Series 4 Issue # 24 - Possession Part 1

After a not so great holiday, the Mechanical Maniacs came back to Sinister Six HQ. Only to meet a surprise attack by the Decepticons which turned the Sinister Six HQ into a pile of rubble, left Geminiman in ruins at the bottom of a cliff and saw the capture of Shadowman and Needlegal.

At the ruins of S6 HQ, the two teams recover from the attack.

Gutsman: That's the last straw! You've caused too much trouble here! I want you out! Out!

Bombman: You can't kick me out. I'm the heart and soul of this team.

Gutsman: Not you! Them! *Points at the Mechanical Maniacs*

Topman: You can't kick us out. We're your best friends.

Gutsman: Maybe so, but our base is now rubble.

Hardman: Speaking of which, who did this?

Topman: Think about it new guy. What villain has a large amount of firepower and is not afraid to use it?

Hardman: Our Alternate selves?

Topman: No.

Hardman: Bizarro Shadowman?

Topman: No.

Hardman: The Evil Eight?

Topman: No.

Hardman: Duo?

Topman: No!

Hardman: Then it must be Wily!

Topman: No! It's Galvatron!

Hardman: Oh yeah.

Magnetman: So what are we going to do?

Snakeman: Obvious isn't it? We hunt down and fight the Decepticons.

Magnetman: It isn't that easy. The Decepticons are towers compared to us.

Topman: Which is why we need strategy.

Snakeman: That and large numbers.

Topman: Well we got the Sinister Six.

Gutsman: Oh no! You're not taking us on one of your adventures.

Bombman: We're going on an adventure?

Gutsman: We're not going anywhere!

Fireman: Let's go!

Gutsman: Wait a second! I'm the leader and I say!

Elecman: Come on Tim! Lighten up!

Gutsman: But....

Elecman: They're our friends, Tim. And, even if we do fight sometimes, we stick together when it really counts.

Gutsman: ..... All right then. We're going!

Cutman: Knew you would come along sometime.

Sparkman: Great! We're all at an agreement.

Topman: Just one more thing.

Gutsman: What's that?

Topman: Where's Gem, Shadow and Needle?

Magnetman: They were outside when the Decepticons attacked.

Snakeman: So would that mean they're…

Topman: No. We can't jump to that conclusion yet. We have to find them.

At this moment Geminiman crawls his way up through the ruins.

The Mechanical Maniacs and Sinister Six: Gemini!

Geminiman: Decepticons… Attack… Shadow… Needle… Gone… *Collapses*

Elsewhere, at the Decepticon Base.

Galvatron: All the pieces are in place.

Shadowman: What do you expect to accomplish Galvatron?

Galvatron: Nothing much. Only world domination, you lot have been a thorn in my side since the very beginning. But things are going to change.

Shadowman: And how do you expect to do that?

Galvatron: The Evil Energy has many uses. It can make things stronger, can turn things evil. But I can increase it's potential.

Needlegal: So what are we? Guinea Pigs for your experiments?

Galvatron: Heh heh .... something like that. You see. I have stolen the Life Virus and with the power of the Evil Energy combined with the Death Virus I can possess all the robots in the world with a new Evil Virus. Now let's see what it can do!

Waspinator and Thrust take Shadowman and throw him into a chamber, which begins to fill with a purple gas.

Waspinator: Pretty colored gas.

Thrust: I can't wait. Soon we'll have the most powerful warriors under our control.

Starscream (thought): And with their help I will become leader of the Decepticons.

Back at the remains of Sinister Six HQ, Elecman finishes repairing Geminiman.

Elecman: There. He should be up and running now.

Geminiman: Damn, I need to be more careful.

Topman: This is like what, the third time you've been severely damaged?

Geminiman: Well, I'm still alive.

Gutsman: Anyway. You were talking about the Decepticons' attack?

Geminiman: Yes. The Decepticons attacked and managed to capture Needle and Shadow.

Cutman: Yes, we know. We were there. So?

Geminiman: I'm assuming that Galvatron has plans on using them against us. Like how Wily took control of me a while back.*

(*Series 3 #13)

Topman: So what's the plan?

Geminiman: Plan?

Snakeman: You are supposed to be the genius of the team.

Magnetman: And you've been here the longest.

Geminiman and Topman: What?

Geminiman: I can't be leader.

Topman: How come I'm not leader?

Hardman: Well, you see. Geminiman works a lot harder than you do. And he's more mature.

Topman: H-hey!!

Geminiman: But ... I can't handle the responsibility!

Magnetman: Fine. There is no leader.

Topman: But I wanted to be leader.

Sparkman: Why not make Topman the leader since he wants it so much?

Topman: Yay! I'm leader!

Geminiman: Wait, Topman's the leader? Maybe I ...

Topman: you had your chance! Now it's mine!

Hardman: So what do we do boss?

Topman: We continue with our original plans.

Snakeman: Attack the Decepticons!

Gutsman: You realize you have no strategies.

Geminiman: Not true. I have an idea.

Topman: *Hrumph* Well, I'm the leader. And I already have an idea!

Geminiman: Oh! Uh, sorry. What's your idea?

Topman: Well my guess is that the Decepticons planted an entrance to their undersea base somewhere on that island we were on, most likely hidden within the forest. The entire island itself could be artifical camoflauge to hide their crashed ship from sensors.

Snakeman: I get where you're going. We can use the forest as camouflage and attack them by surprise.

Topman: Exactly. We retreat first, and then ambush them when they counterattack from all sides! Meanwhile someone goes inside the base and recovers Needle and Shadow and then we burn down the base.

Gutsman: So we have a plan. But who will do what?

Topman: Fireman and Gemini will find Needle and Shadow. Gemini gives himself all sorts of powers so it may be a good match!

Geminiman: Heh. Not a bad plan, Top!

Fireman: So I get to burn stuff?

Geminiman: Yes, you get to burn stuff.

Topman: I can lead the surprise attack.

Gutsman: I'll lead the ambush. I'll also need Hardman and Snakeman.

Topman: HEY! I just said I'll lead the ambush!

Gutsman: ..... sorry.

Geminiman: That sounds good. Let's go!

Sparkman: So how are we getting there?

Geminiman: We teleport.

The Mechanical Maniacs and Sinister Six teleport to the Decepticon Island and split up to attack

Topman: Ok. Once I attack, Gemini can enter the base and recover Needle and Shadow. The Badass team should also be in there.

Fireman: And then I burn it all down?

Geminiman: Exactly.

A siren sounds as the Decepticons run out to find the Mechanical Maniacs attacking.

Soundwave: Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Black Convoy: An attack? How come we didn't detect them?

Cyclonus: Must have discovered our base was here and teleported outside the perimeter.

Topman: Here they come! Attack with all you've got then retreat into the forest!

Sparkman: This is for destroying our base!

Magnetman: Well, technically it was the Sinister Six base.

Sparkman: It was still kinda ours.

Black Convoy: They are fools if they can think they can defeat us with such pathetic attacks.

Thrust: Look! They are retreating!

Cyclonus: Now is our chance! After them!

Waspinator: Waspinator like chases!

The Decepticons go after The Mechanical Maniacs allowing Geminiman and Fireman to enter the base.

Geminiman: There they go! Now we enter the base.

Starscream: Not so fast!

Geminiman: Starscream!

Starscream: I knew that attack seemed all too easy. So I stayed behind to make sure no one would attack.

Geminiman: My plan has been ruined.

Starscream: Shadowman! Needlegal! Attack!

Several Shadow Blades and Needles come out of nowhere and almost hit Geminiman and Fireman.

Geminiman: Just as I expected.

Starscream: Not surprised? Well you will soon fear their power. Because they have been turned into my robo-slaves! They are powerful and can spread my control to you at the slightest scratch. With the both of you combined with these two I can defeat Galvatron and finally become leader of the Decepticons!

Galvatron: So that was your plan Starscream.

Starscream: Galvatron?

Galvatron: Always trying to plot against me Starscream. I should have known.

Starscream: But ........ It's not what it -

Galvatron: I've had enough of your excuses! Of all the robots in the universe why did I choose to resurrect the one most known for treachery and deceit?

Starscream: But, Galvatron if you'll just give me -

Galvatron: I should have left you dead, Starscream! *Transforms into a cannon and blows Starscream into dust*

Geminiman: So. You've enslaved my friends.

Galvatron: Yes now you will witness my glory!

Geminiman: Well you forget that I hold the weakness for both Needlegal and Shadowman. I also have my swordsman skills and martial art abilities.

Fireman: And one sixth of the Sinister Six.

Geminiman: So I'll just have to upload my attacks and… Wait a second! My abilities are gone.

Fireman: What?

Geminiman: Must have been that shadow blade to the head.

Fireman: So we're screwed?

Geminiman: Not just yet. I still have the advantage. *Splits into six*

Galvatron: Not bad. We'll see how you can handle fighting your friends.

Shadowman and Needlegal leap into action. Meanwhile the Sinister Six surprise the Decepticons.

Gutsman: Surprise! *Hurls a boulder at Cyclonus*

Black Convoy: An ambush!

Hardman: Let's see you handle my drunken style! *Throws another rock at Black Convoy*

Thrust: We can still defeat them.

Snakeman: Not if I can help it. Bombman! *Bombards the Decepticons with Search Snake*

Bombman: Bombs Away! *bombards the Decepticons with Hyper Bombs*

Waspinator: Waspinator don't like ambush! *Gets hit by a giant top and crashes*

Topman: Topman likes ambush.

Cyclonus: We must retreat!

Black Convoy: Back to the base!

Sparkman: They're retreating!

Snakeman: Hmm… I guess everything turned out all right.

Sparkman: And we learned something too.

Cutman: That our job isn't done yet and Geminiman hasn't burned down the base.

Magnetman: He hasn't? Then let's go!

Topman: Well unless we lose this battle. We are… The Mechanical Maniacs!

To be continued.

Musashiden Razz as ..... Hexlaser as ..... Psycho Magnet as .....
Sparkman Snakeman Needlegal
Hadrian Howell as ..... Nightmare as .....
Hardman Topman
Lennon as ..... Jonathan S. as ..... Gauntlet as .....
Geminiman Magnetman Shadowman


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