Darkman's Robot Warriors


Kinda sorta based on real people. While the MM5 team had real people as members, they sorta evolved as characters. Well, this'll give you some insight into the minds of the MM5 Darkman's Robot Warriors as presented in Stoneman's epilogues!

Charge ManDWN-038 Charge Man:

Height: Above average- if you include his funnel

Weight: Yeah, he's heavy

Charge Man tends to be a bit edgy, perhaps because he secretly feels that he has little to contrbute to the team. This tends to make him appear gullible at times, or even a little naive.

*Charge Man hates it when people make fun of the fact that he looks like a train.

*Charge Man looks like a train

*Charge Man often goes missing for several hours at a time...

Crystal ManDWN-040 Crystal Man:

Height: Average

Weight: Light

Crystal Man is a clever, quick witted robot, who is always ready with a dry comment, or an on the point observation. He has the special ability to create artificial crystals, which are coated with a layer of a protective rubber like substance, causing them to bounce.

*Crystal Man often comes up with unusual plans... if he can be bothered

*Crystal Man is quite agile

*Occasionally Crystal Man manages to con someone into paying an exorbitant amount of money for one of his crystals

Gravity ManDWN-033 Gravity Man:

Height: Tallish

Weight: Whatever he wants to weigh!

Gravity Man was the result of Dr Wily's first experiments with personal gravitation devices. He is equipped with a powerful anti-gravitational generator, which gives him the immensely useful ability to alter gravity within a localised area. Gravity Man tries to be the most helpful and kind hearted member of the team, and he always seems to have some helpful advice. Perhaps his focus on peaceful activity is related to his lack of offensive weapons? His only weapon is a weak plasma cannon.

*Gravity Man believes respect is gained, not forced

*Gravity Man is always embarassed by the fact that he once helped Dr Wily

*Gravity Man, although friendly, is not adverse to fighting if needs be.

Gyro ManDWN-036 Gyro Man:

Height: About average

Weight: Light

Using his propellor, Gyro Man can fly, although he is not very aerodynamic- a fact which limits his speed. Gyro Man's attempts to boost his status, are often frustrated when he is not taken seriously by the rest of the group.

*Gyro Man is a little proud

*Gyro Man tends to complain a lot

*Gyro Man sees himself as one of the most important members of the group

Napalm ManDWN-039 Napalm Man:

Height: Average

Weight: Heavy

Napalm Man would probably be one of the most deadly members of the team, except for the fact that he tends to get embarassed at awkward moments, especially when people seem to be relying upon him.

*As Napalm Man's weapons are all very powerful, he can often wreak havok unintentionally, by blowing up more than he meant to

*Napalm Man has a passion for watching 'Scooby Doo'

*Napalm Man tries to remain self-reliant, and prefers it when others don't ask too much of him

Star ManDWN-037 Star Man:

Height: About average

Weight: About average- although it doesn't matter too much in outer space

The leader of the team, Star Man is often given a hard time by the other members, although in truth they all hold a lot of respect for him.

*Star Man is the leader of the team

*Star Man is sensible most of the time

*Star Man tries to act responsibly

Stone ManDWN-035 Stone Man: Height: Tallest NES RM!

Weight: Pretty damn heavy!

After creating Gravity Man, Dr Wily continued his experimentation with personal gravity devices, and constructed an even more compact (albeit less powerful) design. He incorporated this into his new robot- Stone Man! Stone Man consists of a collection of special stones, held together by a personal gravity generator. This construct enables Stone Man to collapse in to a pile of rubble, and reform at will. Stone Man is the biggest and most physically powerful member of DRW, because of these attributes, many people think that he is lacking in intelligence (although the rest of DRW know that he is an intelligent and helpful member). Stone Man is continually trying to prove his intelligence, and thus tries to talk his way out of fights when he can, which isn't often...

*Stone Man likes sleeping on the couch

*Stone Man always seems to forget Wave Man's name- a fact which can get Wave Man rather annoyed!

*Stone Man is actually more agile then he looks, but that doesn't mean he isn't as heavy as he looks! You wouldn't want him stepping on your face!

DWN-034 Wave Man:

Height: Just above average

Weight: Surprisingly lighter than he looks

Wave Man, although a water using robot, is actually equally at home on the land. Although quite intelligent, he tends to act rashly when stressed or surprised, and this can often lead to him doing stupid things.

*Wave Man has many relatives, whom he enjoys visiting

*Wave Man likes Mexican food, ever since he was introduced to it by his cousin

*Wave Man often seems to be angry- although it is often the case the fact is he's just bad with people


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