The Sinister Six In:

Iceman VS Red

Hi, and welcome to the most anticipated event of Sinister Six Epilouge History. Faced with more than one dilema, The Sinister Six find themselves overly stressed as many strange and bad occurances seem to happen all over Megaolpolis. A strange meteor has landed in the outskirts of town. Super Chaos continues his annoying raid of causing mischief. Red plans to destroy the entire 20XX era. A mysterious new villain by the name of "Thunderman" appears to have a grudge against our heroes and many more dangers threaten our beloved crime fighters. The overworked S6 must stop and battle each problem as they arrize. Will they succeed in these deads? Will Red destroy their very existance like he did to The X-Force? *read X-Force #25*

I'd like to welcome you to a tale of surprise, power, greed, and misfortune. The strange and abnormal. And basically fun and breath taking. The most amazing S6 adventure ever! This adventure has been split up into several chapters. Enter the world of Megalopolis and the end of Season 3 of the Sinister Six. Every step of the way, every page you turn, will want you to read more.

Note: All Chapters are up! Enjoy.


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The story makes everyone want to say "Sinister Six Reunite!" All over again!

I've read the first three chapters before Gary will release them. The Sinister Six are unbeatable!
~Ken (Flameman)

Funny, and damn right awesome! You go guys! Keep on fighting!
~ Chris (Dusty Dustman)

It sounds Fantastic! A lot of thought has been put into it. I hope it really "does" make the big screen. 0_o
~Little Chichi

The Sinister Six deserve their fanbase. They've been around since 1997. They are indeed classics.
~Neo Zero Xtreme

Those Sinister Sixlets are so Kawii!

Those guys are so fricken hilarous. I can't get enough of em'.
~Nick (Nijibu)

We are the team that started it all. May we live on forever and ever...and ever...until the year 30XX! Ummm...yeah...
~Timmy (Gutsman)

In the heat of battle, The S6 will always pull through!
~Gary (Iceman)

Who are those guys again...I forgot. 0_o
~Tom Jones: via Internet