Mainly because people have a hard time figuring out what the hell is available to download here at the Mechanical Maniacs, I have taken just about everything and compiled it all here.

Desktop Theme - Ever want a Megaman theme for your computer? Then, The Mechanical Maniacs have prepared something special for you!

Gamma 3000 - Download the anti-virus software created by geniouses Dr. Wily and Dr. Light!

Music - Various MIDIs relating to Megaman 3 and otherwise. Includes a Megaman 3 NSF file containing the full soundtrack and sound effects.

Wallpapers - Has other wallpapers as well, not just Megaman stuff.

The Megaman PC Games

To play the PC games use the Dos Box. Be advised: you will have to open Dos Box's folder and manually drag the MM.exe file onto it to get the thing to work, but work it will and it will work well. Also get JoyToKey and use that to remap the keyboard keys to your joypad (if you have one). It helps IMMENSLY! I've included Cheat O Matic in the zip to allow you to cheat through the game. (Is there any other way of playing?)

Additional instructions and answered questions are in an instruction guide I included in the zips.

Download Megaman PC

Download Megaman 3 PC

These games cannot be found in stores (well, not many stores) and are older than dirt! I have absolutely no moral qualms about releasing these games over the internet because of that.

Megaman Fonts

Ever see fonts in a Megaman game that you just wish you could write in WITHOUT the hassle of opening up Paint and doing a massive bit of work with the copy/paste tool? Well, I have. Luckily for me there's a great program called Bitmap Font Writer. Basically, you unzip the zip file and upload all the fonts in the "fonts" directory of B.F.W. Can it be that easy? IT IS!!

The following fonts were created by Lunar Archivist, webmaster of Moonstruck!
Megaman 3 font - shadowed
The font used for the select screen in MM3.

Megaman 3 font - unshadowed
The font used for regular talking scenes in MM3 (yes, in the game they are actually two separate fonts used).

Megaman - the Power Battles font
The font used for the robot master names in the Power Battles with letter completed by me and ALL the miscellaneous keyboard keys (including numbers) by Archivist. FYI: there is no actual font in the game, rather the names are all separate sprites.

Megaman - The Power Fighters font
With the vast majority of the lowercase letters created by Archivist.

Megaman X1 font
The font used throughout MMX1. FYI: Some parts of the X1 font are actually DIFFERENT from the other X games! Also, it was missing one or two letters of the alphabet. Wacky! Font pack includes many different color variants used throughout the game!

The next set of fonts were created all by me, Gauntlet! After looking at Archivist's fonts I figured out how to do it on my own (huzzah!) and I figured that creating a font set for the e-tanks would be pretty nifty. Boy do I wish I had this when I created those "new" and "updated" animations.

E-Tank font - NES
The NES "font" created for the e-tanks.

E-Tank font - Wily Wars
The Wily Wars e-tank font (darker colors than in the game).

E-Tank font - Complete Works
Featuring e-tanks from Rockman Complete Works.

E-Tank font - GB

The e-tanks from the Gameboy series.

EXE map screen font

The font from the map screen from the EXE series.

EXE Beta font

A scratch-built font based on the beta screens for the first Rockman EXE game.

EXE beta font - dark

A dark version for the "un bolded" parts of the above font.

Download the Megaman Font Pack!

MegaFan: Battle Network

Designed by Hardman (Hadrian Howell) the description is as follows:
The file contained herein is a zip file which holds my first (and only, to date) completed fangame. I'm a little embarassed to say that It wasn't as impressive as it could have been, and there are a few bugs, but over all it is a rather nifty little game.

It's based on MM:Battle Network, and my understanding of the system used in it BEFORE the first game was released.

It's played using the keyboard, however the stage select needs your mouse to select the players! Have fun!

Download MegaFan!

Save State Masters

Made by an old friend of mine, Nightmare Zero, this program covers a slew of games and nearly every single Megaamn game in existence.

B.O.B., Bahamut Lagoon, Breath of Fire 1, Breath of Fire 2, BS Zelda, Castlevania 4, Castlevania 5, Chrono Trigger, DBZ: Hyper Dimension, DBZ: Super Butoden 1-3, Donkey Kong 1-3, DBZ: Gokuden1-2, DBZ: RPG, Final Fantasy 2(4) -3 (6), Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Final Fight, Kirby's Super Star, Megaman 7, Megaman Soccer, Megaman X 1-3, Rockman and Forte, Seiken Densetsu 3, Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Star Ocean, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Super Turricon 1/2, Tales of Phantasia, Villgust, Zelda 3: A Link to the Past

DBZ 1-3, DBZ: Zetsu Metsu (Gaiden), Final Fantasy1-2j, Megaman 1 - 6, Zelda 2

Megaman 1-5, Megaman Xtreme 1-2, Zelda Oracle of Ages / Seasons

Megaman: the Wily Wars, Rockman X3 (pirate), Sonic 1-3, Sonic 1-3 (Knuckles), Sonic and Knuckles

Rockman EXE

Download Save State Masters


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