I’ve been REALLY busy with my comic and REALLY got into watching an anime called Bleach. But I still got time to update a bit with some user submission stuff!

Okay, so …. first up: miscellaneous images have been uploaded. Woo hoo. I love getting images so keep sendin’ ’em.

Real Life Wilys sees an update. Wow. That’s a section I never – EVER expect an update from.

The Pirate Sprite Sheets sees a tiny update. Zan Sidera submitted some sprites of the tree guy and the red hero guy from Rockman DX3, so those sprites have been added in. Originally for Sprites INC too, but I whined about it a whole bunch (it’s been a bad year or so) and Ace, being the gentleman that he is, let me have the game for my own coverage (since I have already covered it). So Zan let me put these up as they were originally for S. INC. So, thanks guys.

And this week’s winner of the ‘Maniacs Moments contest – Kayorei! Take a bow! Remember: Each week there’ll be a new winner so keep on submitting! It could be YOU!