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Beware my Power

Inspired by the upcoming GL story arc! I have made a nicely sized set of GL rings.

From left to right:
Red Lantern's Ring
The Orange Agent's ring
Sinestro Corps Ring
Classic Sinestro Ring
Silver Age Bizarro Yellow Lantern Ring
Round GL Ring
Symbol-icular GL ring
Alan Scott's ring
Power's Ring's power ring
Kyle's ring (as seen in some GL covers, JLA/Specter, and one issue of JLA)
Fake GLC ring
Symbolicualr/full finger type ring
Blue Lantern Ring
Anti-"Green" Lantern ring
Indigo Lantern Ring
Revenge Squad GL ring
Star Sapphire ring
(In back)
Black Lantern's ring
"Mean" Lantern's ring

Rings.jpg Rings_detail.jpg Phoenix_black.jpg Pollution.jpg Pollution-car.jpg


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