeland Part 2

Narrator: Last time we saw the Comrades, they along with the 4 Rockman Killers were sent across the dimensions, separating them all from each other. Drill and Pharaoh were sent to the Tenchi Muyo universe, were they met up with the characters from the series, along with Ballade. But thanks to newly taught swordplay (and a pair of nifty hands by Washu), they were able to stop him and return home. But will they ever find their still missing friends?

*On a mountain covered with trees*

Ring: Ohh... My head... It hurts...

Skull: Ring, get up.

Ring: Huh? Skull Man? *Looks around* Where are you?

Skull: You're on top of me, dimwit.

Ring: Hey, that's not a very nice thing to say.

Skull: *Red eyes* GET OFF!!

Narrator: After Ring and Skull regained their bearings; they decided to figure out where in the world they were. Or universe...

Skull: I wonder where we are...?

Ring: Well, we were obviously sent through some sort of time flux, created by that strange device Drill just couldn't seem stop touching.


Ring: Also, were probably just not in a time flux, but a universal time flux, which means we could be anywhere in the multi-universe.

Skull: Anywhere?

Ring: Yep, even in an anime type one.

Skull: Heh, knowing our luck, we probably got some stupid anime which everyone hates, like Witch Hunter Robin.

???: Hey! Somebody is over there! Looks like there are two of 'em!

Ring and Skull: Huh?

Narrator: The mysterious people fly down to "greet" the robotic communists.

Skull: *Bug eyed*YOUR... YOUR...

Ring: *Points* GOKU!! *Points again* AND YOUR GOHAN!!

Goku: Uh, yeah... Do we know you?

Ring: If I were human, I would ask someone to pinch me. BUT NO! I have to be a robot! So someone has to hit me!

Skull: *Punches Ring* Shut up. What's important here is--

Ring: WERE IN DBZ!!! *Waves arms* HI MOM!!

Narrator: Back in the real universe...

Cossack: *Sits down with bowl of cereal* Ahh, now it's time to watch my favorite show in the world, Dragonball Z! *Turns on TV*

DBZ Narrator: Last time on Dragonball Z, Cell had announced the Cell Games, and it would take place in ten days!

Cossack: Ooh! My favorite saga! It has all of those cool androids. I still have to make my very own Cell... Curse those robots of mine. I’ll even make it cooler then Kryptoman!

DBZ Narrator: What will happen now? Find out today on DRAGONBALL Z!!

Ring: WERE IN DBZ!!! *Waves arms* HI MOM!!

Cossack: PHHHWW!! *Splurts milk everywhere* I'm not a woman!!

Narrator: In the DBZ universe at Capsule Corp...

*We see everyone from DBZ except for Yajirobe, he's out busy eating*

Goku: I see! So you guys are from another dimension, huh?

Skull: Yep. All because of our friend Drill and his stupid movies. Right, Ring?

Ring: *Tied and gagged* Hmm! Hmmm!

Bulma: Wow, who would've thought robots would become so hi-tech that they would be act and live like regular people, except for the body armor.

Skull: Not quite. The body armor is for fighting. You see, the evil Dr. Wily kidnapped our creator’s daughter a long time ago. Anyways, she was saved, and the armor just sort of stayed in case of emergencies.

Ring: *Nods in agreement*

Dr. Briefs: Say, you wouldn't mind if I studied you? It's not often robots from alternate dimensions come by and visit.

Skull: *Gets up* Well, Ring. Guess I'll see you later. *Goes outside, followed by everyone else*

Dr. Briefs: Well then, Ring Man, let's begin. Shall we? *Smiles*

Ring: *Struggles* HMMM!! HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!


Vegeta: So, are you strong?

Skull: *Scratches head* Uhh, yeah. I guess.

Vegeta: Then how about a spar? Right here, right now.

Bulma: Vegeta!

Vegeta: Not now, woman! *Turns to Skull* so how about it?

Skull: Well... Woah! *Dodges punch* be careful! I wasn't ready!

Vegeta: Hmm, very impressive. But how about this? *Fires a small energy beam*

Skull: Skull Barrier! *Deflects beam*

Everyone: Wow!

Skull: It really wasn't that big a deal.

???: You're right. Might as well get rid of ya!

Skull: Huh? Oh, it's just you, Punk. So you're here too?

Punk: Silence! Now, prepare to be destroyed!

Skull: Look, *closes eyes* I just don't have time for you right now so...

Punk: *Grins* Now's my chance!

Gohan: Not so fast! *Kicks Punk into the distance*

Skull: I could have handled it.

Vegeta: Yeah, sure you could.

Narrator: Elsewhere...

Punk: Shoot! How am I going to beat those two with all of those super strong warriors there? *Gets shadowed* Huh? Umm, excuse me; you're disturbing my thinking. It's hard enough as it is.

Cell: Who are you?

Punk: I am Punk! The coolest badass the world has ever known!

Cell: Tell me, Punk. These "super powered warriors" you speak of, did any of them have gold hair with blue eyes?

Punk: *Thinks* Hmm... Yeah! One of them kicked me!

Cell: *Grins* How would you like to become strong enough to defeat them?

*Back at Capsule Corp.*

Skull: Hey Ring, you don't look so good.

Ring: Shut up... Just shut up... *Turns green*

Dr. Briefs: *Studying blueprints* Interesting... Very interesting. Thank you for your support, Ring Man.

Ring: Yeah, don't mention it. *Grabs Skull* IF WE DON'T LEAVE I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY.

Skull: Heheheh... Anyways, I think we should go now...

Bulma: Well, it's perfect timing I guess. I took Trunks's old time machine and installed a dimensional stabilizer in it. You should now be able to travel between time and space now.

Skull: Thanks Bulma.

Ring: Yeah... Thanks...


Punk: Not so fast, Cossack scum!

Skull: Great, here's Punk... a... gain?

Ring: Holy moly.

Narrator: What the two robots see before them is incredible. A giant red robot with enough arsenals to be considered a walking weapon of mass destruction.

Goku: *Runs in* What's going on?! *Notices Punk* Hey, weren't you the little guy from before?

Punk: *Laughs* Not anymore! I have gained far greater power than I ever hoped to achieve! I am now... SUPER PUNK!!

Skull: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Punk is still Punk, no matter how you look at him.

Super Punk: *Snorts* that's what you think! Allow me to show you! *Points a buzz saw like buster at Bulma and Dr. Briefs* by eliminating these two!

Goku: NO! *Jumps in and gets hit by the attack* Ow... That hurt more than it looked... *Collapses*

Skull: We have to stop him guys! But how...

Ring: ... *Walks up to Punk*

Super Punk: Hahahahaha!! Have you lost your mind, little man? I'll kill you as well!

Ring: Lemme tell ya somethin'. That man *Points at Dr. Briefs* right there ripped open my freakin' guts. I saw things I NEVER WAS SUPPOSED TO SEE!!! And now I'm going to kick your ass.

Super Punk: *Stops laughing* Huh?

Narrator: Ring extends his two hands forward, and creates two razor sharp hoolahoop sized rings. The rings start glow with a bright energy.

Dr. Briefs: Impressive! He has all ready discovered the modification I installed into him!

Ring: Prepare yourself, Super Punk! RING SLICER!!

Narrator: The two rings hit Punk directly in the chest. Punk screams in pain, while all of the new attachments and body armor fall off, causing him to return to normal.

Punk: Uhh... Cossack... scum... I'll get you... One day... *Passes out*

Skull: *Looks around nervously* Well, I guess it's time we got out of here. *Grabs Ring and Punk and runs*

Ring: *Tiredly* Are we leaving?

Skull: *Throws Ring into time capsule* Yep. *Throws Punk in*

Ring: Cool...

Narrator: And so Skull, Ring and Punk return to their own time, but right after they left...


Drill: According to the scanner, Skull and Ring should be here, in the DBZ universe!

Pharaoh: I hope there still here. *Sees a terrified Bulma and Dr. Briefs and an injured Goku* Hello there! Have you seen our friends Skull and Ring?

Bulma: Yeah, but they just left.

Ballade: *Tied up* Great. Now were back to square one AGAIN.

Drill: Quit your yapping and let's go.

Narrator: And so the Drill and Pharaoh continue there search for the others, while Skull and Ring are heading back home. But what about Toad, Bright, Dive, and Dust? What strange, twisted universe did they end up in? Find out in Trapped in Anime World part 3.

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Shadowyguy as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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