Hello, and welcome to The Mechanical Maniacs!

The Mechanical Maniacs was founded on May 13, 2000 and has changed a great deal. It's moved from Geocities, dealt with evil doppelgangers (no lie!), been tossed around as a subsite, went through several team members (including, at one point, half the team all at once), and is still going strong!

The Mechanical Maniacs specializes in Megaman oddities that fly under the radar of other Megaman sites as well as a great deal of creative works. You want to know about Asian Megaman games? Want to read the novelization of Megaman 2? How about seeing the original article for the obscure game Rockman Strategy (which made it's debut right here, guys)?

Up at the top you'll find several selections to choose from:

Main - This link brings you to the main page.

Fiction - These are stories created by the various members of the team. The Mechanichal Maniac's Epilogue series deals with ficticious adventures centering around the various members of the team.

Galleries - Including all Sprite and Image Galleries. Sprite galleries include both a selection of custom sprites, but also several official sprite rips to peruse through. The Image Gallery features, mostly, art created by members of the team, but it also has a great selection of official art with a focus on screen caps from Megaman-related animation.

Nuts & Bolts - This is the main site index and contains a list of all articles and sections.

Forum - The Mechanical Maniacs forum has gone through many changes since it's start as a Senac text-based board, but it's still alive and still active. It's the best way to contact members of the team.

This site is maintained by me - Gauntlet (and I play Shadowman on the site). I'm the only original team member left, but that doesn't bother me as the team is always filled with talented, friendly people. I write most of the epilogues, draw most of the images, and am responsible for creating the layout you see before you. If you have any questions or technical difficulties e-mail me and I'll try to solve them.

Now that you've had an introduction tot he site I hope you'll enjoy everything we have to offer.


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