Fiction: Miscellaneous

As you may expect, this section hosts one-off stories that stand on their own and are largely unconnected from each other.

Evolution Myth - By Gauntlet and Needlegal. What would Evolution be as a Greek myth? Witness this twisted tale!

Big Battles: Fight #1 - Inspired by such sites as CBUB and NES fights. It's infection inoculation! Braniac 13 VS Megabyte VS Sigma

Big Battles: Fight #2 - Duplication Destruction! Sonicman and Dynaman and WavemanPC VS Sonic the Hedgehog and Dynamoman and WavemanNES

Big Battles: Fight #3 - Big Battles Episode 03: Megatron Madness! Megatron VS Galvatron (movie) VS Galvatron (TV show) VS Megatron (Beast Wars) VS Galvatron (Beast Wars 2) VS Super Megatron

Big Battles: Fight #4 - Clash of the Colors! White Ranger VS Green Ranger

Big Battles: Fight #5 - Final Fantasy Mayhem! Cecil, Butz, Terra, Cloud, Squall, and Zidane VS Zeromus, Exdeath, Kefa, Sephrioth, Ultimercia and Kuja

MM Special - Mega X - By Gauntlet. Everyone here knows how much I hate those stupid debates over the MMX series. And everyone knows just how opinionated I am over the subject. Combine those with anger and inspiration at 2 AM and you have this Megaman special!

Nueve Lt'aldo - By Hadrian (Hardman) Howell. Based on an old D&D campaign Hadrian was involved in.

The Megaman War - By Hadrian (Hardman) Howell. Based around the Megaman Community of 05-06 this story meshes together all of the Megaman series at the time (yes, including Legends). Despite it being years in the works, it's sadly, unfinished. Still, due to it's sheer size it's presented here,

Megaman: Elysium One Shot, One Kill - By Hadrian (Hardman) Howell. A one shot story, Megaman VS Zero.

MONSTEROPOLIS EPISODE 1: Heroes and Villains - A Novella by Hadrian (Hardman) Howell. It's an intriguing remixed video game world with a focus on Megaman.

MONSTEROPOLIS EPISODE 2: Rock and A Hard Place - A Novella by Hadrian (Hardman) Howell. Another adventure in Hadrian's Megaman-tinted mishmash of video games.

Better Judgement: The Dr. Wily Story - A (fairly long) Novella by Hadrian (Hardman) Howell. The life story of Dr. Wily. What motivates the man and why does he do what he does? A unique take on Dr. Wily's beginnings.


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