Waveman says “YAR!” And Waveman PC cries in his sleep. Pirate mania (aka “let’s empty my pirate folder”) continues.

Rockman 5 – The cover was swiped from SWATPRO magazine. Of all the … possible sources. And they altered it somewhat too. Although where that ,,, blue thing in the background comes from, I dunno.

Rockman Z -Found pictures of the box. Nothing too mind blowing.

Rockman World Collection – Actually gives itself a title, unlike a great many other Rockman World collections. Oddly uses a mix of R&F sprites, CW artwork and … an NES sprite for the Rock Monster.

Rockman X3 – Not as bland as the Rockman X2 cart, but it’s a rather bold claim. It probably has plain old regular Rockman 3.

Rockman VS Castlevania (I think) (PC) – Captain N fans, eat your eart out! No clue what this game is about and I’m only mostly sure it’s for the PC.

Rockman ??? (PC) – Another PC game, this time using artwork fromt he old Dreamwave comics. No idea what this is about either.

4-in-1 – Another “DS” 4 in 1s, this time featuring X instead of Zero. Looks like it might just be the exact same multicart from just looking at the art alone.

??? – Doesn’t even have the decency to name the Wily Wars on this multicart.

Rockman ??? – A really generic Rockman Gameboy game cart.

12 In 1 – All the Rockman Worlds in an odd order with a variety of non related games. (What does MM have to do with any of them?)

Megaman Collection X4 – X4 – 8 (PSX) -I guess someone though bundling all the Playstation games was a good idea. But why bother to mix Megaman games in with Rockman?

3 Rockman – … I’m gonna count this as a multicart and assume it’s not just Rockman 3. Interestingly, none of the art shown are for NES Rocman games.

Rockman X6 DVI Connecter (PC) – I have no idea. Maybe it comes with X6 … I guess …

Rockman X3 (SNES) – Is an X3 by any other name play as well? Or is as hard?

Rockman ??? – It doesn’t get much more generic than this.