Ascension Part 2

Series 8 ends as the Mechs have their final battle against the Scissor Army! Who is their mysterious new general? And how will Crorq react when he’s finally confronted by a team that has had enough?

Ascension Part 1

The first of a two parter (I’ve grown fond of them, it seems). The series is coming to a close and if the Ascendant Androids have a say everyone will die by the end of it.

A Royal Pain Part 2

A new foe threatens the team! Between new foes and old foes can the Mechs survive the insanity of the past? Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope yo uall have a happy holidays.

A Royal Pain Part 1

It’s time travel madness as the team goes back in time, all the way back to Series 5! But what can the team possibly learn from all those years ago? And what does it have to do with the previous Spark?

Curse of the Lion Men Part 2

Part two of Curse of the Lion Men featuring our new Spark as co-writer (written before he joined the team) and a teeny bit by Ben. Wow it took a while to put this up, but here it is. As a bonus, Raijin has completed new sprites for the Megaman 6 and 9 guys. They’re really nice and give the teams some much needed personality. Especially the MM6 guys.

Very nice. Obviously Blizzardman wins them all, but I gotta say Raj has done a great job on ’em.

Curse of the Lion Men Part 1

The … lion men!? That’s right! We’re going back to regular epilogues after a long, LONG time getting extra long stories out of the way to bring you the first part of "Curse of the Lion men", which is co-written by our current Sparkman! (Although it was done a long time ago, before he was on the team, so he’s still credited as Diveman here). Click on Tar to read more.

Genesis End – 22 & Postlude

“The end of the world?! What the hell are you talking about??” I shouted at the demon, my arms cutting deeper into his chest as I pressed him into the wall even harder.

“As I just said, you wouldn’t understand yet. Hrm, perhaps I misspoke when I said you’d learned to ask the right questions. Shall I just explain it to you from the beginning? It would save me a lot of time, certainly.”

“Right, like you’re really going to just reveal your whole plan to me, like in a bad mystery novel?”


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Genesis End – 20 & 21

I lunged at the Harbinger, but he lifted his rune-scarred hand and a blast of concussive energy pushed me back, sending me keeling into the wall behind me. Amatista apparently hadn’t lost her edge with age – she rolled into the room as she dodged my body and ended with a flourish of her hand that caused the Harbinger to cry out in pain. Sticking out of his heel was one of Amatista’s earrings, a long slender jewel that she must have still kept on her person, sharpened for emergencies. I guess in this town you have to be ready for anything.


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Genesis End – 18 & 19

A second shot pierced my dead arm, though I didn’t feel it with my circuits still shut down in that area. This was not a fight I could win in the shape I was in. Which meant I would have to outmaneuver them.

There were two of them that I could see, Needle and Magnet, though Snake was likely acting as an extra set of eyes over their communicator. Needle would be the easier to avoid – her projectiles flew straight, and if she couldn’t close the gap to reach me they’d be fairly easy to dodge. Mags would be less predictable – he was a straight shot when he wanted to be, but if he decided to show off and make the bullets curve with his powers they’d be harder to anticipate. Luckily their projectiles were all light and easy to deflect – if I could get out of there before Hard or Spark showed up I’d be fine.


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Genesis End – 17

If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then it stands to reason that one man’s treasure is another man’s trove. Snake had to be on to something when he started looking into emerGEnesis CEO Adam Everett’s financials – 2 million dollars cash doesn’t get withdrawn to carry around as pocket change – but after the devastation of the lab compound, there was no way that Everett, whatever he was up to with all that money, could operate under the radar as easily anymore. He’d have somewhere he could operate out of, lots of somewheres maybe, that weren’t as easy to link to him, and that’s what I wanted to find. And as Snake already pointed out, the best way to find out about a person’s secrets is to see where their money goes.


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