Series 8 Issue #8 - Curse of the Lion Men Part 1

Our story begins with Snakeman walking down the hall followed by Toadman ...

Snakeman: Look, I'm really, really not going to eat you! That was just a joke!

Toadman: Oh, you were? That's too bad. Because I was going to eat you back!

Snakeman: ...What...? Seriously, we're freakin' robots. How could we possibly eat each other?

Toadman: Watch and learn!

(Toadman pulls out a Telly wrapped in a tin foil wrapper and scarfs it down, barely stopping to chew. He then burps out some screws, and a few semi-digested eyeballs right in Snakeman's face.)

Toadman: Ta-da!!

Snakeman: (Wiping his face clean) Yeccchhh....It takes A LOT of work to be so pointlessly revolting.

Toadman: I have never heard the words 'pointless' and 'revolting' in the same sentence. (He spots a chunk of burped up Telly on Snakeman's cheek) You gonna eat that?

(Snakeman throws it on the floor.)

Snakeman: Go wild.

(Toadman devours the burped up Telly parts as Snakeman walks away at a very hurried pace.)

Snakeman: Holy crap, Toadman's one messed-up little robot.

(Topman catches up to the annoyed robot master.)

Topman: Trouble with the new Toadman?

Snakeman: More like the old Toadman. I know Toad from Cossack's Creations would have just freaked out, but the personality from Cossack's Comrades freaks me out.

Topman: Yeah, I heard they came back. Any idea on how that happened?

Snakeman: I don't know and don't care to find out. I heard they were badly damaged during a mission .... maybe it relates to that?

Topman: I guess. Well, come on, Snake. Crorq's assigned us to guard duty and I do not want to be late.

Snakeman: Guarding the council. Joy.

Topman: I know, I know. Can they be any more pompous? They've gotten even worse after Honus Wagner Card Man and Diamond Man disappeared.

(The two robots quickly make their way to the meeting room, carefully avoiding Drillman's suspicious glances.)

Drillman: Where were you two?! Were you plotting with Catch 22 to sell off more of Wily's confiscated technology?

Topman, Snakeman: !?

Snakeman: Not now, Drillman!!

Drillman: That's not a no!!

(Ignoring Drillman, they go stand near Crorq, where they can overhear the conversation going on between the council members.)

S. Schwartz: You know why we have gathered in this musty boardroom. How do we destroy Superman?

(The entire room falls silent.)

S. Schwartz: What?!

K. Watson: That joke was not funny the first time.

S. Schwartz: Fine. Whatever. Let's get down to brass tacks then. We need to get off this insignificant mudball, and quick.

Faberge Egg Man: The pollution is beginning to make me feel ill and the peasants here are dreadfully filthy. What a disgraceful conundrum.

Terra: Yeah, I'm getting sick of this planet. Let's get off it already.

S. Schwartz: That was RaMoon's responsibility. What do you have to say for yourself?

RaMoon: Other than something is interfering with my ability to create a space ship? The red tape and bureaucratic nonsense on this planet is appalling and I have no means of acquiring the resources I need to construct a vessel.

Rolls Royce Man: Such a pity. I hear the view of the Maka Hano Comet is breathtaking from the summit of Olympus Mons.

K. Watson: And what does that have to do with anything?

Rolls Royce Man: What can I say? I am a consummate tourist.

Mr. Holzenbein: I must agree with the lovely Terra. As you all know I have many ... interests abroad -

RaMoon: Yes, yes, we know we know (that's why we hired you).

Snakeman: (Whispering to Crorq) Wait, Holzenbein is here?

Crorq: (Also whispering) Obviously.

Snakeman: (Still whispering) And on the council?

Crorq: (Grumbling) Do you tire of stating the obvious?

Snakeman: (Whispering) What were they thinking!? The guy's a criminal! Didn't any of our background checks pan out?

Crorq: (Glaring at Snakeman) No. Now shut up.

Terra: It must be nice to be so unimportant and carefree as to carry out personal conversations during council meetings.

Crorq: Snakeman can be a bothersome boob. Pay him no mind, your illustriousness!

Snakeman: Oh - ! A "bothersome boob" am I!?

Crorq: One who's looking at a reduction of pay from the sound of it!

Topman: Snake. Dude. Chill.

Snakeman: No, these guys are our galactic representatives and they just bicker about how bad it is here! But what I don't get is how - if he's so great - RaMoon can't just whip up a ship!

RaThor: You dare to question the great RaMoon's abilities!?

RaMoon: As I have said -

Snakeman: Yeah, yeah, yeah interference. Then why don't you just roll along out of town until you find some place outside of any interference to -

(With a crackling burst of electricity RaMoon strikes Snakeman! As the people in the room adjust to the sudden burst of light they see...)

Toadman: What the ... ? Hey, wait! You turned me into Toadman!

RaThor: Miraculous!

RaMoon: My abilities are not hampered enough to effect a small specimen such as yourself.

Mr. Holzenbein: I must say the new look suits you.

Terra: (Smiling broadly) I can't say I wish I was you right now at all, little man.

Toadman: Shut up!

Crorq: Topman, take this ... INFIDEL away. We'll have words.

Topman: Come on, Snake, let's go.

Toadman: Hey, wait! You can't leave me like this! Not ... like THIS!!

(Top and Snake exit the meeting chamber.)

Rolls Royce Man: You should fire that malcontent.

Crorq: I know.

Mr. Holzenbein: Still, he has a point. Why haven't you rolled RaMoon into another town already?

Crorq: Budget cuts.

Rolls Royce Man: How convenient.

Mr. Holzenbein: If I didn't know better, I would say you are just looking for an excuse to keep us here.

Crorq: Are you insinuating that I am using my far-reaching influence to keep you earthbound? I am wounded.

S. Schwartz: Moving on...


(Outside, Topman and the transformed Snakeman find Hardman dropping a desk on top of St. Diveman.)

Hardman: Care to repeat that comment, smart ass?

St. Diveman: The part where I called ya a fatass Scissor Army heretic?! Ya got it, tubby!!

(St. Diveman retaliates with a Dive Missile to the face and springs to his feet. The two brawlers fight like cats until Pharaoh Woman, Topman and Snakeman pry both them away from each other.

Pharaoh Woman: Geoff! It is not wise to anger the Mighty Behemoth of Iron. I mean, why do you keep ticking off a guy three times your size?

Hardman: Listen to the stinky mummy, pipsqueak.

St. Diveman: (Spits in Hardman's face) This ain't over, butterball!! God's gonna split yer fat heathen head open like a melon!

Hardman: Oh, big man! Do it yourself!!

(After shooting Hardman one last bitter glare, St. Diveman and Pharaoh Woman leave the hall.)

Topman: I see you are in a good mood today, Ben.

Hardman: It's getting better. (Looks at Snakeman) I thought that freak ran off to the ladies' room to sniff all the toilet seats.

Toadman: It's me! Snake!

Hardman: What happened to you?

Topman: Snake had a...disagreement with the council and Ra Moon transformed him into Toadman.

Needlegal: (Pushing Toadman out of the ladies' room) Get out of here you little perv!

Toadman: Well I'm sorry! All of the other stalls were out of toilet paper for me to eat!

Toadman: ...And of all the looks to be stuck with...

Needlegal: (Notices there are now two Toadmans) What the...? Am I seeing double now?

Hardman: Heh heh, here we go.

Toadman: What...? What trickery is this...?

(Toadman looks over Snakeman, his jaw wide open).

Toadman: Be still, my beating heart...

Toadman: ...What...

Toadman: No! I must not, cannot fight these feelings I have for you, my sweet enchantress!!

(Toadman tackles Snakeman and showers him with wet, slimy kisses.)

Toadman: Hey, what?! No!! Get off of me!! Oh, dear god! Where are your hands going?!

(Snakeman shoves Toadman off of him. But Toadman looks softly into his eyes and takes his hand).

Toadman: Oh, my sweet fair maiden! You take my breath away! So many cold, bitter nights wasted alone! No longer will I have to eat the burger wrappers under Snakeman's bed alone! No longer will I have to floss my teeth with hair from Spark Chan's hairbrush by myself!

(Toadman heaves until he pukes up a nut from the Telly he ate earlier. After licking it clean, he holds it up to a mortified Snakeman).

Toadman: Oh, my sweet Helena! I, Flippy Toadsworth the III would be honored if you took my hand in holy matrimony...!

(Snakeman is struck speechless and just looks sick. Hardman however, steps forward.)

Hardman: Hey, pipsqueak! (Pounding his fist) You hittin' on my honey-pie?

Toadman: (Screams like a little girl and runs away.)

Toadman: Hard ... I don't even want to hear you say the word "honey-pie" again.


(As the Hardman continues to make light of Snakeman's situation, the Maka Hano Comet soars above the skies...and a certain group of men wake up in a certain cave...)

Tar: I - TAR! - ARISE!

Lion Man: We know who you are.

Tar: Stop giving me sass and start getting up! The Maka Hano Comet only comes by every once in a century or so. I'm sure that metal creature Mega Man is dead by now. And so it is our time to strike!

(At that moment there is a flash of blue light and a holographic image of Dr. Light appears in the center of the cave.)

Tar: It's that Dr. Light human! Savage him!

(Lion Men leap at the hologram, but fall harmlessly through it.)

Tar: What magic is this!?

Dr. Light: Greetings, Tar. I have recorded this in the event of your awakening.

Tar: Light, you treacherous rascal! How is it you're still alive!?

Dr. Light: This recording has registered a question. I regret to inform you that this is an automated response. I can give you no new information.

Tar: Curse you, you horrid apparition!

Dr. Light: At any rate, you notice you're all still alive. I don't believe in harming any living being -

Tar: A weakness you shall regret!

Dr. Light: But I have no problem with sealing you inside your cave with no food or water.

Lion Man: Wait - what?

Dr. Light: As you are animals and not human I believe this to be a fair compromise. Had you remained dormant whatever "curse" you were under would have sustained you indefinitely. But you foolish creatures chose to awaken again. *tsk tsk tsk*

Lion Man: We didn't have a choice!

Dr. Light: I suppose, to you, this seems harsh. But I am a man of honour. I have left you each with a single pistol containing one bullet. I trust you know what to do.

(Dr. Light's hologram disappears, leaving the cave in total darkness.)


Tar: That asshole!

Lion Man: It's bad enough we appear off-model!

Tar: (Growls) No matter. We will find another way out or die trying!

Lion Man: I'm not so enthusiastic about the "dying" part.

Tar: What did I tell you about sassing back to me?

???: (Laughs) Why look for a window when you can always try the front door?

Tar: What? Who goes there?

(A hologram of Mesmerman appears.)

Mesmerman: Greetings, my leonoid friends! I am Mesmerman, your ticket to freedom!

Tar: Wretched metal thing! Attack!

(The Lion Men leap at this hologram too, and again fall harmlessly through it.)

Tar: Grrr! Whatever! That traitor already told us that he trapped us inside.

Mesmerman: Hm. I guess I didn't expect gratitude, but even so I find myself disappointed.

Tar: Lion Men do not ingratiate themselves to outsiders!

Mesmerman: That just means you won't ingratiate yourselves to anybody! Well, the doctor's been a hermit for the past few years. The world's forgotten you...but I haven't, my furry friends.  I've had more than enough time to weaken the barrier inside your tomb enough to aid in your escape.

Tar: Why help us then? What is in it for you?

Mesmerman: Nothing, aside from the amusement it will bring some "friends" of mine. I look forward to meeting you in person. (Laughs as the hologram dissipates.)

Lion Man: What do we do now, sir?

Tar: What else? March to freedom!

(Meanwhile back at RPD HQ, at the Mech's meeting room / lounge...)

Needlegal: MWA HA HAH HAH HAH!

Toadman: Shut up.

Needlegal: I mean ... out of anyone ... anyone ... you were turned into Toadman!?

Hardman: Could be worse. He could've changed you into Sheepman and half of Ireland would be chasing you all the way to Limerick.

Toadman: What is that even supposed to mean?

Spark Chan: It's not nice to make fun of him.

Hardman: I mean I've seen a lot of stupid animal-based robots in my time and I mean a lot of them. And...I think you rank even lower than Cyber Peacock.

Toadman: Cyber who?

Spark Chan: Now that's not fair. You can't compare a beautiful peacock to a toad. What about Bubble Crab?

Hardman: Well ... for some reason that guy didn't have any claws, which is the best part of being a crab. But, overall, I'd say he had more dignity than hop on pop over here.

Toadman: Shut up! Shut up, damn it!

(Shadowman and Magnetman enter the room.)

Magnetman: Egad! So it's true. I had no idea RaMoon could turn robots into other robots. And Toadman? Gotta say, I couldn't imagine a worse fate.

Geminiman: Sheepman.

Magnetman: I stand corrected.

Geminiman: Can there even be two Toadmen? Is that even...allowed?

Topman: I've counted four actually. You know, historically.

Needlegal: Great, they could start a boy band if we find another one.

Shadowman: Listen, Snake. Toad.

Toadman: Just ... go with "Raijin."

Shadowman: Toadman, you didn't even retain your Transmetal 3 armor. We might be able to rebuild your body, but that armor's unique. Frankly it's not in our budget to replace it.

Toadman: What!? Well ... I'll be fine with just being classic Snakeman, then.

Shadowman: I'm looking into that now, but Crorq seems to think it's hilarious that you're stuck as Toadman and he's not being helpful.

Toadman: It's not hilarious!

Needlegal: I beg to differ.

Shadowman: It gets worse. The fact is that Toadman is not a Mega Man 3 robot master. Based on that, Stale Cheese has decided to transfer you to Cossack's Comrades until a new Snakeman body can be made for you.

Toadman: What!?

(Pharaoh Woman enters the room along with Toadman (their Toad) and St. Diveman.)

St. Diveman: So there IS a second Toadman?! Oh, sweet merciful God in heaven, I ain't sure what I did to cheese ya off. But whatever it is, I repent from the deepest corner of my heart. (Drops to his knees and blesses himself.)

Pharaoh Woman: I didn't want to believe the prophecies. But it's true! Clearly this is a sign of the end of days! Almighty, Ra and Osiris, why are you punishing your loyal vessel on earth?! You guys suck!!

(Pharaoh Woman snatches St. Diveman's flask and takes a few heavy drinks).

Toadman: Helena! Oh, my sweet Helena!!

(Toadman quickly runs over to Snakeman, carrying a box of half-eaten chocolates and sweeps him off his feet.)

Toadman: At last!! Fate could not keep us apart, my dear Helena! Have you thought about me as much as I've thought about you?!

(Toadman plants a wet kiss on Snakeman's lips, even slipping him some tongue.


St. Diveman: Then why does your armor have boobies on it...?

Toadman: ...What??!

*Everyone looks down at Snakeman's chest and see that has armor does indeed have breasts on it.

Toadgirl: UGHHH!!! Goddamnit, RaMoon...!!

Pharaoh Woman: ...RaMoon?! Ra, the sun god, has a brother who lives on the moon...?

Needlegal: No. Think harder. RaMoon is Galactic Council member who turned Snake into...that...for ticking him off.

St. Diveman: Ha!! Ya must've pissed God off something fierce to wind up like that! I mean, how much lower on the totem pole couldja go?

Pharaoh Woman: Perhaps a Sheep Woman? Empress and purveyor of all things wool?

St. Diveman: Or how 'bout a tub of lard, two-faced Scissor Army washout...?

Hardman: (Drops a potted plant on St. Diveman's head) That's my friend you're talking about, Captain Nemo!

St. Diveman: (Shoots Hard Man) Bring it, Wreck-it-Ralph!!

(Hardman and St. Diveman start fighting like cats again until Magnetman and Pharaoh Woman pull them apart).

Toadgirl: Please guys!! Focus here!! I can't believe you're seriously thinking of leaving me with this freak!!

Pharaoh Woman: I agree. Do we really have to do this? Even Anubis, lord of the dead could not come up with a fate positively messed up!

Shadowman: Sigh...Sorry, Snake, but you will have to bear this cross while we straighten this out.

Toadgirl: Somebody do something!

(Hardman punches Snake in the face.)

Toadgirl: Ow! What did you do that for?!

Hardman: (Feigns innocence) Sorry. Couldn't tell which Toadman from which.

Toadman: Enough!! My lovie-kins and I have to get to the church on time!

(Toad grabs Snake by the leg and drags her out the door. Snake digs in her fingers in and rips up the carpet.)

Helena: Unhand me this instant! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! (Continues screaming down the hall.)

Hardman: So who wants to start a pool on how long before Snake commits suicide?

Geminiman: Put me down for four days.

Needlegal: You two are unbelievable. Put me down for a day, tops.

Magnetman: Two hours.

Topman: Two hours? Wow.

Shakeman: (Over the speaker system) Attention Mechanical Maniacs. Please come to the meeting room. Our benevolent overlord Crorq summons you to another urgent assignment.

Shadowman: Oh, great.

Geminiman: I suppose we're snakeless for this one.

Hardman: Aw who cares? Slippery little guy's probably having the time of his life with the Cossacks.

(The Mechs make their way to the meeting room where they see a disgruntled Crorq along with Terra and Mr. Holzenbein.)

Spark Chan: Members of the council?

Crorq: (Puts an entire burrito into his mouth and quickly shuts his compartments before the council members can see the horror within) Yes! This is a dire emergency, Mechs!

Shadowman: If it's so dire maybe RaMoon could bring Snake back into fighting shape to help.

Terra: Yeah, I wouldn't count on that.

Shadowman: Figured.

Crorq: We've received disturbing reports of a group of radical insurgents operating in Hawaii.

Topman: Hawaii? SCORE!

(Terra and Holzenbein glare at the robot.)

Crorq: SILENCE, INFIDEL! Your lot is not to play, but to work!

Topman: Right.

Geminiman: What kind of insurgents are we talking about here? The Scissor Army?

Hardman: Those jokers have been showing up a lot lately. If the Androids are with 'em there'll be trouble.

Crorq: No, not them. The situation is dire, but not that dire.

Spark Chan: Rogue Wilybots, then? The Dream Team's CPUs were lost before they got to the robot prison, so it could be them.

Hardman: Those guys. It's depressing to think there's nothing of my old friends left.

Crorq: No, damn it! SILENCE THE LOT OF YOU! No wonder you're all idiots; you can't hear your intellectual betters over the din of your own STUPIDITY!

Magnetman: You know, boss, you don't have to talk to people like that.

Mr. Holzenbein: (Snort) Spoken like someone truly lower class.

Terra: Indeed. Someone superior wouldn't have to ask for respect. They'd command it. (Flips his hair.)

Mr. Holzenbein: As you do so captivatingly.

Terra: Er ... yes. Precisely.

Magnetman: Boss, we're your loyal compardres here -

Crorq: Then loyally listen up! It's not the Scissor Army, the Ascendant Androids, Wilybots, or Zombie Lincoln! It's the Lion Men!

Needlegal: Lion Men!?

Topman: (Whispering) Zombie Lincoln?

Crorq: One of the Sterling Sentinel's cases, very hush hush.

Topman: Who or what are the Lion Men and why should I care?


Crorq: Well? Shakeman?

Shakeman: Me!?

Crorq: You said you wanted more responsibility. Well, go on. Tell them all about the Lion Men.

Shakeman: But ... I had no time to prepare!

(Crorq knocks him aside with a surprisingly powerful spindly arm.)

Magnetman: W-what!?

Crorq: HAH! Fool. Heh heh heh, prepare me a chocolate shake as I relay the story to my team.

Shakeman: Y-yes, sir. You know I only want to help.

Crorq: Yes, yes.

Mr. Holzenbein: Crorq, I must say I'm impressed with the way you put that robot in his place.

Terra: Indeed.

Magnetman: (Quietly) Impressed?!

Geminiman: (Also quietly) Welcome to reality. I know, I was disappointed to find this side of the RPD as well. But it has good health coverage.

Crorq: Stop your whispering and listen up! (Crorq's displays flash images as he relays information) The Lion Men are led by a man named Tar. He was a ruthless warlord in ancient times, intent on conquering as much of Hawaii as he could. Eventually he and his men were confronted by a kahuna who cursed him by making him a powerful anthropomorphic lion.

Topman: So this curse was to become more powerful and strong.

Crorq: Indeed. And he could spread his curse to others, thereby controlling them. Unfortunately this just gave him an army of powerful Lion Men!

Needlegal: That idiot! What kind of guy tries stopping someone by making them even more dangerous!?

Crorq: I guess he just sucked, much like your friend Toadman.

Terra: HAW!

Crorq: At any rate. the wizard sealed them all up eventually. They escaped after a time and were confronted by Megaman.

Terra: There's a name I'm glad we don't hear about anymore.

Crorq: Indeed. The blue meddler stopped Tar and his men thanks to an anti-curse device created by Dr. Light.

Spark Chan: Then we'll just borrow that.

Crorq: He destroyed it afterwards.

Spark Chan: (Sigh) Of course he did.

Crorq: And, as we all know. he's decided to live off the grid in an unknown location like some kind of hermit, so we can't even call him!

Needlegal: What about the Sentinels? Weren't they made by Light?


Galaxyman: (In tears) And he said, and he said *sniff* that after Middleman used us we weren't welcome at the lab anymore! That he thought he raised us better than that! *sniff*

Splash Woman: There, there, Galaxy. It's for the best. We have to make our way in the world ourselves. And you know Light's been getting worse as time went on. Always talking about his final creation and how he'd seal it away so the government couldn't get it like it got his other robots.

Galaxyman: We tried going back home one day, but it was deserted! He - he left us!

Magmaman: We don't need him!

Concreteman: HE NEVER TREATED THE FIRST SIX LIKE THIS! It was always "Oh, i wish Gutsman were here" and ...


Crorq: The Sentinels have misplaced their creator for they are fools.

Topman: Harsh!

Crorq: Enough! Go to Hawaii! Stop Tar and the Lion Men! Oh, and Topman?

Topman: Yes?

Crorq: If I find you had any fun in this adventure at all, I will personally see to it that you envy Shakeman's lot in life.

Shakeman: Hey!

Topman: (Goes pale) Uh ... right.

(Later, the Mechs teleport into a forest somewhere in the mountains of Oahu.)

Hardman: Ah, Hawaii. I remember the time I blew up the big island back in my X-Force days. Good times.

Needlegal: Not so good if you lived on the island.

Hardman: Did they ever get repopulating it?

Needlegal: Parts of it, yes.  In one of his more advantageous acts of insanity Dr. Wily decided to build a Skull Castle here and made a lot of the island his own personal resort before he died.  Of course the rest was his own personal deathtrap.

Geminiman:  They still converted the habitable areas into a resort, though.  That's a good 70 or 80 percent!

Topman: Is it me, or shouldn't the RPD have teleported us to a beach or somewhere in Honolulu?

Magnetman: Remember what the boss said? No fun and games.

Topman: Ugh. Don't remind me.

Shadowman: Anyway, Tar's crypt is fairly remote so unless there's a ranger station nearby with a vehicle, it will probably take him a few hours to reach civilization.

Spark Chan: I hate to interrupt you, Shadow, but... (Points to an empty ranger station with its vehicle missing.)

Shadowman: (Grumble) I just had to say that. Okay, where do we start looking for Tar, then?

Geminiman: It should be easy to deduce his location. Where would an muscular half-human/half-animal hybrid go to find followers?

(And so... at one of the many hotels on the beach front.)

Topman: "Anthrocon Hawaii 20XX?"

Shadowman: Furries. It just had to be furries.

Hardman: Hey! I take exception to that!

Needlegal: Why would you take exception to THAT?

Geminiman: Perhaps Ben is a closeted furry.

Hardman: And you're about to become seven years bad luck!

Magnetman: Hold your horses, partner! No need to get violent.

Hardman: (Growls) I'm not your partner, Tex.

Spark Chan: Is it me or does one species seem to dominate this convention?

Geminiman: Come to think of it, there seem to be quite a lot of lions here.

Geminiman: Those Lion Men must have came by here already.

Hardman: I can see only one way to handle this. We split up and scout the area.

Needlegal: Split up? Why?

Hardman: We'll cover more ground that way.

Shadowman: I see no benefit in splitting up.

Magnetman: I dunno. We might each have an epic duel if we split up.

Geminiman: With Lion Men?

Hardman: We'll I'm down for splitting up.

Magnetman: Except I'll tag along with you.

Hardman: What!? Why??

Magnetman: Just cuz.

Needlegal: Or we could not split up at all.

Spark Chan: We stand out like sore thumbs. We should blend-in in order to solve this peacefully.

Topman: Peacefully? Us?

Hardman: Damn it, no! I don't wanna solve anything peacefully!

Magnetman: I gotta agree with the big guy here.

Geminiman: How do you suggest we solve this, then?

Spark Chan: We go incognito.


Shadowman: I'm going to immediately veto that idea.

Spark Chan: But it'll avoid trouble!

Shadowman: I'm going full stop on this.

Hardman: Yeah, I gotta agree with ya there.

Lion Man: Look! It's the cops!

Topman: We're not cops.

(The Lion Men rush the Maniacs.)

Magnetman: Hoo, boy, it's time for a fight. It's not an epic duel, but it'll do.

The Mechanical Maniacs prepare to fight the dreaded (not really) Lion Men! Will they succeed? Will Toadgirl finally admit her love for Toadman? And Will Crorq find that burrito he lost? Most questions are answered in part 2!

To Be Continued ...


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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