Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! It’s the Ominous Octa’s Discman this time around. really wanted to incorporate the rainbow effect found on discs and was really glad to have found a way to do it.

Future and Dark Shadow

Last of the Mechs from the Mechanical Maniacs Moments’ final storyline. Future and Dark Shadowman. Future Shadow was one of the first I drew of the set, but I just couldn’t think of a good pose, so he wound up being kind of generic. But I do like how Dark Shadow turned out.

Future and Dark Snake

The Mechs from the Mechanical Maniacs Moments’ final storyline continue. Here we have Snakeman. From grizzled vet to horrific monstrosity. Future Snake was drawn early on, that’s why he’s the only one in a more unique perspective. Dark Snake was colored with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in mind while I was coloring him. It was fun.

Future and Dark Top

More team members from Mechanical Maniacs Moments. Future and Dark Topman, the Nightmare in tights. No, wait … nobody calls him that anymore. He’s the Spinning Demon! Of course it’s been ages since he’s been active so nobody calls him that anymore either! Their sprites didn’t differ from the official one’s too much so I went hyper literal on them.

Future and Dark Hard

The author himself – Hadrian from his own Mechanical Maniacs Moments. In both cynical Future flavor and psychotic Dark. Hardian was one of the most influential team scene writers. His influence continued in the Mechs canon long after his tenure as Hardman was over and was even felt in the Mechs series finale! One regret I have is that he never properly finished the Mechanical Maniacs Moments. My quickie joke ending just isn’t a good substitute.

Future and Dark Needle


Moving on to characters from former Hardman Hardian’s Mechanical Maniacs Moments, here is Future and Dark Needle from his Paradox Play storyline. He never properly finished and I didn’t quite execute his vision when I wrapped everything up. This is me finally giving these Mechs variants their due starting with DWN017.