"You Are Tony And I Am Brion"

One find evening I was calmly minding my own buisness on AIM (back in 2000) when suddennly .... EVIL struck!

AreaAlienDog : hi
Gauntlet : yo
Gauntlet : who're you?
AreaAlienDog : what is ur name?
Gauntlet : Gauntlet.
AreaAlienDog : no it is not
Gauntlet : my REAL name is a secret.
AreaAlienDog : what is ur real name
Gauntlet : that's a secret, dude.
AreaAlienDog : a/s/l
Gauntlet : secret/m/toronto
AreaAlienDog : yeh right
AreaAlienDog : i know u
Gauntlet : Okay. I don't know you.
AreaAlienDog : yes u do
AreaAlienDog : is ur name tony?
Gauntlet : no, dude.
AreaAlienDog : is it michel
Gauntlet : no
AreaAlienDog : or chricese
AreaAlienDog : its tony!!!!
AreaAlienDog : and u live in il
Gauntlet : *bzz* wrong!
AreaAlienDog : yeh right
Gauntlet : Well, beleive what you like, it will only further my mysteriousness.
AreaAlienDog : and u have a friend named nathan
AreaAlienDog : haha
AreaAlienDog : i know u
Gauntlet : if you say so.
AreaAlienDog : ur name is tony u have a pw ur bro likes cars and ur sisters boyfriend name is nick
Gauntlet : Think what you will.
AreaAlienDog : i knew u
AreaAlienDog : guess who it is
Gauntlet : So, what's yer name, or do you prefer "Alien Dog"
AreaAlienDog : guess
AreaAlienDog : guess who it is
AreaAlienDog : i knew me
Gauntlet : Are ya Former Metalman?
AreaAlienDog : no
Gauntlet : Tristan?
AreaAlienDog : no
Gauntlet : Gringo maybe?
AreaAlienDog : no
Gauntlet : well, I'm sick of this game already.
AreaAlienDog : u knew me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gauntlet : So I';ll just call yas Alien Dog.
AreaAlienDog : i havent frogot u
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : guess my name!!!
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : ill give u a clue i live in il
Gauntlet : lol...I'm gonna save this fer me site.
Gauntlet : Whjat's il?
Gauntlet : I dunno US states.
AreaAlienDog : illonios
Gauntlet : ah.
AreaAlienDog : i know u live in a nabor hood with nathan scott kevin philip and kevin francin
Gauntlet : Well, there must be over a million people there. Care to narrow it down a touch?
AreaAlienDog : its a small nabor hood called the landings
AreaAlienDog : and u have a friend named nathan
Gauntlet : And yer Nathan then?
AreaAlienDog : nope
AreaAlienDog : so geuss
AreaAlienDog : guess
Gauntlet : Q?
AreaAlienDog : huh
Gauntlet : inside joke.
Gauntlet : So, whatcha up to, Alien dude?
AreaAlienDog : u ask me a question about some thing in ur naborhood and i will anwser it
Gauntlet : Alrighty (should be fun)
Gauntlet : What's the name of our corner stoor?
AreaAlienDog : we dont have
AreaAlienDog : u live on a street named powers
Gauntlet : .....right.....
AreaAlienDog : what?
AreaAlienDog : is the question
AreaAlienDog : a real
AreaAlienDog : huh
Gauntlet : What is my homeadress?
AreaAlienDog : i dont know but u live by some whoes address is w powers rd huntley il
Gauntlet : wrong again boyo...yer battin'
AreaAlienDog : ask me another
Gauntlet : alright.....although this is getting tiresome....
AreaAlienDog : and u have dogs and u have named max
Gauntlet : What's the name of the dog I had when I was a kid.
AreaAlienDog : *had
Gauntlet : nope.
Gauntlet : dog. girl dog.
AreaAlienDog : u are tony right then it was max
Gauntlet : Well, I am NOT this "Tony" guy and I never was.
Gauntlet : First time I ever got mistaken fer someone else tho....
Gauntlet : I'm gonna put this conversation up on my page.
Gauntlet : Hope you don't mind.
AreaAlienDog : than u are tonys sister
Gauntlet : GOD NO!!
Gauntlet : I an no girl!
AreaAlienDog : right
AreaAlienDog : than u are tonys brother mike
AreaAlienDog : ask me a question!
Gauntlet : shuuuure I am.
Gauntlet : How do you make a berrel lighter?
AreaAlienDog : no about ur self
Gauntlet : ok......
Gauntlet : What is my favorite Transformer?
AreaAlienDog : pokemon?
AreaAlienDog : is it ditto?
AreaAlienDog : hello
AreaAlienDog : ask me a real question
AreaAlienDog : i knew u
Gauntlet : ack. NO!! Transformers is not Pokemon!!
AreaAlienDog : we were best buds
Gauntlet : To be compared to Pokemon...ACK!
AreaAlienDog : unless u are tonys sis
Gauntlet : Hell, I'll be buddies with ya now, this conversation is surreal!
AreaAlienDog : fine ill ask u a question
Gauntlet : alrighty.
AreaAlienDog : do u have a n yes u do
Gauntlet : nope. only a NES and SNES.
AreaAlienDog : because i knew u if u are tony we were best buds
AreaAlienDog : and if ur tony sis u have a b/f named nick
AreaAlienDog : and if u are mike then u like to work on cars and u crashed into a corn feild in a car
AreaAlienDog : tony stop playing dumb
AreaAlienDog : brb
Gauntlet : "Yer dancing in the dark - yer nowhere near the mark!"
Gauntlet : kay
AreaAlienDog : yeh right
AreaAlienDog : ask me a real question if u are tony
Gauntlet : Not Tony.
AreaAlienDog : ask a question!
Gauntlet : Alright........
AreaAlienDog : because i rember u well
AreaAlienDog : remember
Gauntlet : What's my favorite Vedio Game?
AreaAlienDog : for n
Gauntlet : never played N, all time.
AreaAlienDog : yeh u have n
Gauntlet : nope. Answere the question!
AreaAlienDog : ill give u a clue the last time i saw u was behind a tree with nathan and u told me that ur screen name was gautlent
AreaAlienDog : so if ur tony u wil remember
AreaAlienDog : and u will know my name
Gauntlet : See, that's the problemo. I am Gauntlet, gauntlet is totally different, dude!
Gauntlet : try it out.
AreaAlienDog : i know
AreaAlienDog : brb
Gauntlet : He seems to be online, entered in the name.
Gauntlet : you still there?
AreaAlienDog : brb
AreaAlienDog : i know who u are
AreaAlienDog : ur tony
Gauntlet : lol
AreaAlienDog : and ur computer is in ur room
AreaAlienDog : if u are tony u will know me
Gauntlet : Well, you figured it out! Can't fool you!
AreaAlienDog : so who m i
AreaAlienDog : ?
Gauntlet : Bruce Wayne!
AreaAlienDog : yeh right
AreaAlienDog : are u tony
AreaAlienDog : dont lie
AreaAlienDog : i knew u
Gauntlet : Shadoman does not lie!
Gauntlet : twists the truth maybe, but not lie!
AreaAlienDog : huh u r tony
Gauntlet : not most of the time anyhoo.....
AreaAlienDog : so who m i
AreaAlienDog : name people from the nabor hood
AreaAlienDog : and ill tell u when u say my name
Gauntlet : There must be over one million male names. No way will I reun down that list.
Gauntlet : I'll tell ya what
AreaAlienDog : i live in the landings like u
AreaAlienDog : so name some male people
Gauntlet : Tell me a letter to start from and we can play the chain game. Where you change a letter as you go.
Gauntlet : like frog, if the F is right, tell, and I can say Fred.
Gauntlet : 'corse you'd have to tell me the # of letters in yer name....
AreaAlienDog : ill tell u one letter from my name it wont be the first letter
AreaAlienDog : i
AreaAlienDog : that is one letter friom my name not the first though
AreaAlienDog : from
AreaAlienDog : so guess
AreaAlienDog : if ur tony u will know this
Gauntlet : Pin?
AreaAlienDog : nope
AreaAlienDog : someone from ur naborhood i have letters in my name and of them is i
AreaAlienDog : so guess away
Gauntlet : can we do this like in Hangman??
AreaAlienDog : ok
AreaAlienDog : write it down as we go
Gauntlet : is there an A in the name?
AreaAlienDog : a
Gauntlet : where is it?
AreaAlienDog : brb
AreaAlienDog : next to the last letter
Gauntlet : is there an E?
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : add a head
Gauntlet : hmmmm......
Gauntlet : is there an S?
AreaAlienDog : no
Gauntlet : acK!
Gauntlet : *adds a body*
AreaAlienDog : are u tony?
Gauntlet : hozabout a l?
Gauntlet : L
AreaAlienDog : no l
AreaAlienDog : are u tony?
Gauntlet : *adds an arm*
Gauntlet : Wait, this is kinda fun....
AreaAlienDog : but i need to know if this is tony if it isnt yhan im not playing
AreaAlienDog : than
Gauntlet : is there a.....N?
AreaAlienDog : yes at the end
AreaAlienDog : but tell me before we go on
AreaAlienDog : is this tony?
Gauntlet : *laughs evily*
Gauntlet : howabout......
Gauntlet : hmm....
Gauntlet : R?
AreaAlienDog : tell me or i wont play
AreaAlienDog : is this tony
Gauntlet : Well, you already asked that, my friend.
AreaAlienDog : are u
Gauntlet : now all I can say is...that..is
Gauntlet : a....
Gauntlet : Secret!
Gauntlet : Now, howsabout an R?
AreaAlienDog : yes there is an r
Gauntlet : where now?
AreaAlienDog : first letter
Gauntlet : This is one weird name!
AreaAlienDog : u know
AreaAlienDog : geuss
AreaAlienDog : guess
Gauntlet : Ripan?
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : lol
Gauntlet : Rijan?
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : guess
AreaAlienDog : letters
AreaAlienDog : brb
AreaAlienDog : ok guess
Gauntlet : I guess the j and P are put.....
Gauntlet : Dammit, only one guess left!
AreaAlienDog : huh
Gauntlet : *out
Gauntlet : not put damn typos
AreaAlienDog : ill give u as menny guesses as u need
Gauntlet : fine.
AreaAlienDog : because u are my friend
Gauntlet : I am touched.
AreaAlienDog : if u are tony
AreaAlienDog : brb
AreaAlienDog : start guessing
Gauntlet : f?
AreaAlienDog : and ill read them when i get back
AreaAlienDog : no
Gauntlet : gt?
Gauntlet : t?
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : no
AreaAlienDog : brb
Gauntlet : b?
Gauntlet : v?
AreaAlienDog : yes b
AreaAlienDog : first letter
AreaAlienDog : no v
Gauntlet : You said R was first.
AreaAlienDog : no r is second
Gauntlet : uh hunh.
AreaAlienDog : typo
Gauntlet : u said i was second.
AreaAlienDog : b is first r is second
AreaAlienDog : a it th and n is th
Gauntlet : OH! NOW it makes WAY more sence!
Gauntlet : not Riban - BRIAN!!

My Hang man chart
Gauntlet : For a second there I tough it was a weird foreign name with clicks n stuff.
AreaAlienDog : yes it is brian
AreaAlienDog : and u are tony
Gauntlet : Well, hello there, Bri.
AreaAlienDog : right
AreaAlienDog : hello
AreaAlienDog : hello?
AreaAlienDog : are u tony
AreaAlienDog : or tony sis
AreaAlienDog : or tonys bro
Gauntlet : damn caps lock
AreaAlienDog : are u tony?
AreaAlienDog : or tonys bro
AreaAlienDog : or sis
AreaAlienDog : or mom
AreaAlienDog : or dad
Gauntlet : Well, I cannot tell you any fact about myself since I am mysterious and all, but I WIL:L IM you some times.
Gauntlet : This was fun.
AreaAlienDog : ur tony
AreaAlienDog : im broan
AreaAlienDog : brian
Gauntlet : lol
Gauntlet : Definatley goin up on my site!
AreaAlienDog : the brian with the dirtbike track
AreaAlienDog : what is ur web site?
AreaAlienDog : by ur house
AreaAlienDog : u know i live by zack
Gauntlet : http://www.geocities.com/megaman_/frames.html
Gauntlet : It's not much, but it's mine.
AreaAlienDog : no it is not
Gauntlet : HEY!
AreaAlienDog : aif ur tony that is not ur site
Gauntlet : Click on the Shadowman bio, dude.
Gauntlet : *Shadowman
AreaAlienDog : huh
Gauntlet : See. 'tis me. All the secretive stuff, Real name: Gauntlet...ME!
AreaAlienDog : cmon tell me ur tony or ill never talk to u agan
Gauntlet : Fine. I'm Tony.
AreaAlienDog : kewl
AreaAlienDog : i knew it
Gauntlet : Well, you found me out!
Gauntlet : Well, nice detective work, but I gotta go now, dude.
AreaAlienDog : bye
Gauntlet : lter!


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