Return of the Mobile coverage

Yes, it’s that time again. The time where I update the list of cell phone games and the screen shot gallery. And I find myself wondering why they chose to have Megaman shoot directly at Dr. Wily in Megaman: Rush Marine. I mean, just look at that. He’s shooting hot plasma directly at Dr. Wily’s head! How does that not violate the laws of robotics? He does the same in the Megaman PC games, so maybe it’s that Megaman is more violent than Rockman. Yeah, let’s stick with that theory.

But more than just the list being updated is some downloadable Megaman cell phone games. This not only includes Rockman Jump (of course), but also Rocket Christmas, Pinball, Space Rescue, and Megaman 3! Megaman 3 actually has all sizes of the game, which means even the tiny sprites used for the low resolution phones. I can’t extract the sprites to the others, but maybe someone else out there can. You can thank Duke Serkol for these downloads!

Rockman Strategy Music

One thing I couldn’t figure out until now was how to get the music from Rockman Strategy. Until now. This zip contains every single music track in the entire game converted to MP3 format. Sadly I can’t figure out which song is for whom. Still, they are all there for your listening pleasure. Maybe one day someone will come to me with a list or something.

Bits here and There

A few small things have been added.

Firstly – the article on Brazil’s MM comic sees a couple of covers added to the image marked “Some MM Comic Covers” at the bottom of the page.

The article on Asian MM Games sees images added to all the Taiwanese originals. Check it for various, better-quality images of the boxes. Another counterfeit game has been added to the list of counterfeit games located there.

Finally, some more MM fonts have been added. I’ve added the e-tanks from the Gameboy games, EXE’s map font, and the font from the beta screens of EXE 1. I’ve also added the toxic waste tank from the first MM PC game to the E-Tank fonts (hey … why not?).

But …. sit tight, loyal viewers! I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve. What’s coming up will dazzle and amaze, I assure you all!

‘Maniacs Moments back! More Wallpapers!

Hardman’s back with more ‘Maniacs Moments so that brings out contest to anend. If he ever gets backlogged again, though I’ll bring the contest back. Thanks you to all who participated!

More wallpapers have been put up. These ones finish off the set of wallpapers for each member of the team!

I’ve also added some nifty buttons to the Nuts and Bolts section to give it some life.

New article, Gauntlet Sprites, Wallpapers

Wow, I haven’t had an update like this in AGES!

First off the next winner of the ‘Maniacs Moments contest is Kaos! Congrats. PR references for teh win.

Next up is an all new article.Rocman X VS Thunder Blast Man. Not only have I compared both games, but I actually *won* Rocman X and have gone into extreme detail on the ending.

The Gauntlet Sprites page has been updated with an all-new sprite picture featuring every single Megaman character (that has an official sprite) to date! It was *very* tough and annoying to make, but now I can update it easily should I choose to do so.

The Wallpapers section also has a big update. That’s one section I don’t update too often. This time from tiny project I recently finished up.

Rockman Strategy, MM2 Book

Welp, this ends week one of our time at a new domain and a new server. This happens every two or three years. I hope this time to keep the domain if we ever move again. It’s pretty inconvenient to lose it every time we move. Still, it’s nice to be on our own and all.

Continuing Rockman Strategy coverage this week. The second set of robot masters that make an appearance in the game are now online! And with them this conclusion: Rockman Strategy was sent out unfinished. The robot master sprites and the lack of encryption spell out an unfinished game no matter how you slice it. Nevertheless, it’s a point in my favour! I’ve solved the mystery of why the in-game text is garbles ….. and along with it I have found the entire script for the game! I’ve sent it to Sparks to translate. It’s in you’re hands now Spark! Next week I’ll start showing the sprites of the Constellation Droids.

The “article” on the Rockman 2 book has been deleted. I’ve collected all scanned pages into ONE PDF file and it’s now available in the downloads section. Maybe sometimes I’ll re-read the book and write a REAL article on it.

New Download! New Secret Page Hint!

There’s a new download in the downloads section. An episode of Captain N! The one based off Megaman 3, of course. Head on over and pick it up…… I doubt it’ll be there forever.

Just …. don’t base your opinion of the series only on that episode.

Oh, and due to popular demand I’ve introduced a new hint for the secret page! Maybe now at least one person can figure it out.

Cell Phone Games, MM Brazil

This update features allot of nice and rare info!

Firstly, the only copy of the Megaman comic from Brazil I have has finally been translated. Take a bow, Rockman X! Now everyone can read at least one issue of (what has to be) the most obscure piece of Megaman merchandize the I have access to. Saying that, there isn’t much TO read ……. but what IS there is in english.

Also, the cell phone games list has been updated. Capcom has updated it’s site with new pictures (which I have stolen) and has erased many of it’s older ones (and now I have the only copies). There’s also two new games – Rockman Pinball and Rockman EXE Phantom of Network. But I think what’s most exciting is confirmation that Rockman 1 for the cell phones will be ported over. I dunno how common that knowledge is (don’t remember reading it on either top news site) but it’s true. And I add it to my list. To add: the Rockman Jump file I have DOES indeed contain the game. For Nokia phones you need some program to install it, it’s on Nokia’s site apparently.

Epilogue, more Brazilian comic madness!

So, here’s the nice, juicy update I promised all of you!

First up is a new epilogue made by Geminiman, Evil Execution, The Evil Eight EXE Part One. That’s right, this is a special two part adventure, so you have even more to look forward to!

Next is more information on the Megaman comic found in Brazil. A fan of the site, Ederson Neander Nogueira dos Santos, was kind enough to provide a summary of the first issue in the series and I have “borrowed” more images from the net, including one ENTIRE issue of the manga which you can now download! I can no longer find the site that had the issue so I suppose this is the only place to check it out now. It’s not too bad, actually, and the main plot has a nice, unique twist to it.

MegaFan, Pirate Games

There a few updates this week!

Hardman has made a new game which he’s asked me to upload. It’s “MegaFan: Battle Network”. It’s based off his understanding of BN BEFORE it was released. It’s a two player battle game and it’s pretty fun. Check it out in the Downloads section.

Also, the pirate games page has MASSIVE updates! EVERY page there has been updated! Some games have better pictures. ALOT of all-new pirates have been added!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, check out the three new epilogues Ice posted at the S6. I actually finished them off for him, so not only is there S6 style humour, but ‘Maniacs style action!