Series 8 Issue #11 - A Royal Pain Part 2

Have you ever wondered what happened to the previous Sparkman - Musashiden Razz?

You haven't!? Oh, dear, then you may as well skip part two of A Royal Pain.

But for those of you who're still here, here's a quick recap. Two people - Coola and King - commanded by a mysterious Woman's Voice attack the Mechs 18 years ago as they're out shopping. But! The Mechanical Maniacs of the present day and Quint have gone back in time to face this mysterious Voice and find out what caused Razz's disappearance. Now they've used their super jumping ability to get on that rooftop to confront this mysterious foe!

Quint: Alright, you, the jig is up!

Woman's Voice: (Floating in the air) Who in the world do you think you are?

Quint: You don't know me? That's too bad - for you! Scan me and look me up in this planet's history. Tell me what you see?

Needlegal: Uh, I don't think that'll turn out the way you think it will...

Quint: There's always been people like you. People who would stand in the way of the world's peace and there's always someone who's there to stop you.

Woman's Voice: Megaman!

Quint: NO! You - you must be new or something. Look up the name Quint.

Woman's Voice: (Takes out a multiversal data reader pad and punches in the query) This says you're just some weak loser who I don't have to bother with.

Quint: OI!

Woman's Voice: It also says you're not British, so I have no idea why you're talking like that, but who cares. These guys behind you, on the other can't be the Mechanical Maniacs...I mean you look a little like them, but my operatives are already dealing with them. I'm holding a few captive.

Snakeman: You are?

Woman's Voice: I know who you must be. That other Mega Man 3 team.

Shadowman: Oh, no. Don't say it, don't say it...

Needlegal: You really don't wanna say it.

Woman's Voice: Gamma's Disciples!

Shadowman: SHUT YOUR - Oh, wait. No, that's not as bad.

Magnetman: What in tarnation are you people blabberin' about!?

Spark Chan: Trust me, hunny, you do not want to know.

Shadowman: Well, you see, back in the day -

Needlegal: Don't even start!

Quint: Now before we start this, why don't you introduce yourself? After all, it's rude to try to kill people you've just met.

Woman's Voice: Well, you have a point there. You'd be wise to kneel in the presence of royalty. Bow down before PRINCESS!!


Snakeman: Princess who, exactly?

Princess: Princess shut your freakin' mouth!

Quint: Right, Your Royal Majesty Princess - do you mind if I just call you Princess Mouth?

Princess Shut Your Freakin' Mouth: What?

Quint: It's just that your full name is just a little long.

Princess Shut Your Freakin' Mouth: He's kind of 'special', isn't he?

(Quite suddenly, Princess flies down and swats Quint aside with a powerful slap!)

Princess Shut Your Freakin' Mouth: ACT LIKE AN ASS AND GET SLAPPED LIKE AN ASS!

Geminiman: WOAH!

Spark Chan: The language took an abrupt turn.

Princess: Now listen up! I'm here to kill the Mechanical Maniacs, steal their Transmetal armor, and take over their series. I don't really have a problem with you Gamma's Gladiators people -

Magnetman: We're Gamma's Disciples.

Shadowman: You don't even wanna go there.

Princess: But there's no point in there being two Mega Man 3 teams. So I'll just get my new friend to take care of you. He's the one who gave me the idea to make my own Mega Man 3 team and I don't think he's happy to see you copycats around.

Snakeman: Hold the phone, you don't think...

(From out of nowhere, Bizarro Shadowman drops down in front of our stunned heroes!)

Bizarro Shadowman: Goodbye!

All: Bizarro Shadowman!?

Magnetman: Bizarro whatsits?

Needlegal: Bizarro Shadowman was an imperfect copy of Shadowman. He's like Shadowman, but tries to be the opposite and talks in opposites.

Magnetman: Uh huh.

Needlegal: He was pretty harmless before he was assimilated by the Borg.

Magnetman: Uh...huh.

Needlegal: And then he was upgraded with the Limited armor in another reality. This -

Magnetman: What in the fifth ring of Hell are you goin' on about!? You got some dude in a cape comin' in out of nowhere, a white and pink King, some oddball copy of Shadowman over there and some lady floating up there telling us we gotta kiss her ass; where did all these people come from!? What kind of life did you guys lead before I met you!? Are you even cops in this time?

Snakeman: Oh, no. That came later.

Magnetman: Of course it did.


Quint: I don't know if you've noticed, but Princess just absconded away.

Bizarro Shadowman: Me know what you mean. Princess am totally cool and level headed.

Magnetman: No she isn't! She's the opposite of that!

(To everyone's surprise Bizarro takes off his own head and brains Magnetman with it.)

Bizarro Shadowman: Bottom's up!

Magnetman: That makes no sense at all!

Shadowman: Get that guy!

(Shadowman chucks a Shadow Blade at his old copy as he grabs his head and lobs it at Spark Chan who catches it with a look of shock. It's only partially deflected, managing to score a hit on Bizarro's armor)

Spark Chan: ...

Bizarro Shadowman: Goodbye, ugly lady.

Spark Chan: Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

(Spark Chan drops the creepy talking head and is jump kicked by Bizarro as he deftly appears from behind to catch his own head.)

(Shadowman appears from behind his double from a shadow and tries to skewer him with his short sword, but the copy reacts quickly, countering with a guard and Top Spinning the Mech leader to the ground.)

Bizarro Shadowman: Too fast! Me am never ready for you am too fast.

Magnetman: Wait, what did he just do there?

Bizarro Shadowman: Me am not show you, new friend.

(Bizarro quickly charges up his electrodes and uses a Spark Shock on the sharp shooting Magnetman! )

Magnetman: YeOwcH! You people didn't tell me he could do that!

Needlegal: You didn't let me finish before freakin' out.

Magnetman: You shoulda led with "he has all our powers and none of our weaknesses!"

Needlegal: Well, I'm sorry!

Bizarro Shadowman: Me sorry too.

(Bizarro follows up with a Gemini Laser, knocking both to the ground. The evil copy then yells in surprise as Snakeman comes in from the side grabs him in a hold.)

Snakeman: If you guys could stop bickering and just hit him already I'd appreciate it!

(Several gunshots ring out and Bizarro goes limp. The others look at Magnet in surprise.)

Magnetman: Look, he can't have been that important. And if he was then I'm sure the time stream would have prevented me from gunning the damn fool dead.

(At that moment Bizarro jerks awake and uses Magnetism to send a painful jolt through Snakeman's systems. Looks like it hurt.)

Bizarro Shadowman: Hello! Me am so hurt me will cry. Mwahah hah ahah hah!

Magnetman: What in the - That didn't make any sense!? And how is he still alive!?

Needlegal: Yeah, the Limited armor means we can't actually kill him.

Magnetman: Another thing you forgot to tell me!

Needlegal: Well, I'm sorry our adventures are wacky and complicated, okay!?

Magnetman: How did you lot actually beat him!?

Snakeman: He just kinda wound up beating himself.

Magnetman: Well that just beat all, don't it!?

Bizarro Shadowman: This am lucky day, new friends. Me love make new friends so much, me love you for always.

Magnetman: AAAAHH! I hate listening to that guy!

(Elsewhere Topman continues his shopping spree with Xelloss in tow...)

Xelloss: I just don't understand how I got involved in this.

Topman: Look, you wanna be where the action is, you stick with Topman.

Xelloss: I'm not sure that actually follows. Actually, I'm getting a little tired of all this. Aren't you wondering how our friends are facing against Ms. Princess?

Topman: Who?

Xelloss: Hunh? Oh, never mind! Look, you keep on enjoying yourself, I'll check back later.

Topman: Hey, wait!

(Xelloss disappears with his many bags of clothes.)

Topman: RUDE!! Hey, some of those were mine! HEY!! Crap! I lost him.

(Topman blinks and looks around. There's a large crowd of roller bladers and melting ice in the distance. Impulsively Topman races towards the group.)

Topman: (Thought) You know, this looks kinda familiar. But where have I seen all this before? I've been here a lot, but there's just something...

(Topman comes into view of the crowd and gets a shock that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone else.)

Topman: Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm a true blue hero! (Even if I'm not blue) and - hel-LO!

Topman: Aw, crap.

Topman: I like your style, babe. Going my way?

Topman: Uh, no.

(Topman turns to skate away, but his younger self isn't deterred so easily, the sly dog.)

Topman: Don't be shy.

Topman: (Skating quickly away) Trust me. This will end badly. You don't want to get involved. It'll just be complicated and messy.

Topman: Just the way I like it!

Topman: (Thought) Damn it! I know it is. Damn it, damn it, damn it! I just have to do something differently! But it's been over 15 years; I can't remember what happens exactly. Just have to get away.

Topman: Can't run away from me, I'm the fastest thing on two legs. But this is a fun game. If I catch you, what do I win?

Topman: Not peace of mind, that's for sure.

Topman: Some time with me can be quite relaxing. Come on, stop and let me buy you dinner.

(As Topman tries to run away from his past, Hardman has fun at the former Hardman's establishment.)

Gag: Pops, you can't drink so much of the merchandise.

Hardman: Hah! Don' tell me what t'do, young'un!

Cassandra: There's something off about you today. And it's more than just your new look (which was past due if you ask me).

Hardman: It's just yer 'mag'nation.


Hardman: Wait. That voice...

Quickman: Look, Ben, we're all just trying to have a good time here, alright?

Heatman: I won't have a good time until I hit someone.

Hardman: (With a faraway look) It''s me.

(Yeah, okay, so before Ben was Hardman he was also Heatman. I know, it's confusing. Just go with it.)

Fireman: Aw, man. Look, you're embarrassing yourself. Can't you hold your liquer?

Hardman: (Whispering) And my old pals in the S6.

Cutman: Look, we're all just trying to have a nice time. Try to reign Heatman in, alright?

Quickman: I just don't see why you two can't get along. You're old friends!

Heatman: Tell that to this guy! Who's he calling second rate!?

Fireman: As the first fire-based Robot Master I think I know what I'm talking about.

Heatman: Oh, suuuuure you do.

Fireman: You act like you're still hot stuff, but you're no Magma Dragoon. Not anymore!

Heatman: Why don't we settle this right here, right now?

Hardman: (Whispering) I ... .I remember this. Wait. No it couldn't be.

Zed: Is someone going to break them up?

Clawman: Is there gonna be a fight?

Cassandra: There can't be a fight here, Hadrian!

Hardman: (Whispering) I've come full circle.

(And at that moment Magma Dragoon bursts into the room, knocking down the door!)

Gag: Not the door! Oh, man!

Magma Dragoon: People of the past!

Hardman: Holy crap! I remember this too!

(Yes, Ben was also Magma Dragoon. Try to keep up.)

Heatman: You!?

Fireman: I thought Magma Dragoon was toast.

Heatman: He must come from a point before the X-Force's timeline was destroyed! Actually I do remember reading reports of time anomalies and going to check it out a long time ago too, but life was really hectic at the time. But this has the potential to be utterly catastrophic for the timeline. In retrospect casually going into the past wasn't a good idea.

Fireman: It could be worse. At least there are only two of you here. If there were three...(shudder) I don't wanna think about it.

Hardman: (Whispering) I remember seeing this from both angles. It' These are me.

Magma Dragoon: I knew it. Someone here is trying to be me. And failing! Now who here has the AUDACITY to call themselves "Ben"!? Because this can only end one way. WITH EVERY ONE OF YOU IN MY BELLY! I'm gonna eat every one of your newbs!

Hardman: Aw, man, I was a dick!

Cassandra: Huh?

Hardman: (Picks up both a stunned Heatman and Fireman while using sheer size to force them both - along with MD - out of the bar) Allayouze jus' take this outside. Go on, git! We run a peaceful 'stablishment 'ere!

Fireman: But I didn't start it!

Magma Dragoon: You DARE!?

Heatman: Hey! I know your future! I know how you die! It'll be painful. And when you least expect it.

(With a grunt Ben shoves all both of his former selves and Fireman through the entrance way and solid steel doors come crashing into place.)

Hardman: (Smiling to himself) Jus' enjoy yer meals, alla yas.

Gag: Well. You were right. Those doors really did come in handy.

Torchman: And now that you're all trapped here with me, I shall now make you RUE THE DAY YOU CROSSED ME!

Hardman: Oh, crap.

Blademan: Dat's right! We're commandeering this joint!

Crorq: As this is a place of popularity, logic dictates that controlling it will also make us popular. Us - the one TRUE Demonic Nine!

Torchman: We're the Sinister Six!

Cutman: The what!?

Dynaman: Look, we talked about that. We're trying to go with the Demonic Nine now, okay?

Clawman: Yeah, you could try to take this place over right now. And have every single person here would kick yer ass and you'd get yerselves banned.

Crorq: Hmm...

Clawman: Or, you could just sit down and relax. Isn't that more...logical?

Crorq: Your point had...logic. We shall comply.

Torchman: NO!! You cannot stop our righteous crusade! You all may want to live your dull grey lives colored only by the beer goggles you wear, but we are not like you! We are the righteous! We are the rebellious! We are the crusaders! When there is oppression we do not accept the mead and splendor of our foes! NO! For we stand tall and mighty!

Crorq: Torchman.

Torchman: We do not accept the slings and arrows of yon Mech and his ilk who say their superiority is inherent as ones created on a so-called superior platform. We KNOW THE TRUTH! We know them for the liars they are -

Crorq: Torchman!

Torchman: THEY ARE NOT THE VICTORS! They are cowards who hide behind their cowardly ways. Those who are truly brave come from the games not loved by many; the games that are true and right and loved by those who love the good and hate the bad for that is what they are - THE BAD! They hate all that is great and lay low all that dare to stand against their tyranny, but NO LONGER! NO LONGER! NO!

Crorq: Torchman, just sit down and be silent.

(Torchman's jaw, amazingly clamps shut with a snap and the robot jerkily sits down at the table.)

Hardman: Waoh. Crorq shut Torchman up? This whole trip was worth just that. And he's so...different.

Crorq: I apologize. You are correct, this is neutral territory. We will not cause further disturbance.

Cassandra: Ah...right. It's okay. Everyone tries that the first time they come here. Can I take your order, Crorq?

Crorq: No, thank you. As a robot, the consumption of human food is unnecessary and illogical.

Sharkman: I'll have a whole load of chicken wings!

Crorq: (Shudders) How can you contaminate your systems with such filth, Sharkman? The maintenance costs alone to remove grease and animal fat from essential internal components should be disquieting to even the least rational of robots.

Hardman: (Whispering) Crorq hated chicken wings once? Holy crap, what the hell happened to you?

(Hardman may be having a blast, but the Mechs sure aren't! When we last left old Sparkman and Geminiman, they were cornered and helpless before King's will-sapping powers, and their temporary ally Omniman abandoned them! Princess and Coola arrive at this spot along an abandoned road on the outskirts of the city to meet up with King shortly thereafter.)

Princess: Good work, Mom. You'll make a fantastic Geminiman.

King: I don't know if I want to be Geminiman.


King: Yes, dear.

Geminiman: Wait, what? You can't be Geminiman; I'm Geminiman!

Princess: Oh, ho! But after you lot are dead what then? Someone will have to take your spot. And that's where King, Coola, and I come in. We've decided to be the new Mega Man 3 team and for that we'll need you to die.

Geminiman: So that's your game, is it? Even if you do that I'll bet you'll never be as good at video games as I am.

Coola: Good work roughing up this little jerk.

Princess: He's innsufferable. Now hand over your Transmetal armor. I fancy Sparkman myself, so how's about it? Care to do this the easy way?

Sparkman: Listen, lady, I'm not handing over anything.

(With King supressing Gemini's will, he can only look on in horror as Princess...REACHES INTO SPARK'S CHEST AND CRUSHES HIS MECHANICAL HEART! OH MY! When did this story get so violent?)

Princess: Oh, well.

Geminiman: RAZZ!!

Sparkman: AHH!! AHH!!

King: Wait! We didn't talk about killing them.

Coola: Yeah! We just wanted to rough them up them a little.

Princess: And I just wanted to rough them up a lot. Shut Geminiman up.

King: Yes, dear.

(Gemmy's eyes glow red and he shuts down.)

Princess: At this point we'll just rip the Transmetal Armor from their bodies and be done with the lot of them!

(But before she can move, Princess is hit by a large volt of electricity! It's none other than Spark Chan to the rescue of her predecessor!)

Spark Chan: I don't think so!

Coola: What!? A girl Sparkman?

King: It must be the Xtreme -

Geminiman: NOT AT ALL! Believe it or not, Princess' plans have already been foiled. It has been engraved in stone.

Coola: Wow, you sound just like that blowhard, Lennon.

Needlegal: (While punching Princess) Less bragging, more fighting, Gem.

(Geminiman uses his laser on Princess to counter an energy blast she tried to use against the team.)

Princess: You people again! How did you beat Bizarro!?

Needlegal: The others are keeping him busy. We don't need the whole team to take down someone like you.

Princess: Think again!

(Princess blasts a hole through Needlegal and begins to laugh manically.)

Princess: You pathetic little peasants! Did you really think you could beat me? I'll rip you apart piece by piece! Then, not only will I have the Mechanical Maniacs as my own series, but we'll be the only Mega Man 3 team as well. Just as it should be. You fools can't...can't...what's going on?

(Princess clutches her head as her eyes glow red.)

Princess: Mom!? What are you doing!? I thought you wanted this! Let me go!

King: You're out of control, Princess.

(Ice forms around Princess as Coola seals the mad woman in place.)

Coola: We didn't plan on killing anyone, your grace. Just cool off.

Princess: You! You! I'll kill all of you! Gamma's Disciples! I won't forget you either!

(Princess screams at the top of her lungs as she's finally encased in ice.)

Coola: What a creep.

King: I guess I should have disciplined her more. But it's just so hard to say no to my little punkin.

Princess: (Muffled behind the ice) DON'T CALL ME THAT, MOM! YOU'RE EMBARASSING ME!

Spark Chan: Are we done here?

King: Oh...yes. It's gone too far.

Coola: Seriously? Because I have no problem with the level of violence here.

King: Coola.

(With that, the future Mechs call their team in and they gather outside Quint's ship.)

Hardman: That Hadrian guy really had things goin', didn't he? What a blast, Haw! How did you guys do?

Topman: I had a time I'll never forget.

Geminiman: Wait. Wasn't this around the time you scored with "your biggest fan"?

Topman: ...Ohhhhhhhhh...

Geminiman: So, we finally find out the truth. You're no better than I am.

Topman: It was destiny, okay?

Shadowman: Too much info, Tops.

Geminiman: What happened to Bizarro?

Magnetman: I took off with his head when he chucked it at me then lobbed it into the lake. That took care of that.

Snakeman: I guess there's a reason he's never used that attack before or since.

Shadowman: And you two?

King: We've decided to embark on our own adventures.

Coola: If your grace demands it (although I was kinda looking forward to being Needle).

Spark Chan: But what about...poor Razz?

(The team remembers Razz's barely functioning body. They go back, remove the Sparkman armor, leave it beside the road near the unconscious Geminiman, then take Razz back to Quint's ship in order to assess the situation.)

Quint: I think I can help him. My ship has already stabilized his systems. Time holds many answers and I'm sure we can find a way to repair your friend.

Shadowman: I guess that's what happened to Razz.

Magnetman: So the guy vanished because we took him away? That blows my mind.

King: Once more, I'm sorry for our part in that.

Coola: So much for our wild and wacky adventures. All we wanted was some fun with friends.

Spark Chan: ...

Quint: Wild and wacky adventures, eh? Why not just say so! You know, I've been missing something.

Coola: A brain?

Quint: Okay. Okay. I suppose you don't care to go anywhere and anywhen in the universe.

King: What?

Quint: How do you think these guys got here, eh? Don't you see? These are the Mechs from the future! I brought them here because I sensed a dimensional disturbance in the area (in other words: you) and knew their past selves were mixed up in it too.

Coola: Really?

King: We can travel with you? Seriously?

Quint: Would I lie?

Geminiman: What about Princess? We're not leaving her here, right? It's not like anybody remembers her running around in this timeline...

King: Of course she's coming with us. She just needs some time to cool down. I would never abandon her.

(Hardman picks up the huge chunk of ice with Princess inside and shoves it into Quint's vessel.)

Magnetman: Good riddance. Alright, let's take off.

(With their work done, the Mechs, King, and Coola enter the ship and Quint pilots it away. Out on the side of the road, the past Geminiman crouches before the abandoned Sparkman armor. The other Mechs make it just in time to find Geminiman sitting sadly.)

Needlegal: What happened here?

Geminiman: I don't even know. That pink version of King was shutting me down one moment, and the next...everyone's gone and the Sparkman armor's just lying here abandoned. There's no trace of Razz anywhere.

Needlegal: I thought it was the armor they wanted. Why would they remove it only to leave it here and take the person inside it?

Geminiman: Or why would they just leave me without tampering with my armor at all? Something else must have happened after I went under...

Topman: No way. Just no way.

Magnetman: Razz wouldn't just up and leave. They must have taken him somewhere!

Geminiman: Princess punched a hole right through his chest and crushed his heart, Mags. Wherever he is, he's done for.

Shadowman: We're not letting it end this way. Fan out, everyone! We'll find them and make them pay for what they did to Razz!

* * *

(The Mechs spend days looking for King, Coola, and Razz. In the end, however, they are forced to give up.)

Topman: I can't believe it. They've all disappeared.

Geminiman:'s over for him.

(From out of nowhere Xelloss appears!)

Xelloss: Oh! Hello, all! I see you went back to your old armor. Well, that's okay. I kinda like it more, to tell you the truth.

Geminiman: Whatever.

Shadowman: I don't know what you're doing here, Xelloss. But I blame you. Somehow this is all your fault.

Xelloss: My fault!? Just because I'm here it doesn't make any bad thing that happens to you my fault.

(Earlier and elsewhere...)

Xelloss: I'm telling you, building a portal to this dimension right here (Xel points to coordinates on a piece of parchment) will totally give you the edge you're looking for!

Kalinka: Well...I do want to spread communism to all corners of the Earth...

Xelloss: And the warriors from there will help you! Trust me! I hang out with the Mechs and they trust me!

(Back to the Mechs.)

Shadowman: Whatever.

Xelloss: Well, it doesn't matter. All's well that ends well, right?

Snakeman: I'm not sure that saying fits the situation.

Needlegal: Regardless of that, I think it's time we accept that we'll never learn what happened to Razz...and that it's time to find a new Sparkman.

Snakeman: Really? Well...I guess that's true.

Shadowman: So it's come to that. Actually, I have someone in mind already. An old friend, although she mainly hangs out with the Sinister Six...

* * *

(Aboard Quint's ship...)

Coola: It's bigger on the inside!

Quint: (Smiles pleasantly.)

Shadowman: Don't encourage him.

King: It looks like our adventures are just beginning.

Coola: You bet, your grace! I can't wait to see some real action!

(At that moment, Princess bursts out of her icy prison!)

Princess: Then you're the first in line, traitor! YOU CAN'T HOLD ME!!

(Princess flies to the door.)

Quint: No! Don't!

Princess: We'll meet again, Gamma's Disciples! I won't forget this!

(Princess opens the door and flies out...only to wind up helplessly thrashed about in the current of the Time Vortex!)

Princess: What is this!? Get me out of heeeeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeee~*

(Princess vanishes from view as the others look through the doorway, dumbstruck.)


Quint: I tried to warn her. Poor thing. She's lost in the Time Vortex.

Coola: What'll happen to her?

Quint: It's impossible to know. She's gone now. Just...gone.

Needlegal: ...I don't know what you're acting so sad about, she was a total bi--

(The Mechs reappear right where they left off. Quint takes off with Razz, Coola, and King as his new companions and the Mechs watch as the ship fades from view.)


Crorq: (Leaping into the room and landing right on top of Shakeman) SIIIIIIILENCE! You IIIINFIDEL!

Shakeman: But it was back!

Crorq: Do not disturb my lunch over such delusional nonsense again, Shakeman!

Hardman: Oh, man. Back to normal. I don't know why, but I find it comforting.

Magnetman: Me too, bud.

Crorq: What are you people staring at!? I'm not paying you to loiter about! Get to work!

Needlegal: (Sigh) Yeah, comforting. Come on, guys, let's get - huh!?

(The Mechs are about to walk out the door when none other than Princess strides into the room and walks right through their group.)

Princess: Make way!

Needlegal: !?

Princess: Crorq, the other council members wish to convene. Come along.

Crorq: Yes, yes. Come on, Shakeman, don't raise my ire further by dawdling! RUN!

(Crorq and Shake leave the room. The Mechs can only stare after Princess. She notices and turns to them.)

Princess: Now what are you staring at?

Spark Chan: You - you're here!

Princess: Well, duh.

Spark Chan: But how?

Princess: What? Are you just constantly flabbergasted or something? Or are you trying to ingratiate yourself to me with dumbfounded reverence? I may have more important things to deal with these days, but do not think I've forgotten about any of you. Like I've told you before, I will get you. All of you. Watch your backs, Gamma's Disciples.

(Princess strides out the room.)

Shadowman: We're the MECHANICAL MANIACS! Not Gamma's Disciples! THE MECHANICAL MANIACS!!

Snakeman: I don't understand. She's acting like she's always been on the Council. As if she's been here the whole time!

Topman: Wait, hasn't she?

Snakeman: Has she?

Magnetman: I think she has. I suddenly seem to recall...

Hardman: NO! Don't you guys see!?

Magnetman: What?

Hardman: That jerk Quint just changed time! Princess leapt through the Time Vortex and landed somewhere here in the recent past. She joined the council sometime in between. Now we're remembering her as being part of the council because now she's always been a part of the council!

Shadowman: Quint! He did it again! He screwed us!

Magnetman: I don't understand...any of what you guys are talking about.

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Shadowman: We just added a new enemy to our list thanks to Quint. I hate Quint. I don't see this as turning out okay.

Spark Chan: But we did get to learn what happened to Razz. I'm glad he's going to be okay and that he, King, and Coola can all have adventures of their own.

Needlegal: And we learned something too...

Magnetman: I'm beginning to see a pattern emerge as these adventures end.

Needlegal: We learned that sometimes it's better not to ask questions. We wanted to know what happened to Razz and trying to learn that mixed us up in a really complicated adventure we really didn't need to be a part of. I mean, for a minute there it looked like our past selves would have been doomed without our intervention, but King and Coola turning against Princess would have happened regardless, so nothing would have changed if Quint went back without us.

Shadowman: What we really need to learn is to avoid Quint.

Topman: Well, until he does us a favor and erases himself from reality, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End

Cast (the past):

Musashiden Razz as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


Cast (the present):

Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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