Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! ModelRocketMan Blasts off! And onto the front page. In the Moments he always talks with signs like Wile E Coyote. While it works okay as a visual gag, I think it would have outstayed it’s welcome pretty quick has he stayed longer. It also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Kinda wish the Moments gave these guys a proper send-off so they could find a place in proper continuity somewhere, but it’s really loaded up as it is, so maybe it’s for the best they they’re in their own little corner of the epiverse.


SERVE!!! Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! And now we have Tennisman! Who is Tennisman? The robot champion of Tennis, that’s who! His fight with Snakeman where he served up explosive tennis balls? Of course they detonate on impact…

Did I mention the Ominous Octa were made when Dark Hard was drunk?


Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! It’s Pencilman NINJA! Like most of the Octa he got pwned in his very first battle. I think his leftover scraps were meant to be used to build part of Dark Top, but that’s not canon. Whatever happened to this guy? Some say he’s still out there. Making corrections wherever he goes.


Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! This time we have their leader – the one and only Mirageman! He’s basically a low-rent Geminiman since he can only make images of himself; not full on clones. You know that one trope in cartoons? "Which one is the real me? You can’t hit me if you don’t know where I am!" Well, that’s Mirageman. That’s all he’s got. Maybe I could have thought of more to do with that if he made his way to the epilogues proper. As it stands he only appeared in the Moments.


Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! Here comes the weirdest member of the Ominous Octa – Glaciarman! He’s big. So big he couldn’t fir through the door of the Mech’s base (which was the Ark at the time, so … I guess the Mechs added a super small door to the thing? I mean they’d have to. And all the furniture is too large for them … why did I think that would be a good base again?)


Mechanical Maniacs Moments characters continue! It’s the Ominous Octa’s Discman this time around. really wanted to incorporate the rainbow effect found on discs and was really glad to have found a way to do it.

Future and Dark Shadow

Last of the Mechs from the Mechanical Maniacs Moments’ final storyline. Future and Dark Shadowman. Future Shadow was one of the first I drew of the set, but I just couldn’t think of a good pose, so he wound up being kind of generic. But I do like how Dark Shadow turned out.