Genesis End

Following the reformation of the team after several long years apart, team cooperation has never seemed of greater importance to the Mechanical Maniacs, but with a new recruit who seems less than cooperative, and their responsibilities as Robot Police creating rifts between once-close allies, the team is no longer the coordinated, harmonious group it once was. Now, they face new trials -- a murder that leads to an unprecedented threat for the city, a rising group that opposes the team's very existence, and the possibility of an enemy from within their ranks. Could the newly longest-standing team now be the next one to bite the dust?

This story was adapted from one created way back 2007! It has been finished by Gauntlet and refined even further by Top afterwards to fit into the current series.

Chapter One - A Cliched Introduction Chapter Two - Not Your Typical Nine-to-Five Chapter Three - Rage Against All Machines Chapter Four - What Are Friends For?
Chapter Five - My Big, Fat, Stupid Mouth Chapter Six - Splitting Up Chapter Seven - The Burning of New Eden Chapter Eight - Our New Best Friend
Chapter Nine - Soul-Searching Chapter Ten - Coming Up Empty Chapter Eleven - Hard-To-Heart Chapter Twelve - Seeing God
Chapter Thirteen - Battle Against Honor And Humanity Chapter Fourteen - Ambushed Chapter Fifteen - Enough Chapter Sixteen - A Chip Off The Old Doc
Chapter Seventeen - Culprit Chapter Eighteen - Mech vs. Mech Chapter Ninteen - Judged Chapter Twenty - No More Death
Chapter Twenty One - Obsolescence Chapter Twenty Two - Revelation Postlude


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