Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 3 Epilogue 2
The Skull Identity

The Comrades climb through the twisted wreckage of the old labs where Zapper led them. Everyone’s on edge, as the creepy atmosphere is punctuated by the sound of a vast pipe-organ playing.

Drill: Are you sure about this?

Toad: Pretty sure.

Bright: (With her head lit up) This place is creepy…

Ring: So what’s up with this Zymeth guy? Besides that he’s an organist living in a ruined laboratory…

Toad: Well, he’s a robot I met when I got lost down here once. He helped me escape ^_^

Bright: Aww, that so nice.

Dust: So why does he live down here? It seems a tad… um… inconvenient.

Toad: I dunno. I guess he said he’s in a little trouble with the police for killing a few people.

(Everyone stops)

Drill: What!? Toad, what the hell are you thinking? We don’t need a psycho killer on our team.

Ring: Yeah, we already know plenty! Eh, Dive?

Dive: Yeah, sure.

Ring: Oh you’re no fun.

Toad: He’s also a magician! He can do magical stuff!

Pharaoh: Really? He’s hired!

Drill: Hold on, let’s meet him first. Lead on, Toad.

Toad: Don't worry. He's a little cruel and kinda sadistic, but deep down he's a nice guy ^_^

Drill: Well, I guess as long as you say so.

After a long trek through the ruins the seven reach a grand hall with a huge pipe organ dominating the center of the far wall. A figure draped with a long trenchcoat and various trinkets moves his hands spider-like up and down the keys. Then, the silence is brok-

Toad: ZYMETH!!!

Zymeth: (Spinning around) Zapper!?

Toad: (Flings her arms around him in a death grip) I’m so glad to see you again!

Zymeth: (Straining) Erk… Me too, Zap…You’re hurting me…

Toad: Oh, sorry. (Drops him)

Zymeth stood up and dusted himself off. He appeared to be a standard human-like robot. However, the synthetic skin covering his face was deathly white and he had long, unkempt black hair. His eyes were black with points of white light shining out, and a few stitches and marks on his face made it obvious he changed his appearance himself.

Zymeth: Nice armor.

Toad: Thanks, they gave it to me!

Comrades: Hello

Pharaoh: So you're Zymeth?

Zymeth: Yes. I am Lord Zymeth (Bows deeply) … You’re not here to arrest me are you?

Bright: Of course not! We’re actually looking for a new recruit!

Zymeth: A recruit? For what?

Dust: Cossack’s Comrades. We’re… um… mercenaries.

Zymeth: Oh really? And I suppose Zapper here told you I’d make a good candidate?

Dive: Yep. Pretty much

Zymeth: Sorry, but I’m not interested. (Turns around towards the organ again)

Toad: But Zy! I’ll be there!

Dust: You get free stuff. Like armor that looks like a skeleton.

Zymeth: Hmm… I’m still not sure…

Pharaoh: Our boss, Cossack, is a mad Russian that can fix you up for no charge.

Drill: Plus you get a nice room and free board.

Zymeth: Hmm…

Ring: Plus you get access to cool gadgets, AND you can shoot things to death!

Zymeth: I’m sold.

Toad: YAY!

Drill: Awesome. So are there any… skills you can bring to the team?

Zymeth: Ah, so NOW you’re looking for credentials. (Takes a few steps towards Drill) I suppose I do. How’s master of the arcane?

Drill: (Looking up at Zymeth who’s looming over him) You’re pretty tall. Regardless, what do you mean?

Zymeth: (Taking a step back) I’ll show you. It’s technically a substance called Dark Energy, but people of old mistook it for magic. You see, I can use it to slightly bend reality to create some very nice effects.

Zymeth’s hands burst into blue flames, electricity running up and down his body. With a snap, he hurled the blue fireball at a piece of rubble, shattering it.

Zymeth: More effective than most busters, to be sure. Of course, that is kind of a strain on my core… I have other nice tricks as well.

Zymeth snaps his fingers, and suddenly he blinks out of existence, only to reappear behind Drill.

Zymeth: Plus I’m quite handy in martial combat… How are those credentials?

Ring: Sign him up!

Drill: Okay. Welcome to the team, Skullman.(The two shake hands)

Zymeth: Thank you… Drillman? Regardless, I hope you don’t mind having a member that is somewhat… twisted…

Dive: You kidding? We need to introduce you to some guys back home.

(They all begin walking towards the exit, talking the entire trip. They take no notice to the shadowy figure looming off in the distance, watching them.)

Wraith: (Talking to himself) So, Zymeth… You’ve taken to them? Interesting choice in allies, for one such as yourself. But why? Because your dear friend is among them? You wish to atone? No, of course you don’t… You join them for a more… sinister purpose… no doubt. Well, shall we not see how the Beast thinks? I’m sure they’d be quite interested…


Skull: (Looking in the mirror, admiring his new armor) Not bad, not bad at all.

Cossack: Well, I’m glad that we filled in Skull’s spot. Though I don’t know WHY it had to be ANOTHER loony.

Dust: Oh, you’re in no room to talk.

Cossack: Shut up.

Skull: (Throws the black cloak around himself) I do like this armor. Any chance of learning the weapons systems?

Drill: Here, we have a training room. Cossack here can give the run-down of your new powers.

Cossack: I can? I don’t really have the ti-

Drill: Kalink-

Cossack: Okay okay! I’ll do it! Come on, Skull.

Skull: (Snaps his fingers, summoning a scythe from blue flames) I do so hope you don't mind that I've brought a few of my own weapons.

Cossack: I guess not. C'mon, psycho...

Toad: See? I told you all that he'd be great for the job!

Dust: That remains to be seen. But despite being a freaking psychopath, I kinda like the guy.

Pharaoh: Agreed.

Ring: Here's to psychos!

Dive: Damn right.

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Zymeth as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Jade as
Pharaoh Man
Zapper as
Toad Girl


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