It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this section. And one very good reason I convered the updates into Blug format is to make these sort of mass updates both more accessible and more spread out over time. Much of this info comes from Jesse E. Brown Jr, so give him a hand!

A better look at another RM7 pirate alreadon on the site. It uses pictures from the RM7 manual. It’s pretty lazy since they didn’t bother to change even the title on this one.
Megaman 5 – This uses Megaman 5’s box artand probably contains the Megaman 5 game. I like how it’s been updated for the “Gameboy Advance”. When will Megaman 5 come out for the DS?

Rockman– Yes, just “Rockman”. A pirated copy of Rockman Mega World with Rockman Zero art. Were we supposed to think he was Protoman or something? Rockman– Yes, just “Rockman”. A pirated copy of Rockman Mega World with Rockman Zero art. Were we supposed to think he was Protoman or something? From Jesse Brown Jr.

Rockman X3– Actually, this is the same as the above “Rockman 8” game. A pirate that lies to you? Madness! This one is interesting because, as the game still “sucks ass from a straw” (as the Angry Video Game Nerd would say), it is a bit better than the version that seems to be floating around on the Internet. Firing your Rock Buster multiple times or killing many enemies does not result in the enemies vanishing or the platforms disappearing, which makes it a bit more playable (if you even want to play it, for that matter!), but the previous problem could have been to console emulation problems.

Oddly not Rockman DX3, which has a similar name and also Dash box art.

So…yeah. Info from Jesse E. Brown Jr.

Rockman XD8– From Jesse Brown Jr. This is an actual copy of “Rockman DX3,” and it’s pretty neat to have a physical copy of since this game isn’t half bad. From the little bit I’ve played of this game, it’s pretty much the same as the ROM, right down to the fact that at start-up all of the bosses (RM’s, Mavericks, whatever) have been defeated and you have all of the items and upgrades. My suspicion is that this is because the cart is itself made from a dump of the game that had completed save files, and that was what the ROM dump on the Internet is of also, but we won’t really know for sure I suppose.
205 in 1– Jesse Brown Jr notes: This is a real treasure. This baby, among other games, comes with a copy of “Rockman Z” and “Rockman DX3.” I’ll describe these two in sequence. “Rockman Z” is listed as “Rockman DX6” in the game menu for whatever reason, but plays like Zook Z/Rockman Z does in the one gameplay video of the game I’ve seen (and I’ve never before now played this game as I’ve never seen an actual ROM dump of it). Thankfully, this is a clean game with no save files used, so you get to start from the beginning and play, unlike the aforementioned copy of DX3 that has all the bosses cleared and, as far as I know, there’s no way to clear the save files.

The copy of Rockman DX3 that is on the cartridge is listed as “Rockman DX3,” but it is a bit different from the DX3 ROM dump(s) I’ve seen on the Internet and the version I just described here. First, and perhaps most importantly, this is a CLEAN copy of the game in which you have all four of the save slots open and can play the game from the beginning, without already having all bosses cleared and all items! Second, and something I noticed in the very beginning, is that this game has COMPLETELY DIFFERENT music from what I will call the “other version” of DX3 (and by proxy Zook Z), music I’ve never heard before, and so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s got its own custom sound-track (both Zook and Rockman & Crystal have original tunes).

Jesse notes that these games are still produced in China, which is why they’re still available for decent prices. More piratey goodness is on the way, so stay tuned!