Design a Villain Contest

The new Megaman is here with a brand new contest for the Mechanical Maniacs!

The heart of this contrest is the fact that many 'Maniacs villains are dead, disabled, or incredibly stupid. And the time has come for us to face new challaenges. And that's where you guys come in.

This contest is all about creating a kickass villain for the Mechanical Maniacs to face! Of course there's rules to this contest. Otherwise, what kind of contest would it be?

This contest is over and the winners are featured in Magnet's novella "Wanted"! The winners have already been contacted. A big thanks to all who've entered!

The Contestants

David Hascall

Powers: X-saber, X-laser, X-platform, and flying
Backstory: Prototype of Zero, was created by Dr. Wily to destroy megaman. Before it could be fully be programmed it stabbed Dr. Wily and left intending to prove it was stronger than not only megaman, but every robot that had been created.
Secrets: Has copy system and extra life system similar to megaman's.:

Seta Mijoku

Hard: A big, dumb heavy hitter who usually relies on his body Kore to do all the thinking. But if something needs to be bashed around or broken, Hard's the guy to do it. His weapon is the Knuckle Buster, which is a punch so hard that it sends balls of energy. They can be charged to become large waves of fire. He's weak to Kore's Kore Shot.

Kore: The brains and leader of the two. Far more powerful than Hard (because he knows how to use his powers better), Kore is a masterful strategist, and even though his weapon is weaker than Hard's, that doesn't mean he's weaker. Kore can think up ways to hurt you that you didn't even think possible. His weapon is the Kore Shot, a basic buster that can be charged normally. But it can change to become a large buster for larger shots (though he has a time limit with it). He's weak to Hard's Knuckle Buster.

Backstory: Hard & Kore were made by a robotics expert to create a pair who complemented each other's strengths and covered the other's weaknesses, wanting to make an unstoppable pair. The robotics expert died shortly after activating them, and Hard & Kore were left to fend for themselves. Having been ridiculed by other robotics experts because of their reliance on each other, they seek to take down humanity and make a world where Robot Masters rule, making the humans do the labor that they intended to have the Robot Masters do!


Hello, first off, congrats on making the Mech Maniacs, and second, the main reason I'm sending you this is my sumission for you 'Design a Villian' contest. I call him Host Man. First designed to be a game show host, but once he found his true power, turned to a life of crime. He has also added some weapons to himself, like his razor-sharp walking stick and his Triple 7 attack, whick includes the slots on his chest to turn to three sevens and let out a huge blast from it. He also always leads his enemies to him and to fights in a game show-like arena, sometimes with henchmen. When he's defeated, the slots on his chest turn to three skulls and he explodes. His quote "On my game, nobody wins!" If you want, I'll send you a better, color picture of him.

Tuna Unleashed

Name: Jaxx
Age: ???
Personality: just goes crazy killing everything he sees and eating
souls and stuff.
Past: a demon sent from hell to wreak havok.
attacks: sword of death and claws of corruption.


Regulus is a scientist who devotes himself to creating the ultimate world. Unfortunately, in order to create the ultimate world, he needs supreme power of decision over this one. From this desire to save the world, Regulus has decided that he shall strive to rule it through any means necessary, even the removal of those who protect it. Regulus has watched the failures of many world take-over plots and uses those failures to enhance his own chances of success. His observations of Dr. Wily have shown him that in order to properly command robots, he himself must be able to physically dominate them. As opposed t spend research on creating renegade robots, Regulus began a long-term project of turning himself into a robot, replacing limbs and organs with robotic system equivalents until only his calculating mind remained. He has turned himself into the perfect android. As Regulus was researching wire-to-nerve reactions in order to place his mind in a stasis suit, Regulus discovered a way to download information directly into his brain during times of sub-consciousness. Using this method, Regulus was able to program all forms of martial arts into his mind and further his already strong grasp on physics and robotics with minimal effort. As a way of creating funds for his global domination plots, Regulus uses his "Memory Download" technique to steal new ideas from rival scientists by plugging in a connection cable into the host computer, downloading all the information, and then destroying the main computer so the information is only accessible to his thoughts. Regulus has taps on most computers across the globe via seemingly harmless Spybots, many of which have been engineered to bypass even government protocols, allowing Regulus to research the defense systems of a given country.

Combat: Regulus's combat expertise, although dull in comparison to his plot formulation process, is considerably potent. During his research, Regulus managed to do some work on worm-hole theory and created a small teleporter that can relay small items from place to place. This allows Regulus to materialize any weapon he has created so long as it can fit in a 6ft. by 6 ft. rift in the fabric of time. Regulus has also downloaded many Robot Master building plans from Dr. Wily and found the Quickman model to be very formidable. During the upgrading process, however, Quickman's speed was drastically decreased. Regulus can top out at about 90 miles per hour with a general running speed of 60. Regulus prefers to fight using katanas and shuriken, switching between dual and single katanas depending on the situation. Regulus has developed a jet pack that can use almost any power source for flight. As Regulus walks, magnets placed in the cylinders in his lower legs generate kinetic energy (like those flashlights you shake), providing the jet pack with electric energy. During the day, Regulus's suit uses the heat of the sun to power solar collector cells that can also be used to feed energy to the jet during flight. Finally, the main source of fuel for the jet pack is an actual power cell created specifically for the jet pack, allowing Regulus about 10 hours of flight per charge. Regulus is never totally out of jet abilities if he runs out of fuel, he can make short bursts of air propel him 30 ft a discharge by pumping air into the chamber of his jet pack.

If Regulus is going for stealth, he has invented a noise-cancelling device that automatically hones in on any noise, calculates the amplitude, reverses it, then fires the opposing wave at the sound, causing complete destructive interference. Regulus has programmed the device to select sound generated by specific targets, enabling him to make no noise while walking, running, or jumping, yet still allow noise around him to flow freely. This enables Regulus to walk into a base like it was his own home. Regulus can switch the device to cancel out sound in a 60 ft radius around him, making his opponent track him based solely on his method of movement. This makes Regulus dangerous in fights where vision is obscured because his visor is programmed to pick up all forms of electromagnetic radiation, allowing him vision in almost any situation. If Regulus cannot defeat his opponent, he will offer them a chance to join his cause and register their reaction. A negative response will cause Regulus to give up fighting and flee to fight another day. If his opponent gives chase, he'll try and set up traps to delay his possible capture. If Regulus is willing to fight to the death, it is most likely one of his many replicas.

The Omni-present factor: Regulus almost never presents himself in person because his plan's success hangs upon his survival, which has been drastically increased given the longevity of titanium over flesh. In addition to being immune to death via natural causes, Regulus has created thousands of copies of himself; powered down, but programmed with Regulus's thinking patterns, important memories, and the executive right to command the organization in times of his absence. Only those extremely close to Regulus know which one is the real Regulus. Not even Altair, Regulus's right hand droid general, knows if he is addressing the real Regulus whenever he receives his assignments. Due to this clone strategy, Regulus has been sighted at more than one location at identical times, leading the commoner's to believe Regulus is everywhere, and is merely a phantom. Low-ranking grunts are even convinced that the real Regulus is dead, but his specter articulates orders to their commanders. Whenever someone is important enough to be considered to have an audience with Regulus, he wears a very ornate black cape with a royal blue outline of his insignia on the back. His cape meets on his right shoulder, being connected by a gold medallion inscribed with his insignia.

Personality: Regulus is very courteous and does not advocate extreme cruelty in his legion. He demands to see every prisoner to determine their fate, the important ones at the very least, and will sometimes make an ally out of an enemy if he either knows he cannot overcome them or views them as an asset. Regulus will also admit defeat if the fight looks bleak since he believes an idea isn't something that warrants dying for.

Weaknesses: Regulus is not as powerful in hand-to-hand combat as he is when it comes to weaving a tricky web of national relations. Regulus may be intelligent, but he cannot think instantaneously because he is afraid that toying with his brain to increase reaction time may have disastrous results, a risk that outweighs the benefits of decreased reflex time. This leaves Regulus open to other androids that use a cybernetic mind to endow themselves with lightning reflexes. Regulus also has above-average strength, but not superhuman, restricting his ability to simply outmuscle his opponents. This also limits his ability to damage thickly armored opponents using melee attacks. Regulus is hypersensitive to magic, as it defies the logic-driven components of his armor.

Sam Jones

This is construction man. he like eggplants




The Metal-Knight : He's a bounty hunter from a far far away galaxy, but he feels bored in this galaxy. One day, the Shadow Man calls him to makes something very VERY special... and promise him to give it a good price. Interested, he comes to see the Shadow Man and... next, it's in my sheet.

AngryWigglerBanana : He's the pupil of the Metal-Knight since he's born, he obeys to him and follow him. AngryWigglerBanana considers the Metal-Knight as his father, and he's ready to do everything for him. He's also a violent prize fighter, always very angry(wigglerbanana *laughs*), but he's lovin' it.



Once a great Green Lantern, the being that would be known as Deadlight betrayed the Corps, and managed to disappear in an "accidental" explosion. Shortly after, a group of robotists he allied with built him a new body, powered by his Battery. However, a great deal of energy was lost in the process, leaving him unable to fully use his Ring. Some day, he spotted an energy signature close to his Ring's on Earth, and discovered that a being known as "Magnet Man" got hold of Power Ring's weapon. During the travel to Earth, Deadlight got trapped in a stasis anomaly, freeing him only 6 years later. The Ring, and its providential bearer now missing, Deadlight decided to let his vengeance out on the new Magnet Man and his friends, as he also realized their armor technology could be used to enhance his body...

Powers :
-Similar to a Green Lantern's one, although less effective. However, he doesn't have the 24-hour limit to recharge his ring.
-Can alter his body shape, size and colour (though a small green aura will still surround him) for a short time and imitate some of their powers/attacks (mainly projectiles and energy attacks). His new shape mustn't be smaller than a Metool, and bigger than Stone Man.

Weakness :
-His dead body gives him slow reflexes.
-Should his battery be removed, he would be powerless (and as good as dead) in the next 24 hours.


-experimental robot, using temporal anomalies as a source of power
-lost during Wily’s attack (MM II GB)
-warp created allowed him to leave
-took advantage of time anomalies (“Earth-Capcom”, Maniacs adventures, ...) to enhance itself
-when strong enough, decided to attack one of the causes, aka the Maniacs
Powers : -touching a RM allows Obsoleton to degrade its technology (Transmetal turns to original armor, original turns to a more 1900’s looking shell (steam-engineered, heavy metal plates...), and a last touch turns this into a medieval armor)
-carries an axe powered by its degrading powers (the more people he affected, the stronger it is)
Weakness : although it feeds itself on temporal energy, a surge can cause him to overload, and leave him vulnerable to any attacks
KO’ing him cancels his downgrading attacks

Note : name is a reverse of “Temper fugisse” (“time goes on” in Latin, if I remember enough of my lessons).


Victor Nullenvoyd

(( Appearance))
see attached picture

Victor was just a simple gambler. When an unfortunate opponent in a game of chance lost an ancient mask in a game of chance, Victor's life took a wild turn. He was oddly compelled to wear it, and when he did, he discovered its curse: whoever wears it is forced to bear witness to the secrets of those around him. There is no controlling it and the curse made him unable to remove the mask, so it eventually drove him insane.

Calling himself "Nullenvoyd", he now deals in the keeping of secrets, using the curse for his own personal gain. The darker or more personal the secret, the more he can profit from it, be it by selling it to someone else or selling his own silence.

Twisted, insincere, and cares for little but himself. The only times fairness or honesty come into account are when gambling or his business is involved, though in the latter case, he's relatively easy to sway with a promise of profit. Victor often can't resist being a bit showy, though he usually doesn't let it get in the way of what the action was originally intended to do.

He's not violent, preferring to bargain his way out of a conflict. If he has to fight, he comes prepared, but battle isn't really his forte. He won't admit to that, though. He's a very firm believer in the phrase "knowledge is power". The less he lets anyone know about him, the more secure he feels.

((Combat Abilities))
Victor usually won't hesitate to use any underhanded trick he can find. Blackmail, human shields, sneak attacks, and so forth.

He has no control over his "mind-reading" and since the only thing he can consistently get is secrets, it does him little good in a fight. He will pick up the occasional surface thought, but it's completely random and uncontrollable.

Victor's main physical weapons (which he usually keeps concealed in his coat) are a mechanical staff and a large number of razor-edged "poker chips". The staff at its full length is about five feet long, though it can be retracted to a length of six inches for portability. The chips are mainly used for throwing.

His mask gives him the ability to manipulate energy gathered from around and within him. Victor is relatively weak, physically. He uses his powers to try to counteract this, be it through wrapping himself in a protective layer of energy or propelling his physical weapons. The former is only as powerful as basic body armor since it takes a lot of effort to maintain if it's any stronger.

His powers tend to manifest in a number of gambling and chance-related forms and effects.

Follow Suit: Victor pulls a playing card and projects energy through it. Depending on the card's suit, the energy will cause damage in a different way. This is his weakest, but most reliable, attack.

Heart - several weak rapid-fire bludgeoning blows, concentrated on a single spot
Club - one crushing blow
Diamond - a small flurry of blades
Spade - one heavy slash

Mad Reels: Victor plunges his staff into the ground and pulls it like it were a lever. A set of "reels" is projected above the staff and they spin for a while before stopping one by one. There are different effects depending on what he spins. Prematurely uprooting the staff has no effect.

No match/3 blanks - nothing happens
3 lightning bolts - an explosion of electricity comes from the staff
3 circles - a nondamaging bubble of force expands for a few yards from the staff before fading away, pushing aside everything it comes to
3 stars - a blinding flash of light is emitted from the staff
3 Bars - Several small energy balls are fired from the staff at whoever is close. This lasts for about ten seconds.
2 sevens, 1 Bar - "Russian Roulette" (see below) activates (targetting everyone), but all of the orbs created have the drain effect
3 sevens - a very powerful laser aims for the closest foe and is fired from the staff, tracking its target for a short while until it hits

Russian Roulette: Victor creates several small orbs of energy and they take any of three courses. One will always fly up and explode into fireworks, doing nothing. One will always fly into him. The rest fly into his foes. One of the orbs will drain its victim of almost all of his strength and then forcefully eject itself from his body (if it didn't wind up being the fireworks). Victor can't create any less than three and even he doesn't know which will be the draining one, so he's always at risk and thus doesn't use this move often. He's more likely to use it, though, the more opponents he faces simultaneously.

Victor's mask is more like a helmet, covering half of his head rather than just part of his face.

The five spikes on the mask are flat and tilted backwards a little. There are none on the back.

His appearance is symmetrical.

Sam Kool

Okay so I will break this down into about five major parts: back-story, appearance, abilities, statistics and personality

Part I: Back Story.

Okay so Effern was built when Dr. Wily first attacked the world. He was created as a ruthless killing machine to combat Dr. Wily’s robot masters and drones. But Mega man came and the military decided to cancel his production and leave him as a incomplete scrap only consisting of the nucleus and a single nanobots as I will cover later. But he is connected to the military’s ultra computer and was constantly informed of new robot masters and other evil in the world. Fast forward to now. Effern Got released from stasis during an entire blackout and the nucleus rebooted and became the Good-thinking but evil villain I am making. And he was never told that the wily wars ended and since he thinks that every robot was made by Dr. Wily, he sets out to destroy every robot. But he only has three rules in his system.

Thou shall destroy all wily bots.
Thou shall not harm a human
Thou shall not destroy your self
Part II: appearance:

Now on the outside he looks harmless, the thing is he can create any thing at will due to the way he’s made. He is made of Nanobots. Meaning that his body is not one solid thing but is consisting of many smaller robots. And these Nanobots can make other nanobots and other weapons due their ability to re configure matter. The nanobots are about a cubic nanometer in size meaning that individually he cannot be seen by the naked eye. The appearance of a single nanobots is simple, It has four spider-like legs and a giant LED light that can change to any color or wavelength of light from infrared to ultraviolet and can make him self seem invisible. The nucleus will be hard to explain with words so I will also send a Drawing of a single nanobots, the nucleus, and his preferred form.

Part III: abilities

I will write this as a small list and a description of the power

Matter re-configuration (basically he can take one thing and turn it into another)
Transforming/morphing (He can stretch and contort and change his physical appearance any way he chooses)
Regeneration (if his nanobots are destroyed He can just make more.
Invisibility (basically the light on the nanobots just goes either ultra violet or inferred basically beyond the visible spectrum.
Part IV: Statiscics (out of 10)

Strength: (Varies on what shape He’s in)

Intelligence: 10

Endurance: (Varies on what shape He’s in)

Speed: (Varies on what shape He’s in)

Defense: (Varies on what shape He’s in)

Agility: (Varies on what shape He’s in)

Skill: 10

Firepower: (Varies on what shape He’s in)

Stealthlyness: 8

Part V: Personality

Basically He has one of those “I am a god” and the “I’m Perfect no one can defeat me Personalitys


Since the Mechs haven't had any female villain (well, there's Rita Repulsa but...) I thought it would be good to design one. She's an activist, and wants all robot masters deactivated or even better, destroyed, because she says it's a danger for people to have such powerful robots roaming around freely without control (makes sense).
At first, she'll try to convince people and the goverment, you know, propaganda and stuff, but each time she gets certain degree of success the mechs end up saving the city (by accident, of course) and she has to start all over.
Seeing that she's getting nowhere she develops a secret identity and will try to fulfill her objectives using more drastic methods. Despite her nerdy appearance she's quite skilled in physical combat. She uses small sharp jewels attached to her fingers by wires as weapons (it's ripped off a weapon an anime character uses, you can see a clearer shot of her weapon here:
I've attached a drawing of her two "versions" and custom sprites of them.

As you can see I haven't named her or her secret identity, I really really hate naming things, I hope it doesn't matter since this is a DESIGN contest and all xD



Tristian Bauer

The eclectic engine for evil, Scanman. Created by the narcissistic mad scientist, Dr. Joy Tenecha. She has had the opportunity to observe the great villains over the past decades attempt domination, and was quite eager to put her own mechanical prowess to such a test. Aside from witnessing evildoing over the years, Dr. Tenecha has been rather isolated from modern society, as is apparent in her latest robot design: Giving him an uncommonly large intimidating size, shining chrome armor with golden trim, a retro-age bubble shaped helmet (which gives him the appearance of a cycloptic entity, due to his glowing third eye seen through the visor), and large functioning pistons on his back. Scanman is the ninth model in the DTN (Dr. Tenecha Number) series of robots; which have included the likes of percussionists, anthropomorphic space shuttles, game show hosts, and boys with pigtails who can turn things into iron pyrite.

Scanman is capable of detaching his armor to appear human (just wearing the boots and black jumpsuit under his armor. Dr. Tenecha, wearing a black jumpsuit under her labcoat, has made the jumpsuit a common trait in her robots for stylistic reasons) in order to blend in; or as much as someone of his uncommon height and a green zooming lens on his forehead CAN blend in. He stands at about 9'10" (a full 10 feet in his armor). The armor was created from the rare space metal 'rigidium'; very durable indeed, but no more so than other powerful metals of 20XX. It was just an underlying opportunity for Dr. Tenecha to boast about it. Even after building in the basic plasma weapons into his left and right "Scan Buster" arm cannons, as well as making the back pistons also capable of an upward shot, Dr. Tenecha could never decide on what kind of special power to give him. This problem was solved with an eclectic approach - allowing him to acquire different kinds of powers. Components of the blueprints to the famous Megaman were stolen, more specifically, the way Megaman can emulate the weapons of other master-type robots. After Tenecha tweaked the fuctions of the system a bit, Scanman was given the special ability of the "power scan", which uses his main eye (or third eye, sans helmet) to scan and copy the powers of other robots. Should the case be where there is a power he can't emulate, he'll do the next best thing by using one of the random gadgets from an indetermine slew that was built into his weaponry. The latter is when the original power remains far superior to the verion of it that Scanman had copied. When Scanman DOES try to use a weaker facsimile of someone's powers without being aware of the original's advantage, he becomes embarrased and appologetic to his opponent after making the realization.

In personality, Scanman is friendly, though somewhat shy. He's not all that talkative, but will speak when spoken to. He will be formal in battle, and slightly respectful to his opponents; a very strange attribute to show people he would be trying to vaporize. Despite not displaying the traditional motivations of a villain on his own, he still wants to loyally carry out his creator's orders by conquering cities and destroying those who could be dubbed as heroes, in this case, the Mechanical Maniacs.


Desire was created by the merging of remains of robots scrapped into a junkyard that still had a strong will to live. At first, it was a pointless mass of junk with low intelligence, but eventually it became far more sentient. He was upset with his crude appearance and began to have an attraction for the luxurious things in life and stole shiny metals and jewelry, fusing them to his body. Eventually he took on the appearance of a golden skeleton sporting a top hat and a tuxedo, hence his nickname, “Tux.” (lawlz I can’t think of anything better)

His personality also developed in an eccentric way. He acts like a charming gentleman and likes to have fun, interested in playing games (although such games are always potentially life-threatening.) There is also something about his voice that makes him very persuasive, but those who fall for his words will only suffer. No matter what the situation is, he always has a calm and polite demeanor, unless something of value is taken from him. Then he gets pissed.

In combat, Desire’s attacks are much like a magician’s. He is equipped with a seemingly endless supply of silk cloth from his breast pocket that can transform into almost anything he wants, allowing him to perform various magic tricks. To name a few:

Split Bomb - Rolls a cloth into a ball and tosses it, and the cloth will divide itself into many solid balls that cause a huge explosion upon impact

Dagger Head Bind - Makes the cloth enlarge itself and bind an opponent, where more cloths will turn into swords and stab into the victim.

Guillotine Boomerang – The cloth flies out past the target so fast it would barely be seen, then flies back at the target’s neck as a blade.

Summon – Many cloths are thrown into the air and a monster of sorts emerges from them.

Teleportation – He covers himself with an enlarged cloth. Then, other cloths will fly to different locations and Desire may teleport behind any of the cloths.

Also, he wields a magician’s cane that can split into two and immediately transforms into various weapons on the cue of a mere thought. This gives him an edge as he is constantly transforming his weapons in such an unpredictable manner.

Desire’s trump card is to offer whatever the target desires, and creates an illusion that grants those desires to the person. This will distract the person and enables Desire to land a killing blow.

Against the Maniacs, Desire is quite clever and may succeed multiple times in leading them right into his traps. He always seems a step ahead of them and thinks of their conflict as an exciting magic show, where the world is the target for his magic tricks, but the Mechanical Maniacs and him are the stars of the show. In the end, he wants absolute wealth, absolute power, and peculiarly, absolute happiness. However, he does not understand what true happiness is anyway, which frustrates him.

Sparkman.Exe (Geoff)

Name: Dullahan

Appearance: Inspired by the fairy of Irish lore, the Dullahan resembles a, beheaded horseman carrying his severed head. It stands roughly eight feet tall and is clad in ebony armor and robes. Its head has the color and texture of moldy cheese, black, slicked-back hair, and sports a wide, deranged grin and small, black eyes that are always darting around like flies. More often than not, the robot's head is either tucked under its arm when not in battle, or floating near the body. Though it first encounters the Maniacs, its head will be resting on its shoulders, that way it can catch the Maniacs off-guard when his head comes off.

Background: Dullahan was first conceived by Dr. Cillian Sullivan around the time of Renegade Mechs' attack on Monsteropolis in the Unnamed. Just as CJ and his Mechs were attacking Monsteropolis, Sullivan Sullivan worked like an ant constructing Dullahan. With its power to almost instantly rust even the toughest metals to useless scraps and send even the most clear-headed adversaries screaming into madness and fear, Dullahan was supposed to be the ultimate weapon against the Renegade Mechs. However, just as Dullahan was activated, the Maniacs overcame Bizarro's hold over them and averted the crisis. Embittered that it never got a chance to fulfill its mission, Dullhan set forth to Monsteropolis, hoping to save Monsteropolis from some of the weaker villains such as the Quarter Nights and Doc Robot, but was always one step behind the Mechs (yes, I'm getting to the villain part, be patient). After Nightmare Top was unleashed, Dullahan saw its chance to prove its worth, and it's determined to make sure no one stops N-Top before it does, even it means killing the Mechs (and Mega Man) to do it.

Personality: Put quite simply, Dullahan feels that Monsteropolis isn't big enough for him, Mega Man and the Maniacs. Even though it has a strong sense of justice, Dullahan doesn't seek nor welcome the company of Mega Man or the Mechanical Maniacs. Dullahan loathes them for never giving it an opportunity to save Monsteropolis from a villainous plot (even though they might've if it asked). It particularly loathes the Maniacs since it's not often that they create trouble of their own (unleashing search snakes on a plane, robbing banks, getting kids drunk, and of course the one time they tried to take over the UN) or occasionally create villains that normally wouldn't have existed (ex: Bizarro Shadow Man, N-Top). Therefore, Dullahan has singled out the Mechs for destruction, and is determined to rid Monsteropolis of their "menace". Dullahan is also prepared to take down Mega Man if he tries to destroy Nightmare Top. But ultimately, Dullahan wants a chance to serve as Monsteropolis' protector not for the glory, but so that its existence would have meaning. Though if it means killing Monsteropolis' pre-existing heroes, so be it. Also, it almost always speaks in nursery rhymes, mostly to disorient, confuse, and unnerve its foes.

Powers: A number of Dullahan's powers are inspired by the Dullahans' tools of trade in Irish lore. Generally, the Dullahan mostly relies on crippling its opponents, and then finishing them off in their weakened state. Often times, it'll ride on its horse and attack its opponents with a spine-like whip covered with a similar substance on Shadow Man's shadow blades that blinds its victims. Whenever its head isn't on its shoulders or being carried, it can hover up to 30 yards away and unleashes one of two attacks. The first attack is that it vomits "Bloodrot" a blood-red acid capable of corroding even the most durable metals in seconds. The substance is also extremely magnetic. The head can also emit a "shrekstroff", an unearthly laugh, whose sound frequency can induce mind-numbing fear and madness to anyone that hears it. However, Dullahan must temporarily shut down its hearing capabilities in order to keep from succumbing to its own attack. When its opponents are blinded, rusted, and or driven mad by fear, Dullahan will either trample them on its horse, and/or impale them on its lance. Dullahan also occasionally carries a highly polished shield that can reflect lasers. It's also very proficient in sword fighting.

If Dullahan's head is destroyed, the body transforms into a clawed, feral, four-legged beast with spine whips protruding from its back, and demonic eyes on its shoulders. The clavicle area forms a "mouth" with jagged teeth and more spine whips protruding outwards. In this form, it can unleash streams of Bloodrot, or breathe cone-shaped bursts of bloodrot from its "mouth". Since it no longer possesses any audio sensors in this form, it constantly emits shrekstroffs through slit like mouths now adorning its body. But its most deadly attack in this form is the Head Hunter, where it decapitates a robot and use its spine whips to assimilate the victim's head as its own. As a result, Dullahan gains all the attacks and abilities that robot had, plus its own. Dullahan's appearance also changes to mimic that victim's as well.

Weakness: The Head Hunter only works on one robot at a time, so Dullahan can't use it to say, kill all of Wily's Rescue Force and use all their talents at once. It can however, take their heads, and switch them out at any time. Also, while the body can very much survive without a head, the heads can't survive without a body. However Dullahan's most glaring flaw is that even though its supposed to be a hero, its vendetta against Mega Man and the Mechs often distract it from confronting actual villains, so it often ends up doing more harm than good. Since Dullahan is so caught up in its misguided quest, the irony is lost on it.


Name: Phosphorus

Background Origin: Phosphorus is a robot that was issued by the government to be used in the military by utilizing the destructive power of phosphorus. Researchers discovered that they could convert the poweful toxins within phosphorus into the form of a bomb, thus resulting in a poisonous blast. The plan was dubbed the Phosphorus Project, scientists hoped to construct a prototype and test it's abilities, then modify it if necessary before mass-producing the final product. Engineers programmed him with information that would benefit a war robot such as knowledge on the military, combat strategies, and weapon statistics, but this led to a problem: Due to the fact that all he knew was how to operate under conditions of war and violence, this caused him to lash out upon activation, killing a total of thirteen people. As he fled from the scene of the crime, Phosphorus, now able to think clearly, realized his flawed programming was the reason for his actions and went mad, unable to cope with the fact that all he was good for was killing. Now wanting another purpose in his life, he decided he would keep killing until he found it. Before he could carry out his mission, however, the military tracked him down before he reached a hospitable location. As he fought against the overwhelming odds with terrifying success, one of his own bombs recoiled and he was caught in the blast, resulting in his face becoming deformed and horribly burnt. Shortly after he was captured, deactivated, and placed into solitary confinement in a remote base, where it was hoped he would stay there for all eternity.

Two years later, Dr. Wily infilitrated the military base which Phosphorus was located. Wily had hacked into the military's files, and discovered the abandoned Phosphorus Project among others and soon became intruiged. After enough searching he discovered Phosphorus and released and reactivated him. Immediately Phosphorus saw his own reflection--a shadow of what it once was--and went insane once again, destroying everything he could see, as he blamed everything on the military. Wily, realizing that the robot he had just freed was impossible to control, fled the base just minutes before it exploded. Phosphorus emerged soon after, a sick and twisted look on his face, satisfied with what he did. Now remembering his mission--to kill, to find a new purpose in life--he set out to fullfil it.

Personality: Phosphorus has a habit of being overdramatic, causing most of his movements to be greatly exaggerated, and his voice to be yelling or screaming most of the time. A pure psychopath, he enjoys blowing everything up that gets in his way, whether with his own weapon, which he nicknamed Phosphorus Explosives, or with other weapons that he has found. It doesn't really matter to him--as long they blow up, then he is satisfied. Sporadic by nature, he does many things on the spur of the moment, making him very hard to track. Because all Phosphorus knows how to do is kill in war, it has left him seriously undeveloped in other areas, causing all of his emotions and actions to be based off of this one purpose. Therefore, his only entertainment is killing, his only hobby is killing, and his only ability is killing. This has also developed an inferiority complex, as he believes that everyone is better than he is as they can do more than he himself can. This leads to him believing he is imperfect, and coupled with his scarred face, ugly as well, which has caused an uncontrollable hatred to those who like to think of themselves as beautiful and/or perfect. Despite his destructive tendencies, his is not a masochist--on the contrary, he is deathly afraid of feeling pain, possibly due to his previous encounter from his own weapon.

Appearance: Clocking in at 6'3", Phosphorus can tower over many people. He has a habit to hunch over, however resulting in him to be more at level with an average man. He is decorated in red and blue armor, constructed to make him resistant against explosives, more specifically his own--however, neglect to design a helmet has made his face extremely vulnerable, and even more so after it was scarred. His face is brown from severe burning and the artificial skin covering his face is deformed, giving it a freakish appearance as he is nearly bald save for the few strands of black hair on the top of his head. He also lacks a nose, as it melted completely away after the explosion, and his eye color was also altered, turning them deep red, and he has black circles around them. He has an arm cannon located on his right arm which is capable of firing an unlimited amount of Phosphorus Explosives, but if it were to ever malfunction he also has reserves located around his belt, however they are meant for only extreme emergencies.

The Reason Behind Phosphorus: The reason I gave Phosphorus this kind of background and personality was to pick on the idea that robots in the Classic series were programmed with specific ideas in mind. Think about it--if you have created a robot and programmed it to know only about war, fighting, and violence, what do you think one of the first things it would do would be? Phosphorus, only knowing such things, would lash out at the first thing he saw upon activation, killing him, along with twelve others, before realizing what he was doing was considered wrong. Then, after much pondering over WHY he had done it, he would realize that it was all that he COULD do--he had no choice but to follow his own programming. Being a prototype, this meant that the people who programmed him made it extremely flawed, thus creating loopholes which would prevent any form of authority to control him and also break the Laws of Robotics. After coming to such conclusions Phosphorus would go mad, unable to comprehend the big question: Why would they (the humans) do something like this to him, to ruin his life before it even began? His "mission" in life--to destroy and keep destroying until he finds something more significant--is more of a joke on my part, as it is ironic that someone who wants to have more purpose in life than to kill would turn to killing as the answer. All in all Phosphorus and his life is more like a tragic cycle which may or may not have a happy ending.

Name: Cyphos

Background Origin: Ever since he was young Cyphos had always imagined himself to do something grand, to mark himself a place in history that everyone would remember. He just didn't know what. He tried many things, from being an excellent role-model, to an independent hard worker, to a fantastic team player, and much more. He started juggling around different jobs in hopes that he could somehow climb up the ranks and become a top dog, and even further up. He started to fantasize himself being the master of all there was, and started becoming far more sneaky than he had ever been before, attempting to pull strings behind the scenes to get his own way while still pertaining a nice guy persona. He started to become very successful in what he did, acting as a jack-of all-trades, and gained large sums of money through his endeavors. It was after all this that he eventually got absorbed into the thought that he needed to do MORE, to be the BIGGEST thing EVER, by creating the biggest SCENE ever.

At home he started researching robotics, not to build a robot, oh no--to make himself more noticeable in history. He modified his own body, not by much, but enough to make him far more versatile, far more powerful than an average human. He started to change his appearance to a darker one, hoping that the changes would catch the people's eyes in order to remember him. He started to spiral out of control as he gained connections to underground networks, making him participate in illegal acts, eventually serving as a double agent in his own businesses. His plan, however, to create the BIGGEST SCENE EVER, was still in the works. He wants to create complete and total mayhem for the entire world, and he didn't care how he did it... as long as he does it. Then, when things seem almost lost, he will come in, and save the day, and everyone will embrace him, and not some other wannabees who thought they could do it. Just him.

Personality: Cyphos, upon first meeting him, seems like a pretty decent fellow. He appears friendly, social, and is very adaptable to practically everyone he meets. In reality though he has a severe mean streak through him, striking out at people who may find out what his true intentions are. He is also sarcastic by nature, picking everything apart to turn it back at people tenfold.

Appearance: Although Cyphos is a business-type man, ever since he changed himself he has gone for a darker, more bizarre appearance. He typically wears all black, including a long black trench coat and a pair of dark sunglasses he likes to peer over the top with. He is also remembered for his bizarre hair-style, which he did himself: Long, red hair that is spiked to go to one side, and a part of it has been shaved off. Usually he is accompanied with a smile spread across his face. Sometimes he carries around a loudspeaker in order to project his voice out great distances, as one of his many occupations is working as a spokesperson for various products and services.

Abilities: Since Cyphos has tinkered with his own body using technology, he is capable of performing some feats that other humans cannot. While he does benefit from more overall strength and endurance, what is truly noticeable is his increased speed and agility, which he uses a lot as he prefers to move around on foot rather than use a vehicle and for infamous "run away" tactics. Another, more peculiar ability is being able to create replicas of himself to go to different places at the same time. This is perfect for his kind of work, as in order to create mayhem he has to be able to dish it out himself. No one has ever seen two him together at the same time. He is also prone to using other things as well by either purchasing them or building them, and he even manipulates others to assist in his crazed plans as well, whether they want to or not.


Back story: Roke, or the scientific name, R0K341738, was at first one of Dr.Wily's newest experiments.He was to be a mass produced newer version of the Sniper Joe.Dr.Wily had good intentions at first, but later abandoned the project for newer ideas, wantign to get back to it but forgot about it.At this point he was incomplete.His back plate, right leg, and right arm were never finished, but his AI was intact.One day apon garbage disposal, Dr.Wily had thrown many things out, including Roke.This sudden movement, though, cause his AI to kick in.At first, he could hardly move, but apon finding other things in the disposal suck as a crab-like arm and a gooey-like plasma leg, he decided to attach them.These gave him some good powers, such as his leg being able to regenerate, and his claw tips which were soaked in poison.But, he also had many flaws, on account of putting himself together.His poison tipped claws often leak too much, which can lead to fluid loss, and his leg takes longer to regenerate every time it's destroyed, and the shapeshifting ability it contains can only last about 30 seconds, at most.His back plate is still missing, and as a result when he moves flames come out from his back, which could provide as a good defense, but is also danegrous to himself.Despite all these flaws, he still is very strong, and he remembers very well how he was created and abandoned.He swore revenge, but since he dosen't remember Dr.Wily, his revenge is basically on everyone, bieleving everyone is his enemy.He soon hopes to make his attack, in hoping that one day HE will be the one to dispose of his creator the way he was so carelessly tossed away.

Chaos Wolf

“You promise, that if you do this to me, you will let my family go…” a tall skinny man said. “Of course; that was the deal wasn’t it?” Dr. Phenos said from behind a one way window. The experiment was far too dangerous for him to be standing next to the test subject. “Just hold still,”

Thousands of needles were simultaneously injected throughout the man’s body. He screamed with such agony that he would have been heard on the outskirts of the city, had the experiment not been taking place in a soundproof chamber.

The scientist looked in on the man; he had appeared to die from the torture that was the genetic experiment.

“James didn’t follow through with his part of the deal, I see no reason to keep mine… terminate them.” Dr. Phenos said without a change in expression. The sound of gunfire rang through the air; once more the scientist would be free to experiment to his hearts content.

The moment he uttered the words “terminate them” the test subject reawakened. However, his expression had become that of a furious beast’s. Before Dr. Phenos had the chance to look back at the failure, the door between him and the experiment was broken open with the force of a gorilla.

In a panic, Dr. Phenos calls Sniper Joes in to halt the beast he had created “Wily’s creations are worth something after all. And you, you are a complete success and yet a failure.” He paced back and forth in front of it, taunting its predicament. “Stopped by nothing more then a few mainstream guard robots…” Dr. Phenos said with a hint of disappointment. “If only I could cause you the pain you have caused me…” the beast growled “--but you can’t, can you.”

The doctor interrupted with a smirk on his face. ”It’s all too simple. I lock you away and get another subject through false promises, and next time, I will have the ultimate killing mach--” the beast interrupted by sending a scorpion stinger through the Dr. phenos’ head. The beast looked at his chest in awe as the scorpion tail had emerged from it, and just as quickly vanished, leaving no trace of its existence other than the dead Dr. Phenos. Transforming his arms back to a human shape, he broke free of the guards grip and subsequently crushed them with the same force he used to tear down the door. The base was destroyed with the force of a stampede.

Looking at the destruction he caused he laughed. He looked at the screen that was recording the experiment. Experiment 001: wild type mutation has occurred, proceed with caution. “Dr. Phenos is dead. The Pace family is dead and buried.

But WildType now lives…” saying no more, WildType left the base and ran out into the rain.


Requiem Mass

Gossec Berlioz, Verdi Dvoøák, Fauré Duruflé, and Cristóbal Pierre, four scientists in the field of robotics in Germany were assigned to create a Robot designed for stealth and espionage by the Government. The Four scientists agreed, all eager to show their intelligence as it may open doors to becoming a famous and well known scientist. They started framework or this new robot, Gossec Berlioz, was in charge of the Robot’s AI, and personality. Being a deeply religious man, Berlioz passed on his religious ideals into this Robot’s personality, naming this Robot Requiem Mass or Requiem for short, after the liturgical service.

After the last Robot rebellion, and the coming of the Mega Man teams, the government scrapped the idea of an espionage robot, and demanded a fully equipped robot for the purposes of War. Berlioz looked to the other scientists, suggesting that they continue construction on Requiem Mass, seeing as it would be a waste of funds to scrap him, seeing as most of the AI and frame had been completed. One night, when Requiem Mass was near completion, Dvoøák had a confrontation with Berlioz, stating that religion had no place in a Robot constructed for war. So, that night Dvoøák snuck into the room where Requiem Mass was being kept, and attempted to alter the AI systems in Requiem, to make him an efficient, cold blooded killer;

Gossec Berlioz, a man in his early thirties, with a round face and a black hair in a ponytail and it looked as though he hasn’t shaven in several days. Berlioz leaned against a desk, sipping a cup of coffee “So… We’ve completed the… ‘project’ ahead of schedule…”. “Don’t celebrate yet… we still have to test it…” A man in his mid-forties walked into the room, wearing a white lab coat, with dark blonde hair and glasses, with a face that looked like it was carved in stone, his name was Dvoøák. “Where are Duruflé and Pierre?” Berlioz asked.

“They will be here momentarily…” Dvoøák responded, walking over to the lab table where Requiem Mass laid, deactivated and awaiting tests. “Ah… then shall we start without them then?” Berlioz asked, walking to his side, glancing down at their creation. “Yes…” Dvoøák walked towards the control panel, his back to Berlioz as he smirked, thinking that the ‘modifications’ he made on R.M. were ready as he typed in the activation code.

The door opened and Dvoøák and Berlioz’s heads snapped up from R.M.. Two young men, wearing matching lab coats like Dvoøák, walked into the room “Sorry we’re late” one of the young scientists said, he had short black hair, the other had ruffled red hair, Duruflé and Pierre respectively. “On the contrary… you’re just in time.” Berlioz said with a slight smile as Dvoøák pressed buttons in the console “Everything… seems to be in order…” Dvoøák ignored a little pop-up on the screen consule though as he initiated the sequence to activate. They all waited on bated breath as the lifeless being’s eyes suddenly opened with a flash of green light.

The four scientist stepped back slightly as their creation slowly sat up, blinking and focusing it’s optics on its surroundings. “Welcome…” Pierre took the first approach to their new accomplishment. Requiem turned his head to view one of the scientist who made him, it’s suddenly flinched, a clicking sound occurred for a few seconds, then it spoke in a fractured voice “In paradisum deducant te Angeli”(May Angel’s lead you into Paridise) Berloiz’s eyes widened, then his assiciate’s eyes did the same a second later when blood splatted the walls of the lab.

Pierre’s lifeless body slumped tp the ground once Requiem removed his hands from the human’s chest. The next series of events happened in a blur; Dvoøák seemed to have fleed in an instant, leaving his coleeges’ fate to the Metallic beast as Duruflé pulled out a small handgun, raising it at the monster they’ve created in an attempt to defend himself, but Duruflé could only get one shot off as the sound of metal slicing through he air, and through the man’s throat. Bright red blood spurted as the man clutched his throat, dropping to the ground.

Berlioz’s eyes were wide with fear as he stumbled, falling back as the horrid stench of blood and gore and the horrific scene before him assaulted his senses as Their abomination approached him slowly, a blood stained blade raised in the air. “Pie Jesu…” (Oh sweet Jesus…) he barely managed to gasp. “…Dona eis requiem… dona eis requiem sempiternam…” (Grant them rest… grant them everlasting rest…). Berlioz’s vision blur as his monsterous creation stood before him , untill all he could see was darkness, as he passed into the realm of unconciousness, he could hear the faint sounds of the door being slammed open, and the sound of gunshots ripping through the air…

I hope you liked the Character’s backstory. I enjoyed creating this backstory for my character reqiuem. And I don’t think you could find out, but there are several puns in this story. Gossec, Berlioz, Verdi, Dvoøák, Fauré, Duruflé, Cristóbal, Pierre are all the first names of those who wrote requiems, so I thought it fitting that they were the ones to create Requiem. And all of Requiem’s lines are indeed from requiems themselves. His first line was from ‘In Paradisum’ And Berlioz and Requiem’s last lines were from the same Requiem, 'Pie Jesu'. Berlioz said one part and Requiem said the one proceeding it.

The Rules

1) Entries must be submitted by the end of February, 2007.

2) Villains must be original. No cross-overs from other series, no villains from other teams, and no re-workings of previously existing Mech Maniacs or Megaman badguys.

3) You may enter no more than TWO villains.

4) Entrants are encouraged to provide some sort of visual media to show what their monster looks like. Sprites, sketches, CG...Anything. You must also provide a backstroy for your villain.

5) Villains' backstories may not interferre with the established Maniacs' canon or individual origins. No suddenly revealing that Lennon has a brother not even he knew about, or having Gauntlet's ninja teacher that beat him routinely come out of nowhere for no reason. Things like this should always be handled by the Maniacs themselves. If so inclined, we'll make exceptions, but check with us first.

6) The Mechanical Maniacs reserve the right to make changes to any winning entry, including visual and creative. Don't worry, we won't mess them up. Too much.

7) No god modding-type villains. They're never fun to work with.

And what about prizes? The winner will have their villain featured in an upcoming story by the new Magnetman! But if that weren't good enough, he'll also create a 3 inch tall hand-painted figure made of Sculpey primo of your villain of the same quality as the figures featured below. And then you'll get it in the mail! So you'll have a statuette of whichever villain you choose to submit, should it win the contest. You can't find a prize like that anywhere else. To recieve your prize, applicants will be asked for a shipping address after the winners are annunced.

The runner up gets .... nothing! Play to win.

Send all entires to Magnetman.

So get to it! Use your brain and create the ultimate villain!


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