The Mechanical Maniacs have joined the Robot Police Department, and are well on the way to becoming respected members of the city after many years as outlaws. For the past few months, all has been going fairly well for the Maniacs, and they're working on bringing the peace in a more legal way.

But all jobs come with stress, and the RPD is no exception. The past few weeks have been especially tiring on the Mechs, who have been pulled in all directions at once with their skills in high demand. Tensions are on the rise amongst their ranks.

However, those conflicts are about to take a backseat to something even more serious. Something dangerous, and dark. Once again, the Mechaincal Maniacs are about to find themselves on the wrong side of the law, but this time its not of their own freewill. Something awful has happened, and the Maniacs are the main culprits.

Now, Shadowman and his team will be forced to travel to a volitale background in order to clear their name, and uncover a hidden agenda that may be way over their heads. Can the Mechanical Maniacs remain friendly with each other even as certain doom traces their every step? Or will they fall victim to a massive conspiracy?

The Mechanical Maniacs are about to become...

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