Tiger Manual Scans and Cells

Wait, an update that isn’t a fanfic? Yeah, for the first time in literal years! And I’ve actually been waiting literal years to do this. Just keep on putting it off. I’ve made scans of manuals I bought a few years ago for the Megaman Tiger games. And I’ve made scans of the "sprite sheet" at absurdly high resolution! Printing that small thing can cover over an entire sheet of paper now! And the manuals themselves have been scanned at great quality too, but nowhere near the size of the sprite sheets. Feel free to look up the article on Megaman 2 Tiger and Megaman 3 Tiger for more info.

I also updated my article on Nintendo Power art with some more info and a collage I made of a rare MM poster. Which would be kinda impressive if someone hadn’t scanned that posted at print quality!

Lastly I added some LONG overdue news about Rockman Strategy – how to defeat Capricorn and get Fan on your teamcourtesy of -MISSING-, Sorry it took literal years to put this on the site…