Yes, it’s that time again. The time where I update the list of cell phone games and the screen shot gallery. And I find myself wondering why they chose to have Megaman shoot directly at Dr. Wily in Megaman: Rush Marine. I mean, just look at that. He’s shooting hot plasma directly at Dr. Wily’s head! How does that not violate the laws of robotics? He does the same in the Megaman PC games, so maybe it’s that Megaman is more violent than Rockman. Yeah, let’s stick with that theory.

But more than just the list being updated is some downloadable Megaman cell phone games. This not only includes Rockman Jump (of course), but also Rocket Christmas, Pinball, Space Rescue, and Megaman 3! Megaman 3 actually has all sizes of the game, which means even the tiny sprites used for the low resolution phones. I can’t extract the sprites to the others, but maybe someone else out there can. You can thank Duke Serkol for these downloads!