The Pirate Games Page

Pirateman says, "Avast me hearties!"Pirates are games made, not by licensed companies, but by other ones who would violate copywrites and take the profits for themselves. Here you will see a number of different images of such games, juxtaposed beside images of the real ones for your amusement.

Click on the pictures for the full sized versions.

NES Pirate - Concentrated on the MM NES series (mostly).

Gameboy Pirate - Concentrates on the Gameboy series (mostly).

Other Pirates - Multicarts, and oddball pirates.

Pirate Sprites - A gallery of sprites ripped from available Megaman pirate games!

Rocman X VS Thunder Blast Man - The crappiest and one of the most well-known MM pirate games finally beaten and reviewed by Gauntlet.

Pirate Sprite Sheets - Sprites ripped from a few pirate Megaman games.

Credits: Much of this collection comes from the scans of others. Without taking at least a tiny bit of their pirate games collection, this one would be MUCH smaller. If you like to look at pirate games, feel free to check these guys out.

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