Darkman's Robot Warriors

DRW starring in:
"A little more Action: Part One"

By Stone Man

A terrible misfortune has happened to the team, They have run out of Coca-Cola!

Star ManStar (gazing into empty can): Man! We need to get a Coke machine!

Stone ManStone: Yeah, I just left my bottle on the table and when I came back, one of you sleazebags had drunk it!

Crystal ManCrystal: That would be Gyro...

Gyro ManGyro: Shut up!

Gravity ManGravity: Well somebody had better go and get some more Coke.

Charge ManCharge: Can't you guys just drink water, like me?

Star ManGyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManGravity ManStone ManAll: NO WAY!!!

Gyro ManGyro: Napalm, you go and get some!

Napalm ManNapalm: I can't, I'd miss the start of Scooby Doo.

Crystal ManCrystal: Hehe, how could he carry it anyway, he has no hands!

Napalm ManNapalm: Oh guys! I told you not to make fun of me 'cause of that!

Gravity ManGravity: I'm sure he didn't mean it, mate.

Star ManStar: Stop arguing, and someone hurry up and go...

Everyone turns and stares at Star Man

Star ManStar: Er...Guys?

Stone ManStone: Why don't you go? You are the team leader, after all.

Gravity ManGravity: He has a point, Star.

Gyro ManGyro: Yeah- you go Star Man!

Crystal ManCrystal: Oh- and you can't take the van- Roll is cleaning it.

Star ManStar (mumbling): Lazy bastards...

Star Man walks out the door

Gyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManCharge ManGravity ManStone ManAll: ALRIGHT! PARTY!!!

Time passes...

More time passes... The HQ is in a complete mess...

TV: "...Wow! Scooby seems to have found the culprit!"

Gyro ManGyro: At last! Time to unmask the villain!

Gravity ManStar: I wonder where Star Man is, he should be back by now...

TV: "...Now lets see who the abominable snowman really is!"



Gyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManCharge ManGravity ManStone ManAll: OH NO!!!

TV: "There is a madman at large in the center of town: He has been taking hostages and..."

Crystal ManCrystal: Good Grief! Don't these madmen ever stop!

Gyro ManGyro: Yeah! Just when it was getting to the good bit, too!

TV: "...as well as several politicians. Amongst the hostages is the infamous Star Man, once a feared and dangero-"

Charge ManCharge: Oh that's where Star Man is- I was hoping he hadn't got lost.

TV: "Now back to our regular schedule... 'Well until next time, professor! Goodbye'..."

Napalm ManNapalm: Don't worry, it's okay.

Gravity ManGravity: It is?!

Napalm ManNapalm: Yeah- It's a double episode...

Once again, time passes, in true descriptive fashion...

TV: "...seems to have found the culprit!"

Crystal ManCrystal: When you said it was a double episode, you didn't say it was the exact same episode twice!

Napalm ManNapalm: Hey, at least we get to find out who the yeti was this time!



Gyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManCharge ManGravity ManStone ManAll: NOT AGAIN!!!


Gyro ManNapalm ManCrystal ManCharge ManGravity ManStone ManAll: ???

TV: "I will not release my hostages, until Mega Man arrives and surrenders to me!!"

TV: "See- here are my hostages: Aren't you having a lovely time?"

TV:"Star ManStar: 'No we're not! Let us out of here you maniac!!'"

TV: "Now, now- Flattery will get you nowhere!"

Stone ManStone: What are we going to do?!!

Crystal ManCrystal: I don't know... We have to save the TV station!!

Stone ManStone: Yes- To the van!!

Meanwhile in Dr Light's laboratory...

Mega ManMega Man: I must stop him!!

Dr LightDr Light: But it's obviously a trap!!

Mega ManMega Man: I know, but it's my job!

Dr LightDr Light: Good luck, Rock!

Mega ManMega Man: ...And besides- one of those hostages still owes money to Roll for cleaning some filthy van!

Dr LightDr Light: May the Force be with you!

Mega ManMega Man: What?!

Dr LightDr Light: Er...Just save the TV station, Mega Man!

Mega ManMega Man: I know, I know...And be back in time to watch Scooby Doo!

So we return to our heroes, valiantly trying to start the van...

Gravity ManGravity: Cross the red wire with the blue, I said!!

Stone ManStone: Look, it's not my fault that Star always carries the keys with him!

Gyro ManGyro: Just hurry up! I could have flown there by now!

Stone ManStone: Shut up and give me- Ah, it's started!

Crystal ManCrystal: At last!

Stone ManStone: Here we go!!


Napalm ManNapalm: Damn, and it was so clean, too!

Charge ManCharge: Oh nice going, now we have to walk!

And they do...

Gyro ManGyro: Look! There he is! And so ugly...

Crystal ManCrystal: No, that's Mega Man, you idiot!

Gravity ManGravity: Mega Man? What's he doing here? He must have come to stop the-

Mega ManMega Man: Somebody help me!

Suddenly balls of electro-net lightning descend upon our heroes, trapping them to the ground!

Crystal ManCrystal: ...I...can't...move...

Gravity ManGravity: ...must...save...Star...

Voice: HAHA! More would-be heroes? I will show you what happens to heroes! Mega Man will now die!

Napalm ManNapalm: No! You can't!


Mega ManMega Man: AARRGGHHHH!!!!! MY HEAD!!!!

Will our heroes be able to save the day? What of Mega Man's head? When will they watch Scooby Doo?



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