Galvatron Returns Part 2

(The day starts in the morning, with the Mechanical Maniacs eating...nothing!)

Gauntlet: I'm soooooooo hungry!!!!

Magnet: We all are!

Spark: Yeah, where IS Gemini Red...that lazy bastard went for groceries two hours ago!

Needlegal: I need my Mmm Mmm Sugary Sugar Balls!

Snake: Blech!

Top: You really shouldn't eat're hyper enough already!

Needle: Am not!

Hard: Are too!

Needle: I'll hyper you!

Hard: What?

Gemini Blue: Man, I hate how Nightmare has all this useless character introduction and jokes nobody likes! GET TO THE DAMN PLOT!

(Suddenly, Galvatron smashes through the wall!)

Hard: That was rather sudden and unexpected!

Galvatron: I shall destroy you all! Ngah!

Gauntlet: Hey Galvy, what's shaking?

Galvatron: Fools! Do you not realise that you face the wrath of Galvatron? I have power you cannot comprehend!

Spark: Oh please...we defeat you every time!

Gauntlet: I usually do it by myself.

Hard: Yeah! So scram!

(Galvatron fires at them and a huge blast knocks them throught the other wall and out onto the street!)

Snake: Owwwwww! How the hell did he get so powerful?

Galvatron: Look up, puny mortals!

(They look up to see floating in the sky...)


Maniacs: UNICRON!!!!!!


Spark: So that's where he got the upgrade!

Gauntlet: Guys, new plan...RUN!!!!

(They all run, and run, and run, until they bump into none other than...KING!)

King: Ah good, I was about to come to you, but I see you're eager to die!

Gemini Blue: Phhh, you can't destroy us! Last time you took a knocking from Gem Red!

King: Hah! That is one Robot Master that is no more!

Hard: Say what?

King: I sliced him 20 times before the grocery bag hit the floor!

Snake: He killed Gemini Red!

Spark: You bastards!

Pharoahman: You thieves!!!

Needle: Oh, you stole it from South Park!

Magnet: And to think of all the times...we called him a lazy bastard...and never got to say...we're sorry!

Snake: I'll always remember how I used to hit him with Search Snakes...(sniff) it was his weakness, so he always got really hurt...

Top: Sigh...he was a good member...although I never really knew him very well...

Gauntlet: Well, even though he's gone...his memory, and our memory of his tights...will live on...forever...

Maniacs: Amen...

King: Back to what is important, killing you!

Gemini Blue: Man, Gem Red was like a brother to me, or a twin, or something really...bondyish!

King: Then I'll kill you first!

Gemini Blue: I don't think so!!! Gemini Laser, maximum charge!

King: Hah, I can dodge anything you throw at me! Bring it on!

Gemini Blue: FIRE!!!!

(Gemini unloads a barrage of Lasers at King but the villain dodges them easily...)

King: Haha! Easy as pie!

Gemini Blue: (From behind King) Ah, but that was just a diversion! Gemini Laser!

(King collapses.)

Snake: Hm, I guess things turned out alright after all!

Galvatron: But you may be forgetting something!

Spark: Galvatron!

Magnet: Uh-oh! Guys, we ran into a dead end!

Gauntlet: We'll hafta fight our way out!

Gemini Blue: Right! I have a plan! (Inaudible whispers.)

Maniacs: Lets do it!

Snake: Search Snakes! Distract Galvatron!

(Galvatron focuses his attention on the Snakes.)

Top: Top Spin! (Drills a hole in the ground).

Needlegal: Needle Cannon! (Lines the hole with huge Needles).

Spark: Spark Shock! (Surges Needles with electricity).

Gauntlet and Hard Chick: Shadow Blade! Hard Knuckle! (Knocks Galvatron unconscious).

Magnet: Magnet Missile! (Attracts Galvatron towards the hole).

Gemini Blue: Now to finish it. Gemini Laser! (It pushes Galvatron into the hole.)

Galvatron: (Badly wounded from the Needles) I'll get even with you someday!

Gauntlet: Now we need to destroy Unicron...

Spark: But how?

Gemini Blue: What about that Transmetal Driver? Do we still have it?

Snake: Yeah! I have it right here!

Hard: You always carry that around?

Snake: Shut up.

Gemini Blue: Why don't we link it to the Technodrome and the Terminator booster tech, and then launch it into Unicron?

Gauntlet: Then it'll cause a power surge, creating a massive explosion, and destroy Unicron!

Needle: What have we got to lose?

Magnet: Our base!

Spark: Ah well...we'll still have money...

Magnet: Yeah fine, count me in.

Gauntlet:, lets get to it.

(A busy two hours later...)

Gemini Blue: Ok, ready?

Gauntlet: Ready...

(They activate the driver and activate rocket launchers already in place, and the Technodrome shoots into Unicron with a large explosion, sending everyone sprawling in a different direction as a strange shockwave washes over them. Unicron lets out a final scream and is totaled! Meanwhile, at the vicinity of where King was destroyed, lands a disoriented Topman.

Top: Hunh? Where am I? Woah! What's with this cool armour? (That's right, armour with a U!!! CANADIAN POWER!) I guess that surge was a Transmetal wave, and turned me Transmetal! I bet the rest have cool armour too!!

(King shoots Topman, fries his body, and then faints. The Transmetalized Mechanical Maniacs converge on the scream.)

Needle: Topman! The idiots! They blew it up!

Spark: He's dead...

Snake: Hm, well I guess...(sniff) everything turned out...Aw, hell, I can't say it! Two members have died during this epilogue, how can it be alright?

Needle: Aw, I'm too depressed (sob) to do a moral...

(A period of silence...)

Hard: Something's missing...oh,, until...(sniffle) damnit, just end the epilogue before we all cry.


(That was just the second of three possible endings. Read onto the third part and maybe it will be slightly less depressing.)

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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