Galvatron Returns Part 1

(The Maniacs are watching a newscast announcing the attack of some evil villain in the city.)

Snake: Wait a sec, something doesn't seem right.

Top: What's that?

Snake: This is Gemini Blue's epilogue, so what is the man in tights doing here?

Gemini Red: Hey guys! I'd like to say something here. THEY ARE NOT TIGHTS! YOU HEAR?

Spark: And doesn't Gemini usually start with an opening line like it was a normal day at the Technodrome or something?

Needle: Whatever. Gemini Blue is still in the hospital, ever since Wily tried to trick us, Gem has been cursing his name so they suggested he stay a few more weeks.

Magnet: So about this evil villain, who is it?

Top: Yeah. Whoever it is, he or she is no match for us!

Hard: We've beaten everyone who's gotten in our way.

Gauntlet: Hey everyone! Bad news!

Gemini Red: We heard. Some villain is attacking the city right?

Gauntlet: Well, yes! But that villain isn't just anyone! It's Galvatron!

Gemini Red: Who cares?

Needle: It's not worth my time.

Top: Sounds boring.

Magnet: What else is new?

Gauntlet: What's up?

Snake: Every time you fight Galvatron, you always win. And you always fight him by yourself!

Spark: Except for that time when he was with the PC team.

Gauntlet: So you're all saying I should fight him?

Needle: No! We're saying that it doesn't matter. You, us, someone else, who cares? It'll get done.

Gauntlet: Someone else, eh? Sounds good!

(Hours pass and an explosion occurs.)

Top: Now what?

Galvatron: Gauntlet! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Ngah!

(Galvatron blasts a few holes in the Technodrome.)

Galvatron: Or should I blast you out!?

Maniacs: It's Galvatron!

Galvatron: Yes! I've come for revenge on Gauntlet and the rest of you for foiling my plans!*

(*Check out pretty much any epilogue in Series 1.)

Magnet: How do you plan to beat us this time?

Spark: Even Wily and his goons are no match for us!

Hard: Yeah!

Galvatron: Ah, you see someone revived Unicron and then Unicron powered me up to full strength. Now I'm stronger than ever! Enough talk. I will put an end to all of you!

Wily: And I will help!

Spin: You will pay for our last defeat!

Hard: Shut up!Hard Knuckle!

(Spin deflects the Knuckle back at Hard.)

Hard: I guess it's ineffective again.

Galvatron: Gauntlet! You shall die!

(Galvatron transforms and blasts Gauntlet.)

Gauntlet: In your dreams! Shadow Blade!

(Using his Matrix Gauntlets, Gauntlet dodges the blast and hits Galvatron.)

Magnet: Ha! Magnet the Mighty will finish you!

Chimera: Not before I finish you!

(Soon everyone is at blows. Gauntlet and Galvatron attack each other with no sign of giving up. The rest of the Maniacs fight Wily's four goons. Hard breaks Clawman's claws and slams him. Magnet and Chimera battle to see who is the Mighty one and Snake also joins in. Spark tries to overload Warman's circuits. Needle and Spinman try to pin each other down with their weapons.)

Top: All this fighting will soon come to an end.

Gemini Red: What do you mean?

Top: I'm going to kill Wily! That might scare Spin, Claw, War, and Chimera away, leaving Galvatron open for a concentrated attack.

Gemini Red: That's a good idea.

Spin: Stand still so I can hit you!

(Spin throws his blade at Needle, but hits Red instead.)

Gemini Red: That's it! Gemini Laser!

Top: Say your prayers Wily!

Wily: Topman! What are you doing?

Top: I'm going to do what that useless Megaman couldn't do! Top Spin!

(The Spin knocks Wily out of his capsule. Everyone else stops fighting besides Gauntlet and Galvatron.)

Top: And so you die!

Wily: And so will YOU!

(Wily pushes a button on his coat and explodes, taking Top with him.)

Needle: What?

Magnet: No!

Snake: This can't be real!

Hard: Top!

Spark: It can't be!

Gemini Red: Wily! You jerk!

Gauntlet: Top! No!

Chimera: Master!

War: Let's make a break for it!

Spin: Run!

Claw: We'll be back!

(The four Wilybots leave.)

Galvatron: Ha! He was a fool to do such a thing! But don't worry. Because you'll all be joining him soon!

(Galvatron blasts all seven of the Maniacs.)

Gauntlet: Wrong Galvatron!

Galvatron: What!?

Needle: Top's death only made us stronger!

Hard: Now you'll be destroyed!

(The Maniacs attack Galvatron with their best attacks. Galvatron falls, beaten by the sheer ferocity of their combined attack!)

Galvatron: Blast! You may have won this time but Unicron will put an end to your worthless lives!

(Galvatron flies off and Unicron appears in the sky.)


Gauntlet: Damn! We're too weak to fight Unicron by ourselves!

Needle: Any ideas?

Magnet: All of you run! Magnet the Mighty will defeat Unicron!

Snake: Are you crazy?

Spark: You'll die!

Gemini Red: I've got it! We'll use the Transmetal Driver you guys stole from SkyNET back before I joined and link it to the Terminator mobilty tech and the Technodrome's own engines! We can then use the Technodrome's thrusters to propel it into Unicron and blow him up! He's newly reborn and still weak. It's gotta work!

Gauntlet: This might sound crazy. But that might get the job done!


(The Maniacs follow Red's plans and begin the countdown.)

Gemini Red: 5!


Needle: 4!

Spark: 3!


Snake: 2!

Magnet: 1!

Hard: 0!

Gauntlet: This one's for Top!


(The Technodrome rockets up into Unicron and explodes, taking Unicron with it! A shockwave from the explosion rocks the Earth!)

Top: Guys?

All: Top! You're alive!

Top: You all did well...

Gauntlet: Come on! You can make it!

Top: My life source is fading...But I'll pass my powers to someone who can take my place...

Spark: No!

Top: Farewell...I'll miss you all...

(Topman dies.)

Snake: NO!

Magnet: Top!

Gemini Red: Huh?

(Gemini Red glows orange.)

Hard: What's happening?

(Gemini Red turns into Topman.)

Top: What the?

Gauntlet: Red?

Top: It's not Red anymore! It's Top.

Needle: Top's back!

Top: Don't worry! I may not be as good as the last Top but I'll try.

Gauntlet: In the mean time we'll have to find a new home.

(The Maniacs start glowing.)

Magnet: Hey! What's going on?

(As the energy from the shockwave merges with the Maniacs' synthesis drives, they transform, acquiring their Transmetal armor!)

Spark: Hey! We got new armor!

Magnet: I am mightier than ever!

Snake: Hmm...I guess everything turned out all right.

Needle: Yeah and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: That Red is smarter that we thought.

Top: Hey!

Needle: No! We learned that all good things must come to an end. You see after this epilogue the series will end and we'll have to wait until the next to find out what happens.

Gauntlet: I see...

Top: Well until we find out what happens, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!

Hard: Nightmare doesn't say it quite like C.J. did...What do you think? Ugh, this form suits me even less than the last one.


Wily: Fools...They only beat my robotic clone! Top died for nothing! Soon I will have my revenge! I will return! And next time, they will know never to mess with Dr. Albert Wily!


(But wait! This is only 1 of the 3 endings! Read on and see what really happened.)

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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