A second shot pierced my dead arm, though I didn’t feel it with my circuits still shut down in that area. This was not a fight I could win in the shape I was in. Which meant I would have to outmaneuver them.

There were two of them that I could see, Needle and Magnet, though Snake was likely acting as an extra set of eyes over their communicator. Needle would be the easier to avoid – her projectiles flew straight, and if she couldn’t close the gap to reach me they’d be fairly easy to dodge. Mags would be less predictable – he was a straight shot when he wanted to be, but if he decided to show off and make the bullets curve with his powers they’d be harder to anticipate. Luckily their projectiles were all light and easy to deflect – if I could get out of there before Hard or Spark showed up I’d be fine.


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