The Titanic Tale of Gemini Red and Gemini Blue: Post-Crisis!

(As usual, the day commences for the Mechanical Maniacs in the morning.)

Spark: Why DO the stories always start in the morning?

Needle: Because the morning is such a cheerful time?

Hard: Because the author is writing this in the morning?

Magnet: No, no, it's because the author...*looks up* Nightmare...has absolutely NO CREATIVITY!!!

All: Yeah, that makes sense...

Someone: Speaking of Gemini Nightmare...

Magnet: We're past that. And besides, why are you speaking in the 3rd person, Nightmare?

Someone: did you know it was me? I was all disguised and everything!

Top: All you're wearing is glasses with a plastic fake nose attatched!

Needle: Yeah, and besides, we could tell from your...(snicker)...tights.

Nightmare: Actually, they aren't tights. Gemini Blue wears the same thing. It's just a body suit that goes under my armor.

(Gauntlet comes down the stairs, after finally waking up.)

Gauntlet: Hey Nightmare, nice tights.


All: Suuuuuuuuuure...

Nightmare: Grrr...That's it, I can't take it anymore...why did I join this team in the first place?

Hard: That's actually a very good question. I remember the day well...

Top: I smell a flashback...

Gauntlet: It all started one day when the new Gemini Blue first arrived...

(Crazy wave pool effect, you know what I'm talking about, right?)

Narrator: Gemini Blue was walking down a path in the park one morning, with Sparkman, admiring the beautiful scenery...

Spark: Wanna blow some stuff up?

Gemini Blue: Sure...Uh-oh, stomach ache...

(Suddenly, he splits in two, revealing the counterpart of Geminiman...Geminiman!

Spark: Gasp! It is the counterpart of Geminiman, Geminiman! What ever caused him to split from his other self?

Gemini Blue: What the hell was Nightmare on when he wrote this? I mean...Oh, no! But what have we been seperated into? Cheerful and Angry? Good and Evil? What, WHAT?

Gemini Twin: nnnnnnnnnnnhhh!

Spark: Oh, great, Personality and No-Personality...

Gemini Blue: We must reunite our bodies, for if we don't, our lives can be at stake!

Spark: How so?

Gemini Blue: Well you see, when two Gemini Twins are seperated, and there is one without a personality, he will soon die from lack of identity, and when one twin dies, the other...

(Suddenly, Gemini Blue is interrupted by a giant satellite crashing directly on top of the Gemini Twin with no personality.)

Spark: THAT was random!

Gemini Blue: Umm, lets run...

(They run away, looking at the sky, wondering if more satellites will fall. Then, Gauntlet arrives at the scene.)

Gauntlet: What the HELL was THAT?

(Gauntlet looks down and sees the satellite. Suddenly, a person crawls out. He looks like Geminiman, only his colours are very distorted and somewhat cool-looking. At least I think so.)

Gemini-Guy: Haha! Now I can take over the world!

Gauntlet: And who ARE you?

Gemini-Guy: I am your worst Nightmare!

Gauntlet: Hm?

Gemini-Guy: My name is Nightmare, so it's sort of a catch phrase for know, I am your worst Nightmare and all...

Gauntlet: Oh. And what was that about taking over the world?

Nightmare: Ah yes...I AM TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!

Gauntlet: Explain...

Nightmare: Well, I come from another universe, which is entirely mine, for out of my host body I am an EXTREMELY powerful entity. I have come to this world to add it to my collection.

Gauntlet: Get in line.

Nightmare: Excuse me?

Gauntlet: There's so many people. Wily, Megaman Juno, Sigma, Doc Robot, as well as other teams' rivals like Super Chaos and Iceman Red, and those are only a few out of about a hundred, and that's only in the Mega Man community! There are several other rogues that focus entirely ON trying to rule the world...Batman's, Superman's, X-Men's, and those groups each have at least 50 villains. So I say, get in line.

Nightmare: I have no time for these petty humans...If only I could defeat them all...but in my host body, I can only do so much, and to return to my normal form I would be ommitted from this universe and sent back to my own. I would need recruits...

Gauntlet: You know, we have a team!

Nightmare: Are they strong?

Gauntlet: Sort of...but I am SUPER POWERFUL! I bet if you joined MY team then we would be able to take over the world together, and split it 50-50! (Yeah right.)

Nightmare: All right, I shall stop these petty humans, with your aid. Now, when do I meet them.

Gauntlet: Right now...

(Gauntlet brings Nightmare back to base.)

Gauntlet: These are the Mechanical Maniacs!

All: Huh??

Gauntlet: This is our new member, Nightmare, who is in the host body of the Gemini Twin.

Gemini Blue: I'm not doomed!!!

Gauntlet: Yes, but now neither of you will be able to split in 2.

Gemini Blue: Rats...

Top: Um, one question...

Nightmare: Yes? The one with the head of a child's playtoy?

Top: Um, why are you wearing tights?

Nightmare: Ugh.

(Flash back to present.)

Gauntlet: And that is why you joined the team...

Nightmare: Oh yeah...well, I guess I'll just have to deal with your jokes for now. At least I have other people's respect...

Shadowblade: (Walking by) Hey look, it's Peter Pansy!

Nightmare: Grrrrrrrr...

Needle: And we learned not only one, but two valuable lessons today!


Needle: Indeed. We learned...1) Beware the skies. The skies are vengeful. Feel their wrath.

Hard: Good lesson. And the second?

Needle: Always make sure that when Gemini Nightmare writes, we now ask for more lines. Top, Hard, Magnet and I got gypped!

Magnet: Yeah!

(Top, Hard, Magnet, and Needle start beating up on Nightmare.)

Nightmare: Well, at least there are no Search Snakes, I hate Search Snakes. They're my one weakness.

(Snakeman comes down the stairs.)

Snake: I overslept...what did I miss? YOU HAD AN EPILOGUE AND LEFT ME OUT?! You are so dead, Nightmare! SEARCH SNAKE!

Nightmare: Oh GOD! NOT THE FACE! OW!!!!

Top: Well, until Nightmare stops wearing tights...

Nightmare: I HEARD THAT! OW!





Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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