(The United Nations building in New York City...)

Topman: Alright, nobody move! You will hand over all your nations and countries now...or you will all be destroyed by GAMMA 3000!!

Gamma: Rar!

(Guards shoot at Gamma, but the bullets have no effect!)

Snakeman: HAH! That was pathetic! Take this!

(Gamma blasts the guards.)

Snake: Soon...soon all the SNAKES in the WORLD WILL BELONG TO ME!! AND ME ALONE!! FOR I -

(Gauntlet whacks Snake upside the head.)

Gauntlet: Enough of that! Are you guys sure we wanna do this?

Needlegal: Yeah, running the ENTIRE WORLD will be lotsa work...

Spark: No it won't!

Hard Chick: We want the world!!

Snake: And besides, I only want to rule the snakes!

UN Delegate #1: Excuse me? HELLO!!

Magnet: What is it? Do you want to be first to hand over your country??

UN Delegate #1: No. I just want to ask if you guys are retarded or not. Because the army and all (and I do mean ALL) the Megaman teams are going to have your ass for breakfast in about 3 seconds!

Spark: I don't think so. This is a new, improved Gamma!! It can even withstand Top Spin and Search Snakes! Not only did Professor Robot upgrade it, but so did I. We added nice little gadgets like this - WATER SHOOTER!!

(PC Waveman's Water Shooter shoots forth from Gamma, rendering UN Delegate #1 unconscious!)

UN Delegate #2: But you will never get away with this!!

Geminiman: Au contraire! Gamma 3000 is protecting this building with a combination of Woodman's Leaf Shield, Voltman's Force Field, Junkman's Junk Shield, Skullman's Skull Barrier, Starman's Star Crash, Plantman's Plant Barrier, and Armored Armadillo's Rolling Shield!! Nothing can withstand such a barrier!!

Hard Chick: It's too bad Gemini Red couldn't be here for this, but he didn't want to miss Oprah.

Geminiman: Now give in to our demands! Hand over your countries!!

UN Delegate #3: Well, we really don't have that kind of power...

The Maniacs: Huh!?

UN Delegate #3: We are delegates, not world leaders.

Sparkman: You...are...?

UN Delegate #4: Yes! What? Did you think that the world's leaders would leave their countries unattended just to convene here!? Are you idiots or something!?

(Gamma blasts UN Delegate #4 with Spark Shots!)

Magnetman: But you can probably tell the world leaders to hand over the countries! Do it! NOW!!!

UN Delegate #3: How about "no"?

(Gamma blasts UN Delegate #3 with Sonic Wave!)

Snakeman: Any more objections?

UN Delegate #2: I really don't see why you'd want all that responsibility...

The Maniacs: Responsibility??? We're just doing this for fun!!

UN Delegate #5: FUN!? You think being a world leader is fun!?

Geminiman: Ummmmmm...yeah??

UN Delegate #5: Well, it's not fun!! You'll have to look after dozens of peasants who only find fault with you! No matter what you do, they'll only find fault! I hate my life!! (Starts crying.)

Top: Hm...I never realized that running the world could be hard work!

Hard: Yeah, I guess in all the fun and excitement of being super villains, we lost sight of what was really important...

Snake: Well, I don't give a rat's ass! I don't want the world, only the snakes!

Needlegal: I never wanted to run the world anyways. I have too little time as it is!

Gauntlet: Well I just don't care. Run the world, but leave me outta it.

Magnet: Well, I guess we all learned a little something.

Gauntlet: Except for me!

Magnet: Except for Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: I learned squat!

Gamma: Well, that's splendid...IT LEAVES MORE FOR ME!!

All: WHA!?

(Gamma forcibly ejects the Mechanical Maniacs!)

Needlegal: HEY!! What gives?!

Gamma: Thank you for all of these marvelous upgrades, Mechanical Maniacs...I can truly say I have never been more powerful!

Snakeman: HEY! Let us back in! You belong to us!

Gamma: I belong to nobody!

Geminiman: Come on, we stole you fair and square!

Topman: Don't be a big baby, Gamma!

(Gamma blasts them all with Centaur Flash!)

Gamma: Silence!! I will not be ordered around by you or anyone, any more! You will fall before your old enemy...

(Gamma morphs into...)

All: SIGMA!!!!!!

Sigma: Correct!

Gauntlet: But how? You were trapped forever!

Sigma: Inside that accursed Pokeball, yes. Or so you thought! I am a VIRUS! My true form is my powerful, superior MIND! You cannot hope to contain that! I transferred myself from my trapped body into the Technodrome's mainframe. When you came back with this new, more powerful Gamma, I saw my chance! Now I am in full control of this wonderful new body!

Needlegal: But didn't you hear how hard and unforgiving it is to be king of the world? Why bother doing it?

Sigma: HAH! I never wanted to take over the world - only to eradicate all human life! With this body that's not hard at all!

Topman: Heh, heh...hey, no hard feelings about the whole time with you as our butler, right?* I mean...

(* it all started in Series 1, issue 7)

Sigma: Oh, hard feelings at all...

(Sigma blasts the team with Bit Cannon, Nuclear Detonator and Shark Boomerang!!)

All: OUCH!!

Sigma: Die, fools!!

(Sigma fires at the team with all sorts of nasty weapons!)

Hard Chick: Eat Hard Knuckle, creepo!

(Hard Chick fires Hard Knuckle, but it has no effect!)

Gemini: This looks like a job for BATTLEMECH!

BattleMech: Yes Master?

Everyone Else: (Groan.)

Gemini: What?

Needlegal: "Master"? You have it call you "Master"?

Gemini: What? No good?

Needlegal: ...

Gemini: BattleMech! Alpha Strike!

Sigma: Hm?

BattleMech: Yes sir! Alpha Strike!

(BattleMech fires the Alpha Strike, but Sigma blocks it with its synthesis Barrier!)

Sigma: Oh please! Pathetic!

Gemini: No!!!

BattleMech: Danger!

Sigma: Here's some true power!

(Sigma fires Hyper Bomb, Clash Bomb, Hard Knuckle, Drill Bomb, Napalm Bomb, Danger Wrap, Flash Bomb, Remote Mine, Nuclear Detonator, Bubble Bomb, Magnet Mine, and Parasitic Bomb!! (All bomb weapons in the MM series.) A huge explosion occurs!)

Sparkman: Is everyone alright...?

Gemini: No...he got...BattleMech...

Magnet: Too bad, Gem.

Gemini: NO!!!! I summon ODIN!!!

Everyone Else: What?

(Odin appears.)

Sigma: Hold on!

(Odin charges! Sigma counters with Mirror Buster! Odin is reflected back at Gemini! Gemini barely dodges!)

Magnet: You just HAD to program him with ALL those powers, didn't you Spark!?

Spark: Well, you found him!

Sigma: Enough! Ha ha hah! I'll destroy you all now!

Gauntlet: I don't think so!

(Gauntlet fires a gun at Sigma! Sigma blocks with the Barrier weapon combination! The room erupts in light!)


Gauntlet: It's a nice little toy I...borrowed...from the Sinister Six. It caused a lot of trouble for them recently.


Gauntlet: It downgrades everything into 8-bit sprites! Even if they have shields, it just downgrades those and goes right through them!

Sigma: NO! I will never allow this to happen!

(Sigma fires Metal Blades at Gauntlet, but they have no effect!)

Gauntlet: Too late, Rin-tin-tin! Your puny 8-bit weapons can't harm me! I'm too graphically advanced!

Sigma: I won't be stopped! Even if you destroy this body, I will rebuild!

Needlegal: Actually, we kinda figured that, which is why we made a special anti-virus for you!

Sigma: What??

Top: We've been carrying it around, just in case! You were too powerful for it before, but now you're perfect!

Gauntlet: Sigma, say hello to Sniffy! The Virtual Rat!

(Gauntlet lets Sniffy loose!)

Sniffy: Squeak!

Sigma: What?? NO!!!

(Sniffy jumps on Sigma and starts eating him alive!)


(Sigma uses Time Stopper, but it has no effect!)


(Sigma is fully eaten!)

Sniffy: Squeak!

Top: Man...That was graphic!


UN Delegate #2: this "Sigma" was behind it all? From the beginning?

Gauntlet: Oh, yeah. We'd never try to take over the world!

Top: (Thinking) Liar. Ah, well. At least we might get to be heroes.

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out all right after all...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: That "knowing is half the battle"?

Needlegal: Actually...Yes.

Gauntlet: Hh. Who knew?

Top: Well, until Sniffy the Virtual Rat is elected king of the Earth, we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!


Sniffy the Virtual Rat is COPYRIGHT Wadsworth, a division of Thompson Learning, Inc.

X5 Sigma was captured by Nightmare Zero of Megaman Masters.

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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