Geminiman Leaves?

( After beating The Anti-Megaman Team once again, the Mechanical Maniacs celebrate at the Technodrome. Well, most of the Mechanical Maniacs...)

Spark: Can I join the party now guys? I've finished my shift!

Gauntlet: Ok Hard! You can watch Gemini until 9:30!

Gemini: *Grumble*.

Hard Chika: Hey I got some cake for you.

Gemini: Thanks, Sarah! I still can't believe no one trusts me since I left the Xtreme Team.

Hard Chika: I still trust you and so does Red.

Gemini: Thanks.

Hard Chika: We're friends, we're supposed to look out for each other.

Gemini: Yeah, well since you trust me, could you untie me then?

Hard Chika: Yeah, sure!

Gemini: Great! Thanks Sarah.

Hard Chika: You're welcome!

Top: Hey Hard! Keep a good eye on Gemini, you never know when he could attack us.

Gemini: Hard Chika and I have been great friends since before I joined the Mechanical Maniacs! Why would I attack her?

Top: I dunno?

Gemini: Well, then shut up! I would never endanger any member of this team, especially Sarah and Nightmare.

Snake: Yeah right, he's probably planning something now.

Gemini: I heard that! Don't worry, I'd never let anyone attack the team

Hard Chika: I believe you. Ignore what they say! You've got me and Red to back you up.

Gemini: Yeah! I feel a lot better, thanks Sarah.

Hard Chika: You're welcome.

Gemini: Hey, where is Nightmare anyway?

Hard Chika: That lazy bastard locked himself in the game room and won't come out! He's hogging all the games!

(Later that night, outside the Technodrome. )

Gemini: (Thinking) I need some time alone. Maybe Dr.Light could help.

(Gemini walks into the city.)

Gemini: (Thinking) Just a few more blocks...

(A sign appears.)

Gemini: Dr.Light's Lab, next exit. Great! I'm nearly there.

Roll: Huh? Oh, Geminiman! What are you doing here?

Gemini: Hi Roll! Is Dr.Light there? I'd like to talk to him.

Roll: Sure! Go right ahead.

Dr.Light: So Geminiman what can I do for you?

Gemini: I'd like you to make this.

(Geminiman hands over some blueprints.)

Dr.Light: These are blueprints for a...?

Gemini: BattleMech.

Dr.Light: But these only exist in the year...

Gemini: 3057, I know.

Dr.Light: Okay, this might take a while so who want to lie down or something?

Gemini: No, I'm fine

(Back at the Technodrome.)

Magnet: Where's Gemini?

Hard Chika: I was going to say the same thing

Spark: He's probably plotting some plan to destroy us all.

Hard Chika: You listen here, Spark! We are going to find Lennon whether you like it or not!

Spark: Why?

Hard Chika: Because I said so, okay?

Top: You know, you shouldn't let your feelings get the best of you, Hard.

Gauntlet: Yeah! I know Gemini is a real close friend but he can take care of himself.

Hard Chika: Fine! I'll look for him myself!

Needle: Hold it right there! You're not going anywhere, Hard!

Gauntlet: Good work, sis!

Needle: Unless I go with you! Right, bro?

Everyone Else: WHAT?

Needle: Yeah, I'm going with Hard and so are you and Spark.

Gauntlet & Spark: Why!?

Needle: Yeah! Let's find Gemini.

Hard Chika: You heard her!

Gauntlet: Ok, sis.

Spark: Fine, I guess I'll go.

Needle & Hard: YOU GUESS?

Spark: Bah! I'll go!

Hard Chika: Good! Now let's find Lennon!

Gauntlet: (Thinking) Since when did she become leader?

(Back at Dr.Light's Lab.)

Gemini: You done yet?

Dr.Light: Just one more part! Done!

Gemini: All right!

Dr.Light: Now I need some sleep.

Gemini: Goodnight, Doctor!

Dr.Light: Goodnight!

(Dr.Light leaves the Lab.

Gemini: Let's see if the Mech works. BattleMech!

BattleMech: Yes, Master?

Gemini: Take me to the Final Fantasy World.

BattleMech: Yes sir!

(Gemini jumps into the Mech and disappears. He reappears in a dimensional nexus amidst several portals.)

Gemini: Good Work! Now wait here until I call you.

BattleMech: Yes sir!

Gemini: (Thinking) What Final Fantasy should I visit?

(As Gemini looks at the portals, they show the current events. Final Fantasy I: Closed. Final Fantasy II: Closed. Final Fantasy III: Closed. Final Fantasy IV: Crystal World. Final Fantasy V: Closed. Final Fantasy VI: World of Ruin. Final Fantasy VII: Gaea's Cliff. Final Fantasy VIII: Time Compression. Final Fantasy IX: Memoria.)

Gemini: Hmmm I guess I'll go to Gaea's Cliff.

(Gemini jumps into the FF7 portal.)

Cloud: Sephiroth! Where are you!

Sephiroth: You will never find me!

Rufus: HAHAHA! You two continue fighting. I'll find the Promised Land!

Cloud & Sephiroth: Rufus!

Gemini: Hmmm it might be my imagination but something seems different.

Cloud: Meteorain!

Sephiroth: Bolt3!

Rufus: Stupid Fools! Send me down!

Pilot: But sir...

Rufus: Just do it!

Pilot: Yes sir!

(The Highwind lands and a Battle occurs.)

Rufus: I'll just eliminate the competition.

(Rufus casts Stop on everyone except Cloud and Sephiroth.)

Gemini: Allow me to join in.

Rufus: Who are you?

Gemini: I am neither friend nor foe.

Rufus: Forget about it!

(Rufus shoots Gemini.)

Gemini: Ow!

(Cloud and Sephiroth slash Rufus.)

Rufus: Fools, I have a Barrier! You can't hurt me!

Gemini: Gemini Laser!

Rufus: Huh? AH!

Gemini: That was easy.

Rufus: How did you...

Cloud: Finishing Touch!

Sephiroth: Pale Horse!

Rufus: NO! Cough! I can't be beaten like this! AH!

Cloud: Thanks for the help. Who are you, anyway?

(Sephiroth escapes while Cloud has his back turned.)

Gemini: Um I'd like to tell you, but shouldn't you catch up with Sephiroth?

Cloud: Huh? Hey Sephiroth get back here!

(Back at Dr.Light's Lab.)

Roll: I'm sorry, Dr.Light is sleeping but if you would like to leave a message, I'll...

Hard Chika: I don't care! I need to talk to him!

Top: Hi girls.

Needle: Topman! What are you doing here?

Top: I came to see Roll.

Dr.Light: What's all the trouble?

Hard Chika: Dr.Light! Have you seen Lennon?

Dr.Light: Yes. He left about an hour ago.

Hard Chika: Where did he go?

Dr.Light: I guess back to your base?

Spark: Did you see Gemini, Top?

Top: No! I'll contact Snake and Magnet.

Hard Chika: (Thinking) Where could Lennon be?

(Back at the Final Fantasy Portals.)

Gemini: Okay, then FF4 is at the end so they're closed, FF6 is a bit boring, FF8 will be right back, and FF9 is at Memoria. I guess I'll go to FF9 since nothing else is good.

(Gemini jumps into the FF9 portal.)

Zidane: Whose memory is this?

(A vision of Wily, Shadowman, Geminiman, and other Megaman characters appears before the FF9 characters.)

Garnet: Well, I don't think anyone has this memory.

Freya: I guess someone else is here.

Steiner: Stand back, Princess! Danger may be ahead.

Garnet: I can take care of myself, Steiner!

Gemini: Is that right?

Zidane: Who are you?

Gemini: Why should I bother?

Steiner: Stay away!

Gemini: I see you're as stubborn as ever, Steiner

Steiner: How do you know my name?

Gemini: I know everything. I am a traveller!

Vivi: I think we should trust him. He might know about Kuja.

Gemini: Indeed I do!

Steiner: Well, spit it out!

Gemini: Why should I?

Zidane: If he doesn't want to, so be it.

Gemini: Good, I'm glad you understand.

(Back at the Technodrome.)

Magnet: No, I can't find Gemini.

Top: All right, I'll tell Hard Chika.

(At the Crystal World.)

Kuja: My time is nearly up. Time to die! Flare Star!

(Gemini absorbs all the damage.)

Gemini: Trance!

(Gemini turns into a Strider.)

Gemini: Gemini Sword!

(Gemini fires a sword-shaped Gemini Laser.)

Kuja: HAHAHA! That barely itched.

Zidane: We'll need more power!

Garnet: Bahamut! Mega Flare!

Kuja: You call that power? Holy!

Zidane: Trance! Solution 9!

Kuja: AH! Not bad!

Vivi: Meteor!

(The Meteor burns up in the atmosphere.)

Vivi: Sorry!

Steiner: Shock!

Kuja: You're not even trying!

(Amarant slashes Kuja! Quina pokes him with a fork! Eiko summons Madeen!)

Kuja: Curaga!

Gemini: Excalibur! Odin!

All: Huh?!

Odin: (Slashes Kuja.)

Kuja: AH!

Gemini: Finish him off, Zidane!

Zidane: Grand Lethal!

Kuja: I'm gonna go anyway! But you're all coming with me! Ultima!

Gemini: Well, I'm gonna head off. See ya!

Zidane: Hey! AH!

(Gemini, now back in normal form, appears outside the Technodrome.)

Gemini: How'd I get back here? Hey is that...? No, it can't be!

(Back at the city, Hard Chika gets a radio message via JLA communicator!)

Hard Chika: Hey! It's Nightmare! He says he senses that Lennon's back!

Needle: Well, let's get back to the Technodrome!

Top: (Busy flirting with Roll) I'll be right there!

Needle: I said, let's get back to the Technodrome!

Top: Ok!

Dr.Wily: Where do you think you're going?

Needle: Wily!

Dr.Wily: Now I will finally get my revenge on that accursed Gauntlet for ruining my plans! No prison can hold me!!

Dr.Light:'re not here at my lab to get revenge on me?

Dr.Wily: Not today. Now, where is Gauntlet!?

Hard Chika: He left, ya ding bat!

Dr.Wily: NO!! I'll just take my frustration out on you then!

Hard Chika: I don't think so! Hard Knuckle!

(The Knuckle has no effect.)

Needle: Needle Cannon!

(The Needle has no effect.)

Top: Top spin!

(Wily hits Top away.)

Top: AH!

Dr.Wily: Now to destroy you all. W-Bomb!

Needle: W-Bomb?

Dr.Wily: It's like an Atomic Bomb but I'm protected from it, so HAHA!

Gemini: BattleMech! Alpha Strike!

BattleMech: Yes sir! Alpha Strike!

(Alpha Strike causes massive damage!)

Dr.Wily: NO! I cannot be defeated!

Gemini: Gemini Laser!

Dr.Wily: AH! No, the armor is gone! Jump Jets! Activate!


Dr.Wily: No!

Gemini: Eat this, Wily! Gemini Laser!

Dr.Wily: AH! I'll get you next time!

Hard Chika: Lennon! You're back! (Hugs Gemini.)

Gemini: Hey! Hey! Sarah! Calm down! I was going to come back!

Gauntlet: Hey guys! Did I miss anything?

Needle: Where were you, bro?

Gauntlet: I went to the movies. It was pretty boring out here.

Top: And you didn't bother helping?

Gauntlet: And leave during the movie? No way!

Hard Chika: Oh well, as long as Lennon's back I'm happy. (Hugs Gemini again.)

Gemini: Well, I guess we should go back to the Technodrome.

Needle: Yeah!

Gemini: Come on! We'll ride my BattleMech.

Gauntlet: Where did you get that?

Gemini: Dr.Light made it. I'm just taking it for a test drive.

Gauntlet: Dr.Light made that?!

Gemini: Yeah. You want one?

Gauntlet: No.

Gemini: 'Cause you can have it.

Gauntlet: I said no.

Gemini: All right then! Let's go.

(Back at the Technodrome.)

Snake: So you're back

Gemini: I'm sorry. Did you miss me?

Magnet: No, we were fine until you came.

Gemini: (Sigh) Well at least I have my friends.

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out alright after all...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: We did? When?

Needlegal: We learned that it's just best not to search for Gemni when he runs off.

Gemini: What about trust? And all my non-Gemini powers? And teamwork?

Magnet: Quiet!

Snake: Boo!

Spark: You made me walk!

Top: Well, until Lennon is retconned as the one and only Gemini in Mechanical Maniacs history, we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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