The Business of War

Red But Not Dead

A Celebration rang out in Camp Cossack. All of those who supported the Cossack cause drank in merriment. There were good times by all.

Except the Cossacks Comrades.

All of them tried to comprehend what happened with Mesmerman. The emotions were very different in all of them, with the most tears coming from Bright and the most fits of rage from Dive. The most neutral was Drill.

“Tha’ smiling bastard! We had a fuckin’ deal!” Dive yelled, breaking an empty bottle of Vodka.

Drill just looked forward at the celebration. “A deal which was obviously a trap. It was either Cossack’s death or that. It’s best not to think about it.”

Dive moved himself so he was eye to eye with the “bossman.” He grabbed his flask out of a jacket pocket and took a shot. “Bossman, how da hell can you take this so calmly?! He fucked with us on more then one time and used our goddamn bodies to save his life! I know you are the wise an’ zen guy, but you have ta’ let reality sink in!”

Drill pushed a button on his chest and waited as it raised up on a hinge. He reached inside the newly revealed space and took a locket. Clenching the golden trinket, Drill stared directly into Dive’s eyes.

“This is all the reality I will ever need,” he said coldly. He put the locket back into his chest and closed it. He faced the rest of the Comrades.

“Team, we have been through hell. We lost two of our own, not counting the one who is not here right now. I have never been more proud of you. All of you have changed. Some more noticeably,” acknowledging Dive, “and others in ways I never would have expected,” this time to Bright, “My friends, we have emerged victorious at the temporary loss of our minds. We will have to live with the knowledge of that.

However…it is time to move on. It will be hard, true, but if we let the past run our lives, then what is the good of the future? We are Comrades. We are strong. We are…”

His speech was cut short by a cry from Dr. Cossack. “BEER PONG!”

Dive cracked a smile. “Bossman, I’ll keep those words at heart. However, screw you guys. I’m about ta’ kick the old man’s ass in drinkin’!”

Drill watched them all go back to the party. He looked down to the ground. “I miss you so much…all the things I did…I don’t think I will ever be the same. Hypocrisy at it’s finest…oh well.”

And with that the leader raced down to the celebration.


A few days passed since the party. The Comrades had just started to adjust to the post war life. Dr. Cossack had managed to hold on to most of his tools after the bombing of his home. Those were the only important belongings he owned.

The group stared at the rubble that once was their home. A statue was erected there at one point, but Dive had promptly used it as target practice. In it’s place, a plaque was put up with Zymeth’s and Rebel's name on it. It was the best way to honor them.

"Father, this is a very nice service that you have preformed. There is hope for you yet," Kalinka told her father.

The group had survived, but their house lay in ruins and two of their own were not with them. The Comrades eagerly await the day when their home becomes restored and their team becomes whole..

But until that day, the Comrades stand tall.



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