Series 5 Issue #22 - The 'Maniacs Meet Megaman Part 2

Last issue, Megaman was going berserk in the city of Monsteropolis. After dispatching and capturing Shadowman, Geminiman, and Hardman, Megaman captures the Sinister Six as well as his brother and his support units. After speaking with Dr. Light the 'Maniacs resolve to confront the former hero in battle, however Magnetman takes things too far and Megaman is destroyed! Meanwhile, Topman is in the Ark trying to use Teletran-1 to restore his Gemini Red persona and Nightmare powers to prove to his comrades that he actually has them.

Magnetman: It was an accident!

Snakeman: Come here! I'll show you an "accident"!

Spark Chan: Oh, dear .... what'll we do now?


Needlegal: We'll find and rescue the others. Worry about this later.

Spark Chan: Right. First thing's first.

Snakeman: Hey .... I'm still getting a reading on this Megaman-finder ....

Needlegal: What? But didn't Mags ...?

(The Megaman finder then explodes in Snakeman's hands.)


Snakeman: WOAH!

Offscrn: Geez, what an annoying piece of junk.

Snakeman: Megaman!?

Magnetman: It's a GHOST!

Megaman TV: A ghost?

Magnetman: Call the Ghostbusters! First Starscream and now Megaman! I can't handle this!

Megaman TV: Um ... I'm not a ghost ....

Magnetman: LIAR!

Snakeman: Oh, I get it now. You're just copies!

Magnetman: Copies!?

Snakeman: Yeah, that's right. That's why Megaman was acting nuts. And also why we can still track him ... because the real one is still out there! But you're obviously not exact. Even your internals ... you'd be driving the tracker nuts if you were.

Megaman TV: Well, you've got it right, that's for sure.

Needlegal: Get 'im!

(The four 'Maniacs don't have time to move, for they're soon ambushed with a barrage of megabuster shots)

Snakeman: The Hell!?

Megaman TV: Oh, come on.... did you really think those Joes were our backup?

Cap N Megaman: We're gonna kick some MEGA ass!

MM1 MM: For everlasting peace!

Megaman?: I'm gonna eat yer eyeballs! Hee hee hee!

MM1 PAL MM: You're not dealing with just one little Megaman anymore.

MM2 MM: You're dealing with all of us! We're the best team there is!

MM2 PAL MM: Hey, see this gun? It can go in very uncomfortable places.

Magnetman: Y-you don't mean...?

MM2 PAL MM: That's right. The Enema buster! My most powerful attack!

Magnetman: GAH! Gimme ghosts anytime!

Needlegal: What the Hell is this!?

Megaman?: OUR "Megaman Team"!

MM1 MM: The "Megamen"!

Snakeman: Geez, nice creativity there.

MM2 MM: We don't care what you think! (Shoots arm cannon blasts at Snakeman, who dodges by jumping.)

Spark Chan: (Spark Chan shoots a flurry of sparks, hitting all the Megaman present) You're not intimidating to us anymore! None of you are real and I don't care about hurting mean fakes like you!

Cap N MM: Mega OUCH! Mega Quit it!

MM2 PAL MM: Get them! Hurry! Hold them still so I can use my special attack!

MM2 MM: Right!

Needlegal: hah! And what can either of you losers do??

(Needlegal recoils in horror as both oddball Megamen release a pair of Gemini Lazers!)

Needlegal: CRAP!!

(The Lazers bounce around the room, and the 'Maniacs deftly avoid them, and they finally hit Cap N MM.)

Cap N MM: Mega OUCH! Mega Watch where you're shooting!

MM2 MM: Sorry.

Cap N MM: MEGA sorry!

MM2 MM: Uh ... right. Mega sorry.

Megaman?: We gotta get 'em! Pull it together, troops! (Mega? uses the Fire Storm, knocking Spark Chan back with it's intense heat.)

Spark Chan: ACK!

Needlegal: Sparks! (Needlegal fires a volley of needles and nails Mega? before he manages to dodge.)

Megaman?: Uff!

Needlegal: YES! GAH!! (Needlegal is hit from behind by MM1 PAL's Gemini Lazer!)

Spark Chan: AAcckkk!

Snakeman: Sparks! Needle!

(Snakeman whirls to see Spark Chan unconscious with Shadowblades sticking out of her back.)

MM1 MM: Score one for me! Yes! For everlasting peace!

(MM1 MM is then hit with many Search Snakes)

Snakeman: That's for Spark Chan! And now for - URKK!!

(Snakeman is hit with a Thunder Beam and is rendered unconscious by a grinning Megaman TV.)

Megaman TV: I hear backed snake tastes just like fried chicken.

(Meanwhile stray Magnet Missiles fired by MM2 PAL hits Cap N MM.)

Cap N MM: Mega ... Mega ... MEGA ....! (Cap N MM explodes into tiny balls of light.)

MM1 PAL MM: No! They got the little green guy!

MM2 PAL MM: He was the only one of us who was green! He can never be relaced!

(Magnetman uses his magnetic power to grab onto MM2 MM and MM2 PAL MM)

MM2 MM: Ack .... N.... noooo!

MM2 PAL MM: I .... I will ..... use my enema buster on you for this.... It will be painful!

Magnetman: Yeah, yeah...

(Both Megas explode into balls of light.)

Needlegal: Looks like it's down to us!

(Needlegal and Magnetman are surrounded by the fake Megamans, They all fire their arm cannon shots at the two remaining 'Maniacs.)

Magnetman: It's a showdown! (Magnetman and Needlegal fire back while taking all the damage head-on!)

(MM1 PAL MM explodes as he's riddled with needles.)

Megaman?: Keep firing! Press at 'em and we'll win! We'll -

(Megaman? explodes and is shut up for good.)

Megaman TV: Keep at them! Come on!

MM1 PAL MM: I ....can't hold out! I -

(MM1 PAL MM explodes!)


(MM1 MM falls down and explodes.)

Megaman TV: Well ... this just stinks!

(MM TV explodes leaving needle and Magnet the last ones standing.)

Magnetman: We ... we did it.

Needlegal: Yeah ....

(Both robots collapse from the strain of the fight.)

Someone: Hey. HEY!

(Needlegal reluctantly opens her eyes and finds herself suspended and unable to move.)

Shadowman: Wakey, wakey.

Needlegal: What? What's going on?

Shadowman: You were captured. What's it look like?

Needlegal: Oh .... crap.

(Needlegal looks around and, sure enough, sees the rest of the Mechanical Maniacs, the Sinister Six, Megaman (probably the real one this time), Protoman, and the support units all held in glass containers, all with cables sticking out of their backs along their robotic spinal cords. Everyone looked as immobile as she was. She then became aware that they were all talking over their internal radio band which is used for emergencies and not vocally. Only the MM3 team had access tot he frequency which is why, she supposed, the S6 and the others weren't in on the conversation.)

Needlegal: So, everyone's here, right?

Hardman: Yeah, it's a regular 'Maniacs reunion.

Spark Chan: So ... who's behind all this?

Shadowman: *sigh*

Geminiman: I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but .... it's ...

Doc Robot: So my newest captives are away? Good! Master Wily will be so pleased to hear about all the progress I've made!

Needlegal: DOC ROBOT!?

Magnetman: That little lackey!?

Needlegal: No wonder I recognized the area ... it's where I first fought you guys!* I can't believe you haven't moved to a new base.

(* In the Unnamed)

Doc Robot: Why bother? Old base just as good as always!

Expressman: Doc, this is so boring! Can't we cause just a bit of trouble?

Barrageman: Unit Barrageman was constructed for head-on attacks.

Doc Robot: Cool it! My Megaman copies are our first line of defense. We sit idly by until they're done their work.

Magnetman: Too bad we trashed all your tinker toys, Doc.

Doc Robot: I already planned for that! I'll just make more!

Multiman: Ugh, I almost wish we couldn't. Gimme action any day! We weren't build for this sneaky stuff, we were made to fight.

Geminiman: Let us out of here and you'll get your wish, Multiman! We're ready to fight whenever you are.

Expressman: Yeah! A good old fashioned battle royal! The "Wily Rescue Force" VS The Mechanical Maniacs!

Barrageman: Unit Barrageman never agreed to that team name.

Expressman: Unit Barrageman should stick to what he's good at.

Doc Robot: Both of you be quiet! Doc Robot is in charge! Doc Robot says they stay put until I reprogram them!

Needlegal: Doc Robot and his reprogramming...

Doc Robot: And Doc Robot will reprogram them ... NOW!

(And that's exactly when the Mechanical Maniacs burst from from their prisons!)

Doc Robot: WHAT!?

Spark Chan: I hope you're not too shocked, hun.

Snakeman: I launched some Search Snakes during the fight and they followed us here. While you guys were bickering they freed us and trashed your machine.

Magnetman: It looks like the others really are out cold, though. Too bad ... but we can brag later.

Snakeman: What's this "we" stuff? I freed us!

Expressman: Finally! Some action!

Doc Robot: Minions ... to Doc Robot!

(With that, several bad copies of the MM3 team jump into the room!)

KO Shadow: Beat you we will!

KO Snake: Prepare to esplode!

KO Hard: Hardman is beating hard!

KO Magnet: Off this fight for you!

KO Gemini: Strongest in the world is before you person! Person in the group!

Geminiman: Aw, man ... there's still some of these around!

Hardman: They're like walking insults ... didn't you get rid of all of these boss!?

Shadowman: I thought I had! But they were so cheap to make that I ...

Multiman: Get these losers out of the way! I'm all the army we need!

Expressman: Hey ... what's wrong with the lights?

Geminiman: The room's going ... red.

Magnetman: Isn't everything always red?

Snakeman: Maybe for you. You're visor's red, stupid. If you'd make it a normal color you'd see normally. But now everything really is red. What in the world is ...

N-Top: That'd be my doing.

The 'Maniacs: Topman!?

N-Top: That's Nightmare Topman now.

Hardman: Uh ... you look different, Topster.

N-Top: I am different, Harddy. Lemme show ya.

(With a laugh Topman spins incredibly fast. Before everyone's shocked eyes, Topman splits into ten spinning topmen and does away with the knock-off 'Maniacs!)

Expressman: T-that was fast!

Doc Robot: Don't let him destroy you! Get him!

Multiman: Gotcha! (Mutiman's chest opens and begins to mass produce more of himself. Too late! A red Gemini Lazer, fired from one of the Topmen dispatches both Multimen!)

Barrageman: Error! Until Barrageman has difficulty in assessing -

(N-Topman fires multiple tops at Barrageman, disabling the lumbering, green behemoth.)

Expressman: (While dodging N-Topman after N-Topman) Nothing can outrace me! Nothing! Not. A. Th-

(Expressman's words are cut short as he runs, head-on, into a Gemini Lazer.)

Doc Robot: Take this, you! (In desperation, Doc Robot fires Metal Blades around the room. The 'Maniacs dodge them, but Doc Robot isn't aiming at them. Amazingly none of the Topman hit and they coalesce into one, grinning, Nightmare Topman.)

N-Top: Is that the best you got? Bring it on, Doc Robot!

Doc Robot: I - I will! Master will reward me for bringing you in!

(Doc Robot launches Hard Knuckles at Topman, who avoids them easily.)

N-Top: Come on, Doc ... you're not even making this worth my while!

Doc Robot: I - I ... (Doc Robot tries Shadow Blades, Spark Shots, Needle Cannons ... any high velocity weapon he can think of, but N-Top is unbelievably fast and manages to weave his way through each barrage of weapons as if it was nothing. Finally, in an exhausted and disbelieving state, Doc Robot falls to his knees.)

Doc Robot: You ... win.

N-Top: Of course I do.

(N-Topman does a spinning kick which knocks Doc Robot's head clean off his neck.)

Shadowman: Geez!

Spark Chan: Was that .... absolutely necessary, Topman?

N-Top: Who cares? Wily will rebuild him anyhow.

Magnetman: What's with the new look, Topman?

N-Top: Well ... you wanted to see me use my Nightmare powers, right? That was just a taste.

Magnetman: A taste!?

N-Top: That's right. And now that I have them back, I'll get back to my first goal ... taking over the world!

Magnetman: What??

N-Top: You guys have sidetracked me for the last time.

(With a wave of his hand Topman makes the room twist and turn. The 'Maniacs fall over, overcome by the vertigo.)

Shadowman: T-Topman .. wait!

N-Top: Sorry, "boss". I'm through waiting.

(N Topman rises into the air.)

N-Top: There's a whole, wide world out there for me ... and I intend to take it!

(N-Topman vanishes in a cascade of red hues.)

Shadowman: Topman! Wait a minute!

(With Nightmare Top gone the room reverts to normal. The 'Maniacs are left highly disturbed ... and disheartened at losing their friend.

The Mechanical Maniacs set the Sinister Six and the rest free. Megaman thanks them and promises them a big reward. He says he didn't know they had it in them and Dr. Light, via remote, tells the 'Maniacs that he has a new respect for them and the rest of the Megaman Teams. The 'Maniacs barely listen.

Forlorn, the Mechanical Maniacs teleport home.)

Geminiman: I can't believe we lost Topman. I've known him for so long now ....

Hardman: I feel so bad fer picking ont he little guy.

Magnetman: He wasn't bad. Just .... ridiculous looking.

Spark Chan: He was cute .... in a little boy sort of way. The way he used to hop around if you took too long...

Needlegal: Or his off-key signing.

Topman: Geez! You think I'm gone and this is how you talk about me!?

Needlegal: TOPMAN!

(Needlegal and Spark Chan run over and hug Topman hello.)

Hardman: You're back!

Magnetman: What the Hell happened back there? You had us worried!

Topman: Listen .... There's some bad news.

Snakeman: We already know you're back for good, Top.

Topman: Har har. Very funny, Snake.

Shadowman: Is that about "Nightmare Topman"?

Topman: Look .... after being teased like that I went over here to use Teletran-1 to get back my Nightmare powers. When I couldn't use them before I figured that being reformatted into Topman somehow buried them. I figured I could use Teletran-1 to make me Gemini Red again and from there I could use my Nightmare powers.

Geminiman: But something went wrong.

Topman: My Gemini Red program was damaged beyond repair, so I made Teletran patch it up with my Topman components. It messed things up. Instead of making my into Gemini Red (like I planned) it used some old Gemini code to create a copy Geminiman-style of me .... which is Nightmare-Top. The whole process fused my Gemini Red form with my Topman one. And to make things worse ... It turns out you guys were right .... I was never from the Nightmare dimension at all ...

(The 'maniacs all leaned in. Topman's expression and tone were enough to quiet the team.)

Topman: I was first made as part of a satellite. One of the many programs ealing with analysing and sorting the dtata that was collected. The sattilite's job was to travel to other dimensions and collect data. But something went wrong. I went ... kinda loopy there. And the other dimensions really did change me. When I crash landed into the personality-less Geminiman clone my satellite. body was destroyed and I was off the deep end. But allot's happened since then and I'm better, but .... Nightmare Topman's not.

Geminiman: You're "better now?"

Topman: Not insane.

Geminiman: Ah.

Snakeman: Nightmare Topman really believes he's from the Nightmare dimension?

Topman: There are other dimensions out there, Snake. We've been to one. My memory of my time out there is pretty hazy. But whatever Nightmare power I had went into Nightmare Top. And I really don't know what he's capable of.

Magnetman: But he's you.

Topman: He's a warped version of me with all the crazy leftovers that I'd gotten past a long time ago.

Magnetman: But he's you.

Topman: Agh. Shut up!

Hardman: I can't believe you made a new enemy for us to face, Top.

Topman: Damn it.

Hardman: And yer still not getting any beer from my bar.

Topman: Damn it!

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Magnetman: I guess...

Needlegal: And we learned something today too...

Spark Chan: *sigh* That teasing is never good?

Needlegal: We learned that being quick to judge leads to problems. We were quick to say that Megaman turned evil and it turns out it was really Doc Robot and we ended up captured. And we were quick to judge Topman. And Topman up and created a new problem for us.

Magnetman: Way to go, Topman.

Snakeman: That was real smooth, Topman.

Shadowman: Seriously, did you even think about what you were doing, Topman?

Topman: Sorry! I'm seriously sorry, okay?

Spark Chan: Won't everyone calm down with a nice, cool glass of mango juice?

Magnetman: Sure, just as soon as Top cleans up the mess he's made.

Topman: Well, until we everyone gets off my case, we are ..... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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