Another Bad Day

(As another day passes by, a loud thud is heard in the Technodrome.)

Gauntlet: What was that?

Spark: I think it came from the front door.

(The Team finds Gamma inside the Technodrome.)

Snake: Magnet! Did you bring Gamma inside?

Magnet: Who, me?

Spark: Yeah, you.

Magnet: I thought Gamma couldn't fit through the front door.

Gauntlet: That's right, but there's a hole in the wall.

Magnet: Well, don't look at me.

Gauntlet: That leaves Top, Hard, Gemini, and Needle.

Needle: What happened?

Spark: I guess that leaves out Needle.

Gauntlet: Someone blasted a hole in the wall and moved Gamma inside.

Needle: Wasn't me, I just got here.

Top: What about Nightmare?

Snake: Where is he, anyway?

Spark: That bastard was running around smashing everything, so I locked him in the closet.

Gauntlet: Where did you come from, Top?

Top: Me? Oh, I came right from Dr.Light's.

Needle: I thought you hated Dr.Light

Top: I do but...

Hard Chika: He was probably flirting with Roll.

Gemini: Makes sense.

Gauntlet: So where have you two been?

Gemini: I just got up!

Needle: It's the afternoon!

Gemini: I know.

Hard Chika: I was just starting up my master plan to rule the world with Neopets.

Gauntlet: Well, we've solved it. Nightmare probably blasted the hole in the wall.

(A loud beep is heard.)

Snake: What's that sound?

Gemini: That's just my handheld e-mail device.

Hard Chika: Turn it off!

Gemini: Ok then. Bye!

Gauntlet: Where are you going?

Gemini: Out to town, new business.

Hard Chika: See ya!

Gemini: Bye!

Gauntlet: We have a problem now.

Top: What is it?

Gauntlet: Now that Gamma is inside, it came to me that we should hide him somewhere.

Magnet: Why? How?

Gauntlet: Well, with Wily, Doc Robot (or Professor Robot, whatever), and everyone who wants to hunt us down, Gamma would be what they'll find first.

Needle: So hiding Gamma will help us keep a low profile until we're ready to strike.

Spark: Easier said than done.

Gauntlet: Right, so I'm leaving Top in charge again while I go watch TV.

Everyone Else: What!?

Needle: You're leaving Top in charge? What about me? I'm your sister.

Gauntlet: What? I can't hear you! The TV is too loud!

Needle: Turn down the volume.

Gauntlet: Huh? Speak up!

Needle: Forget about him. Let's get a move on.

(After a few hours of pushing and operating, Gamma is hidden.)

Hard Chika: Finally!

Snake: Now, let's rest.

(A spinning disc hits Snake's tail.)

Snake: Ow! Who threw that?

Someone: I did!

Snake: And who are you?

Spinman: I'm Spinman! And these are my fellow new Wilybots Clawman, Warman, and Chimeraman! Wily has sent the four of us to destroy Gauntlet and Gemini.

Clawman: Our leader has informed us that they would be with six other weaklings.

Needle: Hey! We are not weaklings! We are all just as strong as those two!

Chimeraman: Yes, we know all about the whole team. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your brains, your speed...

Top: We get the point!

Spinman: Fine then! Enough talk, lets get rid of them!

Wily: Wait Spinman! Where are Gauntlet and Gemini? I can't see them anywhere.

Top: They left, dumbass!

Wily: They foiled my plans again? No!

Top: What is it with you lately, anyway? You're usually bent on getting revenge on Dr.Light and Megaman, then Gauntlet annoys you one time so you declare vengeance on him, then Geminiman blows you up while you're hunting Gauntlet so now you've singled him out? You realize you're basically the whole world's enemy, right? You don't have just a few rivals, we could all go for a piece of you.

Wily: All right then, kill them!

Warman: I'll make short work of them! W-Strike!

(A ton of missiles, rockets, bullets, and bombs hit the team.)


Mechanical Maniacs: AAAAAH!

Snake: You just had to run off at the mouth, Top.

Chimeraman: You! Hard Chika! I challenge you!

Hard Chika: Can't we just...

Chimeraman: Silence! I want to fight the strongest! Since you are strong, I have chosen you! Chimera Assault!

(Chimera fires Hard Knuckles, Super Arms, Shadow Blades, Gemini Lasers, and Quick Boomerangs at Hard.)

Hard Chika: Hard Knuckle!

(The Weapons collide but Hard is overpowered.)

Hard Chika: AH!

Magnet: Leave this to Magnet the Mighty!

Clawman: Raging Claw!

(The attack slashes Magnet.)

Magnet: No! No one can beat Magnet the Mighty!

Gemini: Gemini Laser!

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

(The Laser fries Warman and the Blade knocks out Clawman.)

Wily: Gauntlet and Gemini! You will pay for this!

(ShadowBlade comes out of nowhere and beats Spinman.)

ShadowBlade: Looks like I came just in time.

Gemini: Hey, ShadowBlade! Long time no see!

ShadowBlade: Hey Shadow! Or should I say Gemini? Yeah, Gauntlet called me here when he heard something.

Gauntlet: Yeah, and Wily almost won. It's a good thing we, the strong team members showed up to rescue our helpless comrades.

Snake: Ugh. Hate Geminiman's epilogues so much.

Wily: Hey! Enough talk! Chimeraman, destroy them all.

Chimeraman: Sir! I don't think that's wise.

Wily: Why not?

Chimeraman: Look!

Wily: Huh? AAAAH!

(The Mechanical Maniacs and ShadowBlade attack Wily with their best attacks.)

Wily: No! I'll get you next time, Gauntlet!

Chimeraman: We'll meet again!

(Chimera runs off with Wily, Spin, Claw, and War.)

Gemini: Just a little to the left.

(Chimera steps on a landmine, sending the five flying off into Skull Fortress.)

Gemini: Yes!

(Later that night.)

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out alright after all...

Gauntlet: Aw, come on! You know today has been a real bad day.

Magnet: Tell me about it.

Needle: But, we've learned something today.

Gauntlet: What?

Needle: Gemini hopefully learned to stop writing the rest of us like weaklings.

Spark: That's true.

Gemini: What? After my last epilogue you complained how I won the battle single-handedly, so this time I let Gauntlet and ShadowBlade be the heroes too.

Snake: You're missing the point!

Needle: And...

(A loud thud is heard.)

Top: Oh no! Gamma!

(Everyone runs out to see Gamma has fallen off a cliff.)

Magnet: I knew we shouldn't have put him next to a cliff on a slope.

Needle: Ok we have learned something else today.

Magnet: What's that?

Needle: You shouldn't park big vehicles on steep cliffs. They could always fall.

Top: Well, until we get Gamma up on land we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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