Miscellaneous Data

This section will house pages and projects that don't fit into the art, writing, or game categories.

Netnavi Database - A game-by-game analysis of the EXE series navi characters, their special abilities and personalities. Inspired by the Sinister Six's Robot Master Database.

Battlechip Database - Battlechips from the entire EXE series collected into one big conceptual library. Effects and origins of different types of chips are interpreted and tie into how they're used in the fiction.

Navi Marks - A standardized set of custom-made emblems representing characters from the games as well as original designs inspired by them. Submit your own!

Links - Other pages relevant to our interests.

Viral Infection - Archive page for the original BN1 team that a few of our members were on.

Darklight Mercenaries - The BN4 team Kingman and Plantman are on. They have some crossovers with us.

EXE Conflict - Plantman's EXE roleplay.

RaijinK's DA - DeviantArt page for Drillman.

KRWP's DA - DeviantArt page for Plantman.

Kiaren's DA - DeviantArt page for Flamechick.

Akutare's DA - DeviantArt page for Bubbleman.

Vulcan's Blog - Blog by Metalman.

Sprites INC- An indispensible resource for Megaman fans.

Rockman.EXE Online- An awesome site that features lots of information on the Rockman.EXE Anime.

Purple Ruby Red- A nicely done site. A must see for Rockman Zero Fans.


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