Well, it’s finally here. The very last anniversary update! And what an update it is!

Yes, the final updates relate to Maniacs mainstays, the epilogues. Firstly Series 1 and Series 2 have been remastered by Raijin (Snakeman). They now feature less spelling mistakes and more images next to speaking lines! Fans of the epilogues have actually asked about this before, but the project has always been just a bit too big, but now our earliest epilogues are edited.

Next up is another project Snake and I have been working on feverishly all this month. Epilogue Summaries. Yes, now you don’t have to re-read the entire series just to know what any given character is about in the Maniacs’ epilogue series. These summaries. follow, not only members of the team, but villains as well and they also delve into the various prose stories features on the site, such as the Unnamed and Wanted.

Finally, the gallery has been updated with fan art and the rest of the Megaman PC video pictures. I’ve also drawn an entirely new picture for the 10th anniversary which features the mechanical maniacs in their transmetal 2 armor with their greatest villains in the background.

All this and a certain …. hidden page has also been updated.  find it if you can!

So, here’s to another 10 years!

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