The Sinister Six vs The Mechanical Maniacs - Part 2

Gentle reader, recall that in our last story, the Robot Masters from Mega Man 3 PC had taken the name The Sinister Six and were eclipsing our heroes, The Mechanical Maniacs as a Mega Man 3 Team! Our heroes went to confront them but the new Sinister Six laid an ambush! There it was revealed that it was all a plot to destroy the MM Teams hatched by Gauntlet's arch-nemisis Galvatron! Gauntlet's secrets were then compromised by the Sinister Six's eighth member, his ex-girlfriend! Gauntlet grabbed her and teleported to an unknown location so that the 7 members of the Sinister Six squared off against the 7 remaining Mechanical Maniacs!



Top: Gauntlet just HAD to steal those Sunfires...


Shark: So what're we waiting for? Sinister Six...REUNITE!

(The Six raise their hands and once again, a large flash shrouds the battlefield in a bright light as they pose.)

Magnet: AAAGGGGHHHH!!! Blinded AGAIN!!!

(With the Maniacs blinded, the Sinister Six attack! Sharkman strikes Snakeman, Bitman takes Sparkman, and the rest fight in a one-sided battle! With the Maniacs caught off-gaurd, there is little they can do against the Sinister Six's onslaught!)

Gemini: This isn't going well...

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Snake: We need help...

Spark: Actually, I kinda thought of that, so I called someone who might be interested in a new Sinister Six team...

(A grand explosion rocks the battlefield and an enormous figure emerges!)

Enormous Figure: So you are the new Sinister Six...I do not understand...There are seven of you!

Bit: So what?! We make the rules, not you! Who invited ya anyway!?

Enormous Figure: The first Sinister Six were my enemies...THAT MAKES YOU MY ENEMIES! I AM SUPER CHAOS!!!

(Super Chaos was the Sinister Six's first arch-foe, and that makes him the first ever arch-foe of the Mega Man Teams!)

Oil: BIG DEAL! You would've never been able to hold out against Cossack's Creations! They're tough!

Super Chaos: I care not about the MM4 team, my concern is you! Prepare to die!

Galvatron: You FOOL!! This is what they want! We're on the same side, you and I!

(Super Chaos doesn't listen and attacks the new Sinister Six!)

Snake: Whoa! They're all going at it so much they forgot about us!

Magnet: Kinda ironic...

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Top: If we're lucky they'll finish each other off so we can look for the real Sinister Six!

Spark: Why'd we wanna do that?! That's extra work!

Snake: Think of the publicity! We'd be famous!

(The battle continues...)

Gemini: We'd better chow down on some E-Tanks, just in case we have to fight!

(The Maniacs recharge their energy!)

Needle: Ahhhhhhhhh...Much better than oatmeal...

Gemini: You and your oatmeal...

Snake: Hm. Gauntlet's gone again...That's so like him...

Magnet: At least the action is focusing on us this time.

(The Sinister Six break away from the fight.)

Super Chaos: *Hufff...Puff...* Had...enough...yet...?

Galvatron: ...I think...I think it's time...TO SHOW THEM OUR TRUE POWER!

Torch: YES!!! Galvatron enhanced us, Super Chaos...we are more powerful than any other Robot Master!


(The Sinister Six transform, using Galvatron's Cybertronian enhancements!)

Top: What!? TRANSFORM!!??

(Bitman transforms into a gun, which Galvatron fires at Super Chaos! Super Chaos reels back in pain! Oilman transforms into a tank and shoots his Oil Stream at Super Chaos! Sharkman transforms into a jet and launches his Shark Boomerang! Blademan transforms into a super-fast racecar and fires his Blade Launcher! Waveman transforms into a metal Tyrannosaurus Rex and spits his Water Shooter!)

Super Chaos: I...WILL...NOT...FALL!!

(Torchman transforms into a metallic Red Dragon and fires his Torch Arm at Super Chaos! Super Chaos doubles back!)

Galvatron: And now, to finish you off!

(Galvatron transforms into a cannon and blasts Super Chaos with full power! It knocks him out!)

Spark: Uh-oh!

Torch (Red Dragon): A pity...we could have made great allies...

Blade (racer): Who cares, let's waste these scrap heaps!

Wave (T-Rex): Yeah...Sinister Six REUNITE!

(The Sinister Six attack! Bitman and Sparkman compete for the master of electricity! Sharkman and Snakeman battle for master predator! Galvatron battles the personality-deficient Hardman! Geminiman battles Waveman! Torchman burns Topman! Blademan fights Needleman! Oilman takes on Magnetman!)

Needle: That's it! I'm sick of idiots like you trying to beat me! Take this!

(Needleman fires his Needle Cannon and gives Blademan flat tires. Blademan is forced to transform!)

Torch (Red Dragon): All of you will burn!

(Torch fires a blast of intense heat at Top that knocks him out! Galvatron uses his cannon mode and blasts Hardman unconscious!)

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Galvatron: That's 3 down! You will all fall!

Gauntlet: Not if I can help it!

(Galvatron whirls.)

Galvatron: You!

Gemini: Gauntlet! Where were you!? What about the girl!?

Gauntlet: Alex and I...uh...well, that's a secret, but suffice it to say, she's on our side now! She even told me where the real Sinister Six is!

Torch (Red Dragon): Not that it will do you any good! Eat Torch Arm!

(Torch fires his attack on Gauntlet but...)

Gauntlet: HA! Did you forget I am flame-retardant?

Torch (Red Dragon): I did forget!

(Gauntlet uses his Matrix Nyoi-Bo and bats Torch into Oil resulting in a tremendous explosion that knocks out both Oilman and Magnetman!

Gauntlet: OOPS! Sorry 'bout that Maggie!

Galvatron: Ngah! I will destroy you!!

(Galvatron then throws Gauntlet's three stolen Sunfires at him! Gauntlet uses his ninja speed to dodge the cars and the explosions where they land!)

Gauntlet: AGH!!! My cars!! NNNOOOO!!!!!!!

(With the Sinister Six taken off guard, Sparkman overloads Bitman and Needleman beats Blademan with his brute strength! The Sinister Six and the Mechanical Maniacs regroup! Hardman, Topman, and Magnetman are out, but so are Blademan, Oilman, and Bitman! The remaining S6 have been forced to revert to their original forms due to damage to their alt modes! The advantage goes to the Maniacs!)

Gauntlet: Ready to face the music, you little rejects?

Wave: Not yet. We'll show the world that the MM3 PC Robot Masters are real Robot Masters.

Gemini: Somehow I doubt that...You guys are not even good enough fer paperweights!

Wave: Well...well we're rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of us and sticks to you...

Gemini: ?

Gauntlet: ??


Wave: Aw...shut up.

Galvatron: But wait!! Nyah-HAH!

(Galvatron whips out a small device.)

Galvatron: This device is a transmitter. I have placed a large thermonuclear bomb in the real Sinister Six's cell! Make one more move and all of MegaLand will blow up! That means not only you and us, but the Sinister Six, Lysekoid and all of his dippy staff members too!

Snake: No! You'd die too! You're bluffing!

Galvatron: Am I...? Are you all willing to take that risk?

(The Mechanical Maniacs look at each other uneasily.)

Gauntlet: Well, you guys might not be, but I AM!

(Gauntlet then leaps at Galvatron!)

Galvatron: You FOOL! You think I was bluffing!?

(Galvatron pushes the button and...)

Torch: NOTHING!? What happened!?

(A little while ago, where the true Sinister Six were being held...)

Scott (Bombman): Hmmph! The nerve! Throwing Bombman in a room with a bomb! I hope he didn't expect it to go off!

IRA (Fireman): I dunno. Would've liked the fireworks...

Tim (Gutsman): Yea, you would. Okay guys, back to work! We gotta find a way outta here!

(And so...)


Wave: Aw, figures.

Shark: Why don't you shut up!

Snake: Man...these guys need group therapy!

Gemini: And these guys wonder why they get no respect...

Needle: Looks like they forgot all about us...

Spark: So let's remind them!

Gauntlet: Right! Let's go!

(The Mechanical Maniacs attack while the Sinister Six are busy arguing amongst each other! Shadowman slices Sharkman with his Shadow Blades! Sparkman electrocutes Waveman! Geminiman double-teams Torchman! Needleman and Snakeman both assault Galvatron! The battle is fierce, but in the end the victors are...The Mechanical Maniacs!)

Spark: And that!

(Snakeman wakes everybody else up with energy pellets.)

Magnet: Over already? We missed the end?

Top: That sucks!

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

(The police arrive.)

Police: Okay, whichever one here is the Mega Man 3 team, PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!

Snake: Officers, arrest these guys!

Police: I don't think so buddy!

Mechanical Maniacs: HUH!?!

Police: The MM3 team, you guys, stole those Sunfires! It says so right here!

Gauntlet: Uhhhh, no that wasn't us!

Police: It wasn't?

Gauntlet: Oohhhhhh, no! We'd never do anything illegal! This other Mega Man 3 team teamed up with Galvatron, a known felon, and has been trying to make us look bad!

Police: Hey...yeah...these other guys have the Decepticon symbol! They're all in cahoots!

Gauntlet: So you see, it is they who are the true bad guys, not us!

Needle: Yeah, we saved the city! They were gonna bomb it to the ground!

Police: Well, we'll need to look into this, but...we'll be taking the "Sinister Six" to jail!

Top: Yessss!

Police: Now, don't expect an award or anything!

Magnet: Hmph!

(The police take Galvatron and the Sinister Six away.)

Snake: Well, I guess things turned out alright...

Magnet: I guess...

Needle: And we learned something today too...

Gauntlet: ?

Needle: We learned that the benchmark of a truly successful team is cooperation! If the Sinister Six all cooperated, they would have surely beaten us!

Gauntlet: Hmmm...I guess. Of course, they wouldn't have beaten me!

Needle: Sure they would!

Gauntlet: Nuh-uh!

Needle: Uh-hunh!

Gauntlet: Nuh-uh!!

Needle: Uh-hunh!!

Top: *Sigh*...So until Gauntlet and Needle can learn to be mature, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!

Hard: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Spark: ...Y'know...I'm sure we're forgetting something...

Gauntlet: Well, If we can't remember what it is, how important could it be?


IRA (Fireman): 86 bottles of beer on the wall, 86 bottles of beer...

Tim (Gutsman): Some heroes we turned out to be, getting trapped by that fake Sinister Six...getting trapped in here for 3 WEEKS!!!!

IRA (Fireman): If one of those bottles should happen to fall...

Edward (Elecman): Yeah, well we'll be rescued soon! Those losers said they were going after the Mechanical Maniacs next! They'll rescue us!...Wait! I hear something!

(A rat passes by.)

Tim (Gutsman): I don't believe it...

Gary (Iceman): Real nice, Ed...

IRA (Fireman): 85 bottles of beer on the wall...

Edward (Elecman): Oh, girls everywhere will cry on this day! We'll be household names...but we won't be alive enough to enjoy it!

Jason (Cutman, MegaManXtreme): Oh, shut up!

All : YEAH!

Edward (Elecman): HMPH!

IRA (Fireman): 84 bottles of beer on the wall, 84 bottles of beer...


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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