Megaman EXE: Battle Network

This guide on Mega Man: Battle Network is written by various team members of the old Rockman EXE team named Viral Infection. It is designed to allow for maximum clarity, and it has a bit of our trademark sense of humour embedded in it. So even if you're an EXE expert, go ahead and read some of it, it's good for a laugh you'll look at the game in an entirely different way. This guide was written mostly by me, Raijin K, and Enigmatic Digital so don't ask Gauntlet any questions - he didn't do squat!

Frequently Asked Questions

These aren't really frequent yet, these are mostly specfic questions we're asked in the Guestbook that are apparently best answered here. The list grows.

Q: I beat Numberman and checked the metroline, but Dex won't e-mail me about the rematch. What am I missing?
A: I guess we're at fault here for writing a walkthrough in the first place. Most people who read walkthroughs or have already beaten the game once don't think to explore areas they know can't be explored yet. In this case, the trigger to send Dex's e-mail is started by three things. 1. You have to talk to the guy at the far end of the metroline station, 2. You have to step outside into the town, and 3. You have to examine the /Dex pathway. Apparently, Rock and Lan have to know they need to talk to Dex, otherwise they'd probably just ignore his challenge anyway. This was overlooked in the walkthrough since everything was being closely examined at the earliest oppurtunities, not drawing into account a game with just essential exploration. The walkthrough is now updated to draw this into account.

Q: How do I get to the net in Dentown?
A: If you want to get to the undernet, the quickest way is through Miyu's link. Jack into the looking glass on her counter and follow the path around, and if you don't have the @Miyu yet, you might as well pick it up now and go through the long way. Use this map, this map and maybe this map for more help. Area 4 is the "Net in Dentown" that Higsby refers to.


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