Yes, the ‘Maniacs Moments shall continue, even in the face of a real update!

Yes, it’s the last of my pirate game backlog. It took 5 segments, but we are finally throught he woods on these pirate games.

7 in 1 – Featuring a whole bunch of …. gameboy games?

Megaman & Bass – I’ve included the real box here as well. The pirates did a passable job with this one – even copying the Nintendo seal of quality! – but I don’t remember Zero ever being in this game. Evidently it’s a “Bass-xtreme” situation that only Megaman Bass can resolve! I guess the translators didn’t know what the ampersand symbol means.

Rockman “Game” – Yeah, so this one has no name. But it’s apparently Rockman World 1.

Megaman Battle Network 5 Team ProtomanFound on Protodude’s blog. Now, just look at it and try to spot the mistake.

13 in 1 – Despite the Megaman and Bass art and the Battle Network art, this multicart onlt has classi series games. False advertising on a pirate game? Say it ain’t so!

Super 6 in 1 – Yeah, another one. It looks like a better repackaging of the first Super 6 in 1. I didn’t know Protoman and Bass surivied to the X timeline….

5 in 1 – Look out, Wily! Megaman’s gonna kill you!!! Where are your predacious rules now, Asimov?!

and, finally …

Megaman Soccer (PC) – Megaman … Soccer? Of all the SNES Megaman games they could have stolen, they went with … Megaman Soccer? And with that box art!?

And that ends Pirate Mania. At least for now. But the next time there are crappy Megaman pirate games …. I’ll be there! Be sure to check out all of the pirate games articles for the archives of Pirate Mania and past piratey “goodness”.