Darkman's Robot Warriors

Epilogue 2:

By Stone Man

Once more the team are watching TV in their HQ- A fitting way to begin our tale...

Star ManStar: C'mon Scooby! Heh-heh...

Charge ManCharge: Watch out, Daphne! There's a ghost behind you!

Gyro ManGyro: That's not a ghost, it's an old man trying to scare them off. Happens every episode.

Crystal ManCrystal: ...And I feel as if we've just watched every episode- C'mon let's go and do something!

Star ManStar: Like what?

Crystal ManCrystal: Let's go to the bank!

Gyro ManGyro: ???

Star ManStar: Why?

Crystal ManCrystal: Hey, I dunno! I'm not writing this episode!

Gyro ManGyro: Well neither am I... And it's not Star, 'cause we always have better graphics when he writes them... Gravity, Are you writing this?

Gravity ManGravity: Nope. And it's not Napalm Man, or else I'm sure we'd spend the whole episode watching TV.

Charge ManCharge: Er... I don't think it's me, but I'm not really sure...

Crystal ManCrystal: Good grief! You don't suppose it's...

Gyro ManGyro: ...But he's asleep on the couch!

Star ManGyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManCharge ManGravity ManEveryone: AAAAHHH!!!!

A logical silence follows...

Gravity ManGravity: Wake up, Stone Man! We're going to the bank!

Stone ManStone: Eh?

Gyro ManGyro: Crystal Man wants to go to the bank, so we're having a break from TV.

Stone ManStone: Fair enough. (Yawn!)

Star ManStar: Alright everyone! Let's go- the van is parked in the garage.

Napalm ManNapalm: I didn't know we had a van.

Crystal ManCrystal: I didn't know we had a garage...

The team all head downstairs to the garage, and pile into the van

Gyro ManGyro: Get off my hand, you clumsy oaf!

Napalm ManNapalm: Oh, Sorry.

Charge ManCharge: Gyro! Your propellors keep poking me in the face!

Gyro ManGyro: My God! That's your face? What was Wily thinking?!?

Star ManStar: Stop fighting, somebody help me find the keys!

Gravity ManGravity: They're in the ignition, Star.

Star ManStar: Oh, thanks.

The team pull out of the drive, and are soon cruising the streets

Gyro ManGyro: Geez, this van is dirty! When was the last time we used it?

Crystal ManCrystal: I don't think we've ever used it.

Gyro ManGyro: Wow! How'd it get so messy then? There must be a million chocolate wrappers in here!

Napalm ManNapalm (sadly): And not one chocolate...

Stone ManStone: We should get an open-top bus, I keep bumping my head!

Gyro ManGyro: Hey, yeah! That would be cool, then we could chuck stuff at people!

Gravity ManGravity: Surely you could do that anyway?

Gyro ManGyro: Um.. yeah.

Star ManStar: Okay guys! We're almost there.

Napalm ManNapalm: Do we actually have any money in the bank?

Crystal ManCrystal: Um, I dunno. But I guess we can find out.

After three minutes of looking for a parking spot, They finally park the van and get out

Crystal ManCrystal: Er, no. Actually mate, Gravity Man just used a gravity ray to park us on top of a nearby K-Mart.

Oh, Sorry.

Charge ManCharge: So... What are we going to do once we've got some cash from the bank?

Gyro ManGyro: I know! Let's buy a Coke machine for our HQ!

Star ManStar: Hey, great idea!

Napalm ManNapalm: Coca-Cola, the one beverage that both robots and humans enjoy!

Crystal ManCrystal: Well, except for water, in the case of Mr Steam-Engine over here...

Charge ManCharge: I resent that!

Stone ManStone: Shut up. Here, Gravity, have a look for drinks dispensers, in this phone directory.

Gravity ManGravity: Phone directory? Where'd you get that?

Stone ManStone: Uh, I brought it with us.

Crystal ManCrystal: How convenient... No, you look for it, Stone Man. You won't fit in the bank anyway.

Stone ManStone: (Grumble Grumble)

The others enter the bank:

Cashier: Hello, how may I help you?

Napalm ManNapalm: We'd like to withdraw some money, please.

Cashier: Certainly, and what is your account number?

Napalm ManNapalm: Er...774

Crystal ManCrystal:...uh..632...

Charge ManCharge: ...47912?

Cashier: 774-632-47912? And could I see your bank-card please?

Crystal ManCrystal: Er, Well...you see...

Gyro ManGyro: Here it is! (Hands over bank-card)

Crystal ManCrystal: ?

Gyro ManGyro: (shrugs) I found it in the van.

Cashier (Typing in computer): And who is the account in the name of?

Crystal ManCrystal: Well, that would be 'Darkman's Warriors!'

All the team pose

Cashier: Very nice...Ahem. Well, all the rest is correct, except this account is in the name of 'Star Man's Wonder Galaxy Guardians'...

Star Man poses

There is a simultaneous groan from rest of team

Gravity ManGravity: Just give us our money please.

Cashier: How much would you like, sir?

Napalm ManNapalm: Give us all of it- I'm not wasting another episode coming back here again!

Meanwhile, outside the bank...

Stone ManStone: Drinks, Operating systems- Page 234...nope... Page 415...Drinks Cabinets Anonymous?..Nope...

Mega ManMega Man: Stone Man! I thought I had defeated you- Now you will surely perish!

Stone ManStone: Er... Are you talking to me?

Mega ManMega Man: Don't play games with me, Stone Man! What is Dr Wily planning now?

Stone ManStone: I've got no idea! I don't work for Dr Wily anymore- I'm a reformed robot!

Mega ManMega Man: I wish I could believe you, but I don't trust you- get ready to fight!

Stone ManStone: WAIT!! You can't fight me!

Mega ManMega Man: Wha-Why?

Stone ManStone: Uh... because...er...Because I'm your brother!

Mega ManMega Man: (laughs) Ha! You're not Proto Man! I'm not that stupid! Ha-ha!

Stone ManStone: No- I mean... er... well, your real name is 'Rock', right? Well, I am 'Stone' Man- Rock, Stone... We're brothers!!

Mega ManMega Man: Wow! You've got a point! Well, I could never destroy my brother. Okay then, see ya later!

Mega Man leaves

Stone ManStone: Phew!

The others return from inside the bank

Gyro ManGyro: Why didn't you ask for a bag to carry it in!!!

Napalm ManNapalm: I...I'm too shy...

Gyro ManGyro: Grrr!!!

Star ManStar: Hey, Stone! Did you find a Coke distributor?

Stone ManStone: Erm, No.

Voice: You...You are looking for a Coke Machine?

Crystal ManCrystal: What was that?

Voice: I can get you a Coke machine... Walk into this small dimly lit alley so I can see you...

Gyro ManGyro: Well, if there's a chance of getting a Coke Machine, then I'm all for it.

Star ManStar: Okay then, Gyro, you go ahead.

Crystal ManCrystal: No- I say we all go together, It's safer, and that way Gyro doesn't get all the credit if we do find one...

Gyro ManGyro: Shut up!

Stone ManStone: I'll go first- I'm the biggest, No-one would dare to try and mug me!

Star ManStar: That seems to make sense.

Stone Man strides into the alley-way

Stone Man's Voice: What the f- Who the hell are you?

Charge ManCharge: Perhaps he's in trouble!?

Stone Man's Voice: It's...okay...guys. Nothing...dangerous, anyway...

The others quickly follow into the alley-way

Badly disguised ArchStranger: Yes! All of you! Come in here, I have a surprise for you! (Hehe...)

Crystal ManCrystal: Good grief! Is he serious? He must think we're complete idiots to fall for that!

Badly disguised ArchStranger: I won't hurt you...Come and see my pretty Coke machine...

Gyro ManGyro: That disguise is terrible!

Crystal ManCrystal: He must have borrowed it from Dr Wily...

Badly disguised ArchStranger: I'm just a harmless old man... giving away free Coke machines...

Stone ManStone: Who is this guy? Do you guys know him?

Star ManStar: This, I believe, hehe, is our...ahem, Arch Nemesis... It seems he has prepared a trap for us...

Crystal ManCrystal: Best to play along with it I 'spose. (Addresses stranger) Ho there, old man! Whither art these yonder Coke machines?

Charge ManCharge: Why's he talking gibberish?

Star ManStar: I think it's just the accepted way to address strange old men...

StrangerArch: HAHA! Yes I can now reveal that it is I- your ARCH NEMESIS! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Star ManGyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManCharge ManGravity ManStone ManAll: GASP!!

Crystal ManCrystal: Oh no! It is our Arch Nemesis! Whatever shall we do? (hehe)

Napalm ManNapalm: We are surely doomed! (snicker)

Star ManStar: Alright, Arch, you've caught us. Now what are you going to do?

StrangerArch: I have?...Yes, I have caught you! Haha! (Wow- I didn't think it would be this easy!) Now you shall feel my power!!

Crystal ManCrystal: No! Not your power! Anything but that!!!

Stone ManStone: Somebody help us!

Gravity ManGravity: Look Arch! Somebody's coming to rescue us- over there, behind you!

StrangerArch (looks around): What! No- I have caught you fair and sq- Hey, where have they all gone?

Later on as they arrive back at HQ

TV: "...and that concludes our 47 hour Scooby Doo special. Next up- Gardener's World!

Napalm ManNapalm: Oh no!!!

Star ManStar (on the phone): Uh-huh... you do vans?...Okay then, thankyou very much...yes...goodbye.

Gravity ManGravity: Who was that?

Star ManStar: Roll Cleaning Services, they're coming to clean the van.

Stone ManStone: Groovy. But where's Wet Guy?

Star ManStar: Wave Man?

Stone ManStone: Uh Yeah, him.

Star ManStar: I dunno, but he's missed this whole episode...

Napalm ManNapalm: And we didn't even get a Coke machine...(sob)


StrangerArch: Hello? Hello? Where'd you all go? GUYS!!!!


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