Miscellaneous Sprite Gallery

These sprites are either gifts or made by other team member for the Mechanical Maniacs to post on the site.

By Other Team Members

Sprites of Lennon (Geminiman) in his human form!

The Gemini Force - Gemini blue on his Gemini Force! By Gemini (Lennon) Blue!

MM3 Dragoon sprites - The MM team as Dragoons! Or, as commonly known, "Dragon Knights". Done by Gemini (Lennon) Blue.

Gauntlet: Element: Void/Non-Elemental. Weapon: Staff
Top: Element: Fire. Weapon: Spinning Ability and fists
Magnet (T-91): Element: Light. Weapon: Magnetic Crossbow
Snake (Jacob): Element: Wind. Weapon: Snake Spear
Needlegal: Element: Darkness. Weapon: Rapier
Spark (Sean): Element: Thunder. Weapon: Electrical Conductors
Gemini: Element: Water. Weapon: Laser Sword
Hard (Sarah): Element: Earth. Weapon: Ax

The Dark Six, by Lennon.

MechaShadow - A Shadowman with the powers of the ENTIRE MM3 team. Made by our very own Geminiman - Lennon

Lennon sprites by Lennon.

Evil Eight sprites by Lennon

Happy Holidays - by Razz (Sparkman)

Lennon Facial Expressions - by Forte Chan (Spark Chan)

Various epilogue sprites by Forte Chan, the last three being unused.

Sheriff Mags - Cutman.exe (Magnetman) drew this because he was inspired at how excited Johnathan (then Magnet) was about his moderator job. Also shown is the work in progress.

Hardman.exe - a sheet by our very own Hardman (Hadrian).

An 8-bit Gamma made by Hardman (Hadrian).

Many sprites from Viral Infection and Void of the Virus and, of course, the Mechanical Maniacs by Raijin K.

A small sprite of the super computor Crorq featuring custom emoticons made for the MM3 forum. By Snakeman (Raijin).

Transmetal 2 Mechanical Maniacs creadted by Rich, Raijin, and Gauntlet.

Sinister Six PC and other sprites by Rich (Magnetman)

Gift Sprites

By Nightmare Zero. The second one was modified by me to reflect my look better.

By Lysekoid.

The 8-bit Gauntlet sprite sheet by Stoneman.

Gauntlet on a jet animation by Stoneman.

Stoneman's ad for an 8-bit game he was making (never completed). The characters are spoofs of the regulars who used to frequent the old "Ultimate Mega Man Forums".

By Zephrioth X.

By Zero 4564. The last two were edited by me.

By Akoi Meexx.

Akoi's sprite sheet

Couple of animations made by Ryan Quick. I appreciate the effort. Thanks. Original sprites made by Stoneman for all those people who didn't notice.

A Gauntlet plaque made by Zen

Gauntlet with armour in MMX style by Thomas Peters Jr

MM7 style Gauntlet by hyperhawg

Gauntlet with in MMX style by Thomas Peters Jr

Gauntlet Plushie by Demonic Half Wolf aka IceChan.

A sprite of Gauntlet as part of a series featuring all the old Planet Megaman staff by Egoraptor.

Gauntlet with a Rush Adaptor..... and distorted by a JPEG format. By BCl

Shadowman .... sprite? - Despite the size ....... I'm goin' for sprite on this one. Thanks for the sprite, Jan Manuel Marcano Ortiz

Megaman 3 Costumes - This is a pretty interesting sprite. MM dressed up as the MM3 guys. Gift spriting from John Evers

Neo MM3 guys - Neato Gift spriting from Auto! Good job, man!

Voltman NES - gift sprite by DAVID

Owned Megaman - by Maxell 5

Doc Robot.EXE - gif sprite by Anime Master

Mechanical Maniacs Moments sprites - NES sprites recolored to match Hardman's recolors in the 'Moments by Maxell 5 .... he sure does love the 'Maniacs Moments.

The 'Maniacs - Transmetal Armor in Wily Wars style by Shinobu Plantman

Geminiman.EXE - a sprite based off Quickman's version by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Transmetal Shadow - a gift 8 bit spritesheet by Maxell 5

'Maniacs 8-bit Transmetal armor - gift sprites by Jarock16

Breakman sprite edits - 16 bit, 32 bit, R&F CD - gift sprites by Brian Andres Vivero Garcia

'Maniacs Moments Shadowman and Magnetman in .... jpg format ..... it's the thought that counts.
By Brian Andres Vivero Garcia

"Cool Costumes" - by Brian Andres Vivero Garcia

'Maniacs Banner - by Myone

Shadowman Sprites- by Shard

8-bit PC sprites - By Sorrel. Gift sprites based of my own PC sprites!

Shadow Costume - Shadow dressed as someone truly frightening made for an epilogue. Made by Ben aka Magma Dragoon.

Shadowman animation - by Dominator

MM Soccer Gauntlet - Putting on his transmetal armour animation (using sprites made by me) by Thomas Peters Jr

MM7 stlye 'Maniacs - By Hooded Cobra

MM Community Halloween - by Spark Mandrill

Megaman and Shadowman do a "switch" - by Alex

From: Matthew Johnson

Submitted by Der Zocker

From: TR1571l

Needleman.EXE (recolored from my own sprite) by Slugger1122

By Zero Wolf

Bitman and Torchman mugs by discoduderock

MM TV Protoman by Hooded Cobra

Megaman PC Soccer sprites by Andrew Calrow.

8-bit PC robot masters based of my own versions, by SetaMijoku aol.com.

General Cutman as he appears in the Business of War by Anime Master
Various community members including Classi Cal (Spark Chan), Quickman, Iceman, Magnetman, General Cutman, and Shadowman by Flashman

Bizarro Shadowman threatening an injured Megaman, by Ace Spark.

Shadowman in his Transmetal 2 armor. By Cyros.

A Scissor Joe, from the Business of War. By Cyros.

The Mechanical Maniacs in their "Transmetal 8" armors, obviously inspired by the X series. By Yllisis Zanon.

Needlegal, Magnetman, and Geminiman in their Transmetal 2 armor in 8-bits! By Megaman N.

NES-colored MM3 DOS mugshots by MM19872008.

More MMPC3 Superadventure mugs by discoduderock.

And 8-bit Gauntlet, Lennon (as Strider), and Hadrian by MM19872008.

Superadventure style Artilleryman by General RADIX

"The Mechanitoon Maniactrol are the DNA Transmetal Armor created by Bowser, it's a Mix of the Mechanical Maniacs and the Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit..." by Scorch

Mega Man Robot Masters Werewolves II who were modified by their new boss - Bowser. By Scorch.

"After being defeated finally by the Pharaoh Team, the Koopalings founded the Mecha-Maniacs dead, they took to Bowser and Bowser rebuilt they with parts of the Machine Tediz, by changing the number DWN to NBN (New Bowser Number)" by Scorch.

Nice sprites made for the Seven Mercenaries' epilogues, by Naoshi.

8-bit versions of the team as well as a few villains (including some from the Sinister Six) by Geno2925.

"In the Mechanical Maniacs universe, CRORQ developed an eating disorder. For whatever reason, he also decided to weaponize his favourite meal, KFC

I decided to make NES sprites and concepts for CRORQ's two weapons that only appear in The Mechanical Maniacs epilogues. I also made 2 examples on how to put together Gravy Train's graphics. Also MM3/MM8BDM style weapon icons, as I had initially imagined these concepts for the weapons as if they were in MM8BDM

Chicken Buster would shoot somewhat quickly, firing fast moving, gravity-affected, slightly bouncy pieces of chicken that can be one of three sizes. The wing is the smallest, and does the least amount of damage. The breast is the largest and does the largest amount of damage. The leg is somewhere between. The different sizes would be chosen randomly

Gravy Train would essentially operate like the FLUDD does in Super Mario Sunshine, except that it's brown, and more delicious
Also, firing straight up would create a pillar of gravy for taking out enemies from above"

-by Geno2925

A Playable Multiman for Megaman 8 Bit Deathmatch by Blaze based off sprites I made.

A playable DOS team by a team at Megaman 8 Bit Deathmatch headed by Blaze Yeager based off a sheet made by Sorrel and I. It doesn't seem to be up any more, but it was nice to see that sheet get some popularity. Click the row to see the full set.

Fortegigasgospel: Volt Man skin; made all of the alt versions of the robot master skins; compiled all skins and bots into Slade
Blaze: Made (sort of) Wave Man skin
NitroBro: Made Torch Man and Dyna Man skin
Super Bondman 64: Made Sonic Man Skin
Blaze Yeager: Made Oil Man, Bit Man, Shark Man, Blade Man skins

Playable 8bit DOS Robot Masters by boberatu, once more based off the old sprite sheet made by Sorrel based off the sprites made by me. Click the sprites to see each sheet.

Game Rips

Super Deformed Rockman - From one of the Chinese only Rockman games. Kindly donated by Auto.

Robots Under Glass - by Gauntlet

Sheet of SNES MMX colors and lifebars - by Gauntlet

MMX Mug shots -by Gauntlet

Gameboy Mug Shots - by Gauntlet

SNES and PSX series Mugshots - By Gauntlet

Sega series mug shots - by Gauntlet

Clean Megaman Tiger "sprites" - Joey first found these, but I cleaned them up..

Kobun Sprite Sheet - found at Capcom Japan's site, compiled by Gauntlet.

Megaman 7 Museum Level Map - by Gauntlet.

A series of lifebars spanning many games in the MM series.

Various Tank sprites I used as a base for my Megaman e-tank font. Sometimes having them all like this is useful.

A near complete rip of Team Shachi's online Rocket Queen game! With various sprites cut scenes painstakingly recreated by yours truly. The only cut scene I couldn't recreate was Megaman going on a rampage since the entire scene is just too dark. I may have got something small wrong here and there, but I tried my best.


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