He looks like that.

As some may know, Ariga, of the Megaman Megamix, was at Fanexpo 2010 and he was taking questions. Expanding on an earlier question as to what Forte might wear in civilian attire (answer: he wouldn’t wear civilian attire), I asked Ariga to draw out Forte without his helmet. Ariga took a bit to think about it and drew Iceman in the meantime (having already thought of what Ice would look like). Then he drew helmet less Forte. I think this is the closest we’ve ever come to an official art depiction of that … sadly he never said what color his hair would be.

Also, when I asked who was his favorite obscure Robot Master from the non-Capcom games (such as MM PC or Rockman Strategy) he said Konroman (aka Stoveman).

It was a delight to meet the man. He was very friendly and thought me knowledgeable in field of Rockman, which was quite the compliment. He was especially glad to see that I brought in the Rockman Remix manga for him to sign, as that’s his first published complication, and well as my copy of Rockman and Forte (game, box, and manual for the Super Famicom). Evidently it’s quite rare. To think … I was considering tossing the box just a few days ago!