Gauntlet’s Art – Bizarro and Torch

Time for some stuff from yours truly. I haven’t been doing much drawing for the last few years. I got very into writing the epilogues and doing SIms 4 mods and custom content. And, while fun, I want to get back to my roots and draw and Mechanical Maniacs related stuff. And also color some old stuff. Which is what we have here!

So feast your eyes on Torchman VS Bizarro Torchman Blue and Bizarro Shadowman!

Decommissioned Art

Enough stalling. It’s time to meet the rest of the Ascendant Ascendant Androids! Gyroman, Napalmman, Star Woman. Stoneman, and Waveman. Raijin has said he’s become more interested in seeing this storyline through, so here’s hoping! Until then you can look at these paces of art and read their profiles and wonder what might have been.

Decommissioned Art

Finally back to familiar characters. Still part of the Decommissioned storyline, here’s art for Ascendant Chargeman, Crystalgirl, and Gravityman!

Decommissioned Art

Thee (kind of four) of Raijin’s concepts – Pulse Anemone, Spectrum Owl, and Strife Scorpion … and his unnamed Bear version of the same scorpion concept. Of these three I think I like Anemone the best, although I do like me some scorpions.

Decommissioned Art

The Mavericks march on with Carnivorous Crane and Chrono Calic. Of this whole batch of art Crane was the one drawn last and about a year after the rest were already done.

Decommissioned Art and Team Shachi Sprites

More from Raijin’s Ascendant Android pitch. Decommissioned Chargeman is nigh-unrecognizable! And we’re meeting the first of the mysterious Descendants – Cable Nightshade!

And here’s an obsessively complete Team Shachi’s Rocket Queen sprite rip! Every sprite from the game – hero and enemy – alongside tilesets used in the game! But that’s not all! No, there’s cutscene images as well! Cutscenes in the game are actually videos with corrupted sprites. They look alright just to watch on Youtube or in the game, but zooming in reveals artifacting. These rips are as close to official as I could get, painstakingly recreating the corrupted sprites pixel-by-pixel. It took months to make, even without the months long break in between start and completion. Why? Just because I felt like it, that’s why.

This is what obsession looks like, folks!

This sheet can be found in the Miscellaneous Sprite Gallery section.

Decommissioned Art

More from Raijin’s unfinished idea. This time it’s Decommissioned Gyro and Napalm man! What have they done to you two!? Gyroman’s become nothing more than a fancy backpack and Napalm has been reduced to a mech.

Bits and Bytes

The Epilogues may be over, but the site goes on! I’ll be posting some art for a while. This is from a series based around an unrealized story by Snakeman featuring the Ascendant Androids. It’s Gravityman with the best of his days far behind him.

Next up is a missing sprite from the dog enemy in my Megaman PC rips. Uh … oops! Submitted by Rofang.

Finally we have some images from a different version of Rockman 1 – 6 submitted by Ninjaz_1. More can be found in the article on Asian PC games. Yeah, it’s for a compilation of the original series NES games featuring art of Megaman X. VERY skeevy.