Every Valentine’s day I have had this around and meant to color it. Now I finally have. Can Rock and Roll resist the power of the king of the Undernet? Only doujinshi creators know for sure!

On a more “interesting to other people” note … Remember my crowning achievement of asking a question at FanExpo that got Ariga to draw us a almost-official helmetless version of Forte a while back? No? Wellyoushouldaheardaboutit! And it was none other by I, GAUNTLET, who asked this Earth-shattering question!

But it turns out … there’s another answer. Forte Wily has come to me with another, older, piece of art depicting Forte without his helmet on!

“This revelation appears at the end of the second volume of the Rockman & Forte manga by Koji Izuki, in a one-shot bonus story titled “Rockman Burning Shot”, which focusses on Forte. ”

So there you have it. FW thinks this means Forte’s hair is black … I’m not so sure as it’s in shadow in a black and white manga. Either way we know Forte likes his hair short and kinda wild. Pretty trippy that Ariga drew his own helmetless Bass hair in a similar way, isn’t it? Of course I hear that his version has magenta colored hair.

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