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Scorch - Machine Hard Man

The Machine Mechanical Maniacs (the Mechanical Maniacs from the Future)


After being defeated finally by the Pharaoh Team, the Koopalings founded the Mecha-Maniacs dead, they took to Bowser and Bowser rebuilt they with parts of the Machine Tediz, by changing the number DWN to NBN (New Bowser Number)

NBN-020/Machine Hard Man: Hard Man Unlike the original, Machine Hard Man also has a resemblance to a Cyborg, his mouth is made of metal with fangs, like the Demolisher Tediz in Future War, The arrow he had on his head is replaced by the Bowser's symbol, unlike the others, their robotic eye is look red like mad.

Scorch-Kinnaping_Hinata.jpg Scorch-Machine_Gemini_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Hard_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Magnet_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Needle_Man.jpg


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