The Unnamed: A Mechanical Maniacs Mini-Novel


After writing a whole slew of epilogues and comic books and being slightly inspired by Ice's booming progress in his novel "Ice VS Red" I finally decided it was time to write a real book. Well, a 100 page novel seemed daunting so I decided to just write a mini novel instead.

For a long time this project was known as the "Mechanical Maniacs mini-novel". I still couldn't think of a title so it's named "The Unnamed".

If you're a Megaman fan and reading this because you like Megaman fan fiction you'll be disappointed. This novel is based off the epilogue series on this very site. And we have everything from GI-Joe to Star Trek referenced in our epilogues. If you aren't familiar with the series you'll probably be a little lost.

As a note of continuity this epilogue takes place before the Sinister Six return from their long absence, but after Classi Cal became the new Spark Chan. This makes it take place between Issues 13 and 14 in the series.

The Mechanical Maniacs face another challenge as the team is slowly eaten away by apathy and a lack of enemies. But as deadly, coordinated attacks strike the team as it's at it's lowest point can they find the motivation to pull through? Or are the Mechanical Maniacs destined to fall as so many Megaman Teams before them?

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