Quint & Pirate Games

Here’s an image of Quint in his box art design. I really like this design and wish it were used more often in the fandom. Sure, he looks too much like Protoman, but it’s not like he’s used that often anyway. Quint was used to great extent in the latest epilogue series bringing the Mech on random adventures, often finishing old stories Gary once started.

Also, we have updated in the … pirates games page? From about 10 years ago!? Yeah, those epilogues really took over for ages on end, didn’t they? I totally forgot to post any of these. Uh … sorry, Radix (who sent in a few of them).

Pirate Mania Finale

Yes, the ‘Maniacs Moments shall continue, even in the face of a real update!

Yes, it’s the last of my pirate game backlog. It took 5 segments, but we are finally throught he woods on these pirate games.

7 in 1 – Featuring a whole bunch of …. gameboy games?

Megaman & Bass – I’ve included the real box here as well. The pirates did a passable job with this one – even copying the Nintendo seal of quality! – but I don’t remember Zero ever being in this game. Evidently it’s a “Bass-xtreme” situation that only Megaman Bass can resolve! I guess the translators didn’t know what the ampersand symbol means.

Rockman “Game” – Yeah, so this one has no name. But it’s apparently Rockman World 1.

Megaman Battle Network 5 Team ProtomanFound on Protodude’s blog. Now, just look at it and try to spot the mistake.

13 in 1 – Despite the Megaman and Bass art and the Battle Network art, this multicart onlt has classi series games. False advertising on a pirate game? Say it ain’t so!

Super 6 in 1 – Yeah, another one. It looks like a better repackaging of the first Super 6 in 1. I didn’t know Protoman and Bass surivied to the X timeline….

5 in 1 – Look out, Wily! Megaman’s gonna kill you!!! Where are your predacious rules now, Asimov?!

and, finally …

Megaman Soccer (PC) – Megaman … Soccer? Of all the SNES Megaman games they could have stolen, they went with … Megaman Soccer? And with that box art!?

And that ends Pirate Mania. At least for now. But the next time there are crappy Megaman pirate games …. I’ll be there! Be sure to check out all of the pirate games articles for the archives of Pirate Mania and past piratey “goodness”.

Pirate Mania Part 4

Waveman says “YAR!” And Waveman PC cries in his sleep. Pirate mania (aka “let’s empty my pirate folder”) continues.

Rockman 5 – The cover was swiped from SWATPRO magazine. Of all the … possible sources. And they altered it somewhat too. Although where that ,,, blue thing in the background comes from, I dunno.

Rockman Z -Found pictures of the box. Nothing too mind blowing.

Rockman World Collection – Actually gives itself a title, unlike a great many other Rockman World collections. Oddly uses a mix of R&F sprites, CW artwork and … an NES sprite for the Rock Monster.

Rockman X3 – Not as bland as the Rockman X2 cart, but it’s a rather bold claim. It probably has plain old regular Rockman 3.

Rockman VS Castlevania (I think) (PC) – Captain N fans, eat your eart out! No clue what this game is about and I’m only mostly sure it’s for the PC.

Rockman ??? (PC) – Another PC game, this time using artwork fromt he old Dreamwave comics. No idea what this is about either.

4-in-1 – Another “DS” 4 in 1s, this time featuring X instead of Zero. Looks like it might just be the exact same multicart from just looking at the art alone.

??? – Doesn’t even have the decency to name the Wily Wars on this multicart.

Rockman ??? – A really generic Rockman Gameboy game cart.

12 In 1 – All the Rockman Worlds in an odd order with a variety of non related games. (What does MM have to do with any of them?)

Megaman Collection X4 – X4 – 8 (PSX) -I guess someone though bundling all the Playstation games was a good idea. But why bother to mix Megaman games in with Rockman?

3 Rockman – … I’m gonna count this as a multicart and assume it’s not just Rockman 3. Interestingly, none of the art shown are for NES Rocman games.

Rockman X6 DVI Connecter (PC) – I have no idea. Maybe it comes with X6 … I guess …

Rockman X3 (SNES) – Is an X3 by any other name play as well? Or is as hard?

Rockman ??? – It doesn’t get much more generic than this.

Pirate Mania Part 3

Pirate Mania continues! Yes, still. Much of this info comes from Jesse E. Brown Jr, so give him a hand! This is actually the last of the stuff he sent me (minus Game King info, no pictures of the Rockman clone) … but not the last of the Rockman pirate stuff I have to post!

Rockman DX2 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Named both in chinese and English. You know, just in case some poor sap was confused. Probably a copy of DX3 or something, with graphics from the X series on it, of course. It could also be a copy of Xtreme 2:

10 in 1 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. An interesting multi-cart that’s got the GB games on it, and “Rockman World 99” (which has generally been the pirated version of Rockman 8). And “Color Rockman” and “Color Rockman Fighter” … what? It also looks like they ripped off someone’s Deviantart. Noticeably less than 101 games on it.

Rockman X5 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Very generick pirate, probably DX3, but who can say without taking a chance and buying it?

10 in 1 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Another strange multicart, although this one has mainly Rockman games on it. It claims to have “Rockman 8” (the pirated game probably), “Rockman X3” (probably DX3), “Rockman X5” (not certain about this one yet), “Rockman Xtreme 2”, and a couple others on the cover…BUT, the back of the box says that it has the 5 GB games, Rockman 8 and a couple other games. Kind of disappointing, although it is nice to have the GB’s on one cart I suppose. Released in 2008 supposedly.

8 in 1 – Sent by Jesse Brown. An 8-in-1 GBA multicart, this time with some RM Zero games on it, released this year supposedly and simply named “2009 RPG”.

Rockman ??? – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Claims to be for the GBC, but uses Command Mission art.

Rockman X4 Limited Pack (Saturn) – Sent in by Jesse brown. A “Special Limited Pack” of “Rockman X4,” which caries a rather high price tag, especially for the Chinese, and even for us, coming in at 890 Yuans.

Rockman DX5 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Nice job on using a Command Mission screen shot, guys.

??? – Let’s hope the box had a name … even though it’s probably Rockman World. Might be the old Rockman X3 pirate, though. Sent in by Jesse Brown.

Rockman X8 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Probably the box from the game that turned out to be RM4 (nes).

Pirate Mania Part 2

Pirate Mania continues! Much of this info comes from Jesse E. Brown Jr, so give him a hand!

Firstly, read more about Zook Z at longtime contributor Brahman’s Game Room and at the RM Knowledge Base. In depth coverage on this obscure game. He also notes that Wikipedia has an entry on Zooks that seems related.

A different version of Rockman DX3 has been found, with fightable bosses and different music! So there are actually two different versions of this rom out there and perhaps 2 versions of this game out there. Thanks to codeman38 for pointing it out to me.

Some tracks ripped from the game by Boco. Apparently, dumping the game is difficult.


Rockman DX4 (PC) – Sent in by Jesse Brown. This auction here is for “Rockman Strategy,” it seems (although the description mentions GBC/GBA/SP and the box mentions DX4 for some reason. Still, based on the screenshot provided, and the title, I’d say it’s probably RM Strategy, although it’s hard to say for certain! However, at 23 Yuan (about $4 USD), that’s not a bad gamble to take.

RockmaX8 – From Jesse Brown. Essentially, the game is an emulation of Mega Man 4, with some minor edits to it (a unique, and strange, boot-up screen; a very slightly edited title (as well as a title from Zero 4); and a Dr. Cx logo on the stage-select). The rest of the game seems to be the same as MM4.

Rockman & Crystal – A bit more information (and pictures) on this game has been found.

Some tracks ripped from the game by Boco. Apparently, dumping the game is difficult.


Made by the same people who made Rockman (Zook) Z and Rockman DX3, Vast Fame.

Pirate Mania Part 1

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this section. And one very good reason I convered the updates into Blug format is to make these sort of mass updates both more accessible and more spread out over time. Much of this info comes from Jesse E. Brown Jr, so give him a hand!

A better look at another RM7 pirate alreadon on the site. It uses pictures from the RM7 manual. It’s pretty lazy since they didn’t bother to change even the title on this one.
Megaman 5 – This uses Megaman 5’s box artand probably contains the Megaman 5 game. I like how it’s been updated for the “Gameboy Advance”. When will Megaman 5 come out for the DS?

Rockman– Yes, just “Rockman”. A pirated copy of Rockman Mega World with Rockman Zero art. Were we supposed to think he was Protoman or something? Rockman– Yes, just “Rockman”. A pirated copy of Rockman Mega World with Rockman Zero art. Were we supposed to think he was Protoman or something? From Jesse Brown Jr.

Rockman X3– Actually, this is the same as the above “Rockman 8” game. A pirate that lies to you? Madness! This one is interesting because, as the game still “sucks ass from a straw” (as the Angry Video Game Nerd would say), it is a bit better than the version that seems to be floating around on the Internet. Firing your Rock Buster multiple times or killing many enemies does not result in the enemies vanishing or the platforms disappearing, which makes it a bit more playable (if you even want to play it, for that matter!), but the previous problem could have been to console emulation problems.

Oddly not Rockman DX3, which has a similar name and also Dash box art.

So…yeah. Info from Jesse E. Brown Jr.

Rockman XD8– From Jesse Brown Jr. This is an actual copy of “Rockman DX3,” and it’s pretty neat to have a physical copy of since this game isn’t half bad. From the little bit I’ve played of this game, it’s pretty much the same as the ROM, right down to the fact that at start-up all of the bosses (RM’s, Mavericks, whatever) have been defeated and you have all of the items and upgrades. My suspicion is that this is because the cart is itself made from a dump of the game that had completed save files, and that was what the ROM dump on the Internet is of also, but we won’t really know for sure I suppose.
205 in 1– Jesse Brown Jr notes: This is a real treasure. This baby, among other games, comes with a copy of “Rockman Z” and “Rockman DX3.” I’ll describe these two in sequence. “Rockman Z” is listed as “Rockman DX6” in the game menu for whatever reason, but plays like Zook Z/Rockman Z does in the one gameplay video of the game I’ve seen (and I’ve never before now played this game as I’ve never seen an actual ROM dump of it). Thankfully, this is a clean game with no save files used, so you get to start from the beginning and play, unlike the aforementioned copy of DX3 that has all the bosses cleared and, as far as I know, there’s no way to clear the save files.

The copy of Rockman DX3 that is on the cartridge is listed as “Rockman DX3,” but it is a bit different from the DX3 ROM dump(s) I’ve seen on the Internet and the version I just described here. First, and perhaps most importantly, this is a CLEAN copy of the game in which you have all four of the save slots open and can play the game from the beginning, without already having all bosses cleared and all items! Second, and something I noticed in the very beginning, is that this game has COMPLETELY DIFFERENT music from what I will call the “other version” of DX3 (and by proxy Zook Z), music I’ve never heard before, and so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s got its own custom sound-track (both Zook and Rockman & Crystal have original tunes).

Jesse notes that these games are still produced in China, which is why they’re still available for decent prices. More piratey goodness is on the way, so stay tuned!

There’s an update!?

Considering the overall lack of activity, I’ve decided to push up this week’s update by a few days. I’ve added some small things here and there.

Firstly, the Asian PC games has a could new images to go with it, namely in Rockman 123’s entry.

I’ve added one entry to all of the sections in the …. pirate games article!? Yeah, I never planned on updating that again, but I found some things that just HAD to be added, even if it was just one per section.

The Cell phone games article features the latest games along with one older game I neglected to put on there. As always, a BUNCH of screens have been put on the screens section of that article (separated out due to sheer number of screens).

The miscellaneous sprites section has some guest entries along with a sheet of E-tank sprites that I compiled. Having all of them on one sheet occasionally comes in handy.

Miscellaneous pictures also features some fan art submitted over the last few months. Sorry it took me so long to get these up!

My Gallery features art of the Wily Rescue Force (meaning the Deamwave robot masters and Cap N Doc Wily).

And finally, Raijin’s gallery features alot of nice art, including character designs for the ‘Maniac’s Transmetal 2 armor!

I don’t know when new ‘Maniacs Moments will be up. Hard’s life must be getting in the way of those little comics. So, I’ve put up an appropriate message.

That’s all for now. I gotta say …. it’s nice to work on the site again.

Stuff here and there.

I’ve been REALLY busy with my comic and REALLY got into watching an anime called Bleach. But I still got time to update a bit with some user submission stuff!

Okay, so …. first up: miscellaneous images have been uploaded. Woo hoo. I love getting images so keep sendin’ ’em.

Real Life Wilys sees an update. Wow. That’s a section I never – EVER expect an update from.

The Pirate Sprite Sheets sees a tiny update. Zan Sidera submitted some sprites of the tree guy and the red hero guy from Rockman DX3, so those sprites have been added in. Originally for Sprites INC too, but I whined about it a whole bunch (it’s been a bad year or so) and Ace, being the gentleman that he is, let me have the game for my own coverage (since I have already covered it). So Zan let me put these up as they were originally for S. INC. So, thanks guys.

And this week’s winner of the ‘Maniacs Moments contest – Kayorei! Take a bow! Remember: Each week there’ll be a new winner so keep on submitting! It could be YOU!

New article, Gauntlet Sprites, Wallpapers

Wow, I haven’t had an update like this in AGES!

First off the next winner of the ‘Maniacs Moments contest is Kaos! Congrats. PR references for teh win.

Next up is an all new article.Rocman X VS Thunder Blast Man. Not only have I compared both games, but I actually *won* Rocman X and have gone into extreme detail on the ending.

The Gauntlet Sprites page has been updated with an all-new sprite picture featuring every single Megaman character (that has an official sprite) to date! It was *very* tough and annoying to make, but now I can update it easily should I choose to do so.

The Wallpapers section also has a big update. That’s one section I don’t update too often. This time from tiny project I recently finished up.

Pirate Games!

The pirate games pages have ALL been updated!

It’s been a long time coming. And this is likely the last update, unless there’s one REALLY interesting update to make to that section. After all …. there’s only so many ways you can cover crap. I think what we have gives a pretty good impression of the different sorts of pirate games out there.

Moreover, it’s been reorganized a little. So things are easier to find.

Oh, on a totally unrelated note: Quickman found out the game for the latest Rockman Cell Phone Game is “Capcom Girls Mind Puzzle” doing some fancy translating. Good job!