Recently I was reading Ariga’s Megaman Gigamix (and I recommend it to any Megaman fan) and there’s a small interview at the back explaining the history behind the Battle and Chase story – Burning Wheel. You see he had it as a secret feature of his site and was preparing to make it into a full manga … only it was dropped and never completed. Until Gigamix, that is. When he brought it over for Gigamix he totally redid the art (but kept some of the backgrounds).

While I was doing those Rockman Soccer sprites I was searching my MM pictures for references when i stumbled upon this … the original version of Burning Wheel! So now I shall rescue them from the sands of time for everyone viewing pleasure.

The story seems unchanged from what we got in Gigamix, but the art has really been improved from this original version of the manga. Those who have Gigamix can have the pleasure of comparing the two works and those who don’t can get a sneak peek into a manga they really ought to get.