Guess Gauntlet's Age Contest

Greetings, all. I decided to run a fun little contest in The Ultimate Megaman Forums (since I hang out there quite a bit). This contest ran a week and had several replies before I closed it and announced the winner! Read the transcript and view the chilling results!

This is what was posted, by me, to begin the contest the week of August 25, 2001:

Everyone knows that I'm a sneaky, secretive little mug who rubbs it in everyone's faces whenever given the chance. But a conversation with Magma Dragoon from the X-Force got me wondering exactly how old you all think I am, based on what you know of me.

So how old do you think I am? I might give the winner a drawing of thir character, to modivate you into thinking. But, bear in mind I'll be away this week on vacation and unable to reply to y'all here.

And now, for the responses:

PFR Replay:

I get the feeling the asnwer'll be "I'm not telling you lot!"

I would guess 165, but it's always what you DON'T I'll say 15 (people are always younger than I think they are.....)


I'd say you're about 16. You seem like a teenager, angry, young, hot-headed. Unrashional, unable to agree to other suggestions.

All in 1 one word, secretive.

PFR Replay (in response to the above):

That's the description of an average teenager..........I am sooooooo unaverage (inaverage?)



ILLogical Gringo:

i says 17, and if not, you're 16.


I'd say 18.

Xerus Tiyuh

His grammar errors make me say 11. ^_^


lol well I think I should guess young so 9 lol


21... that or 17

B Hornet:

ur tony and ur 17

saiyan Xtreme:

and I'm brian...

I'm guessing your.... 14


ill have to say 14, mainly cause of the fact that ur ACTUALLY holding this contest...


oh, so you're saying 14 year olds like to have fun.

DAMN RIGHT!!! Gotta love it. What? What makes you think I'm 14, I'm much younger.

From my calculated guesses, I've considered the right answer.

I calculated that you are between the ages of 3-100.


19...i dunno just some random guess..



Lord Typhon:

I'm gonna go out on a limb here (since everyone seems to think you're young) and say 20 at least.

You've always struck me as mature, intelligent, and ... well-typed? *shrug* Moreso than others, anyhow. :)



Gecko Yamori:

I´d say 16-17.

X Kamui X



Hey Gauntlet, I think you're 22...




15...AND A HALF!



And, as an added bonus, I posed the question to TRC in a chat!

TheRabidChicken: wild guess, but over 20
: what makes you think that?
TheRabidChicken: like I said it was a blind guess
: meh. Make an educated guess then!
Gauntlet: blind guesses are no fun!
TheRabidChicken: hmmm.... I think that is my educated one because you always talk abuot things such as Superfrineds and stuff

So, for those of you that are keeping score, that's:

9 - 1
11 - 1
14 - 2
15 - 4
16 - 3
17 - 6
18 - 2
19 - 1
20 - 1
21 - 2
22 - 2

Some people guessed with things like "16-17" or "over 20", so that's tough to tally, but I tried!

And now, my response, when I had returned from vacation:

Well, I'm back and am plesantly surprised with how many people got my age DEAD WRONG!

However Replay was the most correct when he said, "I get the feeling the asnwer'll be "I'm not telling you lot!"" Very insightful. This contest was a complete and utter sham. I'm not even gonna give anything away.

During, and after the contest was some people had their own comments:


I here by deem this thread, "Dorkish"

That is all


Gauntlet is almost well typed, except he had "bored" misspelled in his sig for as long as I can remember (which is about a year, I guess.)

PFR Replay:

I wouldn't mention it to HIM though.......I did.....and I got an ear bashing..........though I was a newbie so it's understandable......but I get the feeling he'd do it to me now, given the chance.........

Egoraptor (through chat):

Oh Fuck you. You won't tell us.



I think you're either 10 or 30.


Well, you might wonder why I held this contest at all. It does seem a little pointless, what with there being no winner (despite Replay trying to take credit because he was "most correct") and my age not being revealed.

Well, it is all very simple really. That chat I had with Pyro got me VERY curious as to what age everyone thought I was (since I try very hard to be secretive and mysterious). Knowing that just asking would yield very little (and probably unsatisfactory) results, I decided to trick people into answering. To make people curious I called it a contest and to give incentive for answering my question I provided a prize. I never had any intention of actually giving anything away. It was just to get as many replies as I could and see if my hunch on what most people thought my age was turned out to be correct.

So now my plot has been revealed, and most people think I'm 17. Which is what I figured.


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